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Qatar Foundation Telegraph dec16

  1. 1. jOy aS DOha ScOreS WOrlD cuP 2022 Qatar founDation members leaD celebrations following Decision. turn to page 3 issue 23 thursDay 16 December 2010WISE Thought leaders in education gather to help improve education systemsBuilding the future of educationArounD 1,200 leading thinkers ineducation from around the world WISE Awardstook part in the second edition of theWorld Innovation Summit for Educa- n The six winnerstion (WISE), a Qatar Foundation (QF) of the WISe awardsinitiative held from 7 to 9 December in 2010 were honored atDoha. a special WISe Gala Discussing ways to improve educa- Dinner on 8 December.tion systems and exploring innovative The outstandingtrends, the participants were encour- laureates wereaged to take part in sessions led by awarded for theirsome of the world’s foremost decision innovative educationalmakers, thought leaders, educational- projects under theists and politicians. theme Transforming “Through the fruitful discussion and Education:the main concerns raised, in addition to Investment,the constructive ideas emerging from Innovation andvarious academic, professional, political Inclusion. each winnerand cultural backgrounds, I am certain received a Prize awardthat WISE will lead to opening wide of $20,000 and hadhorizons for developing quality educa- the opportunity totion and expanding its reach,” said Her showcase their projectHighness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, in the course of theChairperson of QF . summit. a space was “I look forward to WISE being en- dedicated to theirgaged more and more in offering al- achievements in anternatives and solutions to the main exhibit at problems and challenges weare facing.” Addressing the WISE Awards cer- the spirit WISE encourages: creating a first theme focused in particular on tions and offering new possibilities in and to connect theory with practice,emony, Dr Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani, worldwide network and encouraging how the quality of education could be education. Topics included the impact because this kind of collaboration isChairman of WISE and Qatar Foun- collaboration.” improved in order to provide every hu- of ICT, lessons from cognitive science, critical in facing the most urgent anddation’s Vice-President of Education, He explained that in order to tackle man being with an education. games for serious learning, and the complex issue of our time – Buildingsaid: “The Awards offer strong evi- some of the challenges in education, In exploring innovative trends, funding of education. the future of education.”dence of true innovation taking place WISE was organized around two main speakers and participants looked at the In an address to the 1,200 delegates,on the ground in a variety of locations themes: improving education systems potential of emerging technologies and Sheikh Abdulla said: “Our aspiration is For more information, please visitthroughout the world. This is precisely and exploring innovative trends. The branches of science in providing solu- to bring together multiple stakeholders Social Development Center’s charity effort Stars of Science winner Don’t miss n Organizers of the the fourth n Kuwaiti innovator Sadik dinner are hoping Qassim was crowned the to eclipse last in our winner of the second season year’s amount for needy families in milestones of reality TV program Stars of Science during a live Qatar. Turn to page supplement final in Qatar Science & 3 to read about this year’s glamorous series insiDe Technology Park. Turn to page 4 to read more about event. this eDition his winning product.
  2. 2. Qatar Foundation Telegraph. 2 News Thursday 16 December 2010 Write to us: opening QF Speakers Bureau Over 40 employees receive certification as official QF spokespeople 30 December mathaf: arab museum of modern art n mathaf: arab museum of modern Telling the QF story tions. All members may be invited to speak at or participate in conferences and events. Next year, a group of QF Member Spokespeople will be added to the pro- art, a partnership between Qatar gram, which will be representing QF’s museums authority and Qatar member organizations such as Qatar Foundation, is set to open its doors Science & Technology Park or the Ed- to the public on 30 December. The ucation City universities. They could opening program will feature a range also speak about their area of expertise. of events including art-making Up-to-date biographies and profile activities and poetry readings photos of all QFSB members will soon organized in collaboration with be available on a dedicated website, a bloomsbury Qatar Foundation handy resource for media and others to Publishing. identify the candidate best suitable for a historic works of arab modernism particular interview, event or speaking and a multitude of new works engagement. commissioned by mathaf will be on All requests will be assessed, facilitat- view at two sites in Doha – its building ed and monitored by Communication in education city and an exhibition Directorate, which will liaise between hall located on the grounds of the QFSB members and external stake- museum of Islamic art. holders. Only members of the QFSB are au- AFTEr InTEnSIvE meetings and pres- Communication Directorate, handed help strengthen QF’s position across thorized to speak to the media about entation skills training of undergoing over the certificates to the QFSB mem- the world. Qatar Foundation. Anyone contacted intensive media and presentation skills bers after they signed an agreement “Communication Directorate will by the media should refer the request to trainings, 43 Qatar Foundation (QF) vowing to participate in the program be working with these members every QFSB at Headquarters employees received cer- for at least one year. The ceremony step of the way, providing briefings and tification to Qatar Foundation Speak- took place during the inaugural QFSB ongoing trainings throughout the pro- ers Bureau (QFSB), recognizing them orientation program on 30 November. gram.” QFSB’s objective as official QF spokespeople. “We are extremely excited about QFSB is an elite group who have Delivering clear messages about QF having a pool of qualified QF spokes- been selected by top management and n QFSb is a pool of qualified QF and its work, QFSB members will help people committed to the QFSB pro- have been evaluated by Communica- spokespeople who are able to take the QF story to audiences in Qa- gram,” Al-Nassr told QF Telegraph. tion Directorate. deliver the QF story in a confident, tar, the region and around the world. “QF has an amazing story to tell. Step- They currently make up two groups: knowledgeable and consistent The initiative was launched by QF’s ping into the public eye and helping QF Ambassadors, who will represent manner to a variety of audiences Communication Directorate earlier promote QF’s educational, scientific QF when speaking to the media, and and through a variety of channels – this year. and community development endeav- the QF Presentation Council, consist- locally, regionally and internationally. “The museum is about presenting Haya Khalifa Al-Nassr, Director of ors and initiatives, QFSB members will ing of staff who will deliver presenta- the collection, encouraging scholarship, and serving as a meeting place,” said Wassan al-Khudairi, acting Director of mathaf. “We strive Competition Qatari comedy contest winner to have a place where people can come, feel creative and exchange ideas over a coffee.” For more information, visit www. Stand-up student A CArnEGIE MELLon University in Qa- petition after he received messages of tar (CMUQ) student has embarked support from his classmates. cONTacT uS on an international comedy tour after “A lot of people who saw me per- winning a major competition. forming came up to me and said it was communication Directorate rima ismail, Mohammed Fahad Kamal, who is cool and asked if I would do it again. I +974 4454 0960 ghada saade, enrolled on a business management said ‘why not?’. I loved stand up com- +974 4454 0961 degree course at CMUQ’s Educa- edy from a young age and watched tion City campus, has been perform- people like Richard Pryor and Eddie eDitorial Publisher ing throughout the Middle East after Murphy, but I never thought I could Congratulations to our winners philip fenton beating other aspiring comedians in a become one,” he said. Deputy editor competition for the chance to perform Since winning through two phas- melissa sleiman +974 6618 5540 with Egyptian-American funny man es of the competition to tour with Ahmed Ahmed. Ahmed, including a final in front of n congratulations to the winners of the QFTelegraph Qatar airways student contest. Design creative Director The 21-year-old’s only previous 1,400 people at Sheraton Doha Hotel, Out of dozens of entries Shannon Farhoud, a student at Northwestern university in fred Dittlau stand-up experience was perform- Kamal has lined up a series of concerts Qatar, and Ihab rizk, studying mechanical engineering at Texas a&m university at Designer mohammad marei ing in front of fellow students before in Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jor- Qatar, won return tickets on Qatar airways to the destination of their choice. lectures and he only entered the com- dan, Lebanon, Oman and Syria.Student second in poster competition Books for preschoolersn Texas a&m university at Qatar student Karim Ibrik last month n bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing and al jazeerawon second place in the material engineering and Sciences children’s channel launched a series of books for preschoolersposter competition at the aIche Student annual conference in featuring the adventures of Fafa and her friends at the firstutah. Karim Ibrik and Dr Dave Seapy, Professor of chemistry, Doha International children’s book Festival. Fafa and moumou,spent 18 months researching “Synthetic Steps towards an Oti and Douka can already be seen daily on baraem TV, a pre-azobenzene photo-controlled crown-ether-like claw”. school channel for children between the ages of three and six.
  3. 3. Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Thursday 16 December 2010Write to us: News 3Outreach University’s volunteer scheme embraces Doha orphans Sport QF celebrates as Qatar wins World Cup comes to Qatar 2022 Students’ helping handsEDuCATIon CITY students reached out time and energy in service to others, the it had been a valuable Qatari orphans during a fun-filled community is strengthened. Through “Through our community out-arts and crafts evening. Volunteer Qatar, we hope to provide reach and regular service trips, Geor- More than 50 children from Dh- all members of society with opportu- getown really instills in its students areima, the Qatari centre for orphans, nities to volunteer and do their part in love of volunteering. I am excited totravelled to Georgetown University helping those in need,” explained SFS- see how Volunteer Qatar is spreadingSchool of Foreign Service in Qatar’s Qatar senior Lulu Al-Rodaini, a key the Georgetown tradition of service(SFS-Qatar’s) new building to take member of the campaign. to the broader community,” she ex-part in the event. The youngsters from Dhreima plained. The activities were organized by Vol- were joined by more than 30 SFS- Volunteer Qatar was launched inunteer Qatar, a campaign to foster vol- Qatar staff, alumni, students and September when volunteers distrib-unteerism in Qatar which was launched friends for the hands-on craft session. uted 400 Iftar meals to those in needby SFS-Qatar earlier this year. Participants helped the children to throughout Doha during Ramadan. “Tonight’s arts and crafts evening create five large posters depicting the Membership and participation inwas great for the children and volun- importance of volunteering and SFS- Volunteer Qatar events is open to theteers alike. When people offer their Qatar graduate Jennifer Ponard said public.Community Ancient Iraq inspires SDC’s fundraising dinnerCharity history makersA GoLDEn ErA for Islamic civiliza- living expenses,” explained Amal Ab- also played host to a series of exhibitstion was brought back to life as Social dullatif Al-Mannai, SDC Executive flown in especially from the interna-Development Center (SDC) hosted Director. tional ‘Sultans of Science’ exhibition. QATAr FounDATIon members led ment that football’s main eventa dinner to raise money for needy “In all our events we choose to fo- All of the donations received for the celebrations after Qatar sensa- would be held in the Middle Eastfamilies in Qatar. cus on creating cultural content and the extravaganza will be ploughed tionally won the right to host the for the first time. His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin communicating a humanitarian mes- into the SDC’s Tarahom project 2022 FIFA World Cup. Texas A&M University at QatarKhalifa Al Thani and Her Highness sage. We strive to introduce people to which works hard to provide help Years of planning and lobbying also joined in the party atmosphereSheikha Moza bint Nasser, as well different human civilizations, taking and assistance for less-fortunate fam- by bid officials and ambassadors, by hosting a celebratory event at itsas scores of distinguished guests, at- into consideration diversity by ad- ilies across Qatar. including Her Highness Sheikha engineering building.tended the SDC’s seventh annual dressing the greatest aspects of a par- As well as coming to the aid of Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned Qatar beat competition from ri-charity event at the Sheraton Doha, ticular country.” those who struggle to find living ex- and former World Footballer of val bidders Australia, Japan, Southwhich this year focused on 8th to Under the title of ‘The Seven Let- penses, Tarahom supports females the Year Zinedine Zidane, paid off Korea and the United States to host13th century Iraq. ters of Rafidain,’ this year’s charity who look after their families, the eld- when Qatar was awarded the show- the 2022 World Cup. Donations were welcomed at the dinner took guests on a journey back erly, relatives of prisoners and even piece tournament following a vote The country’s ambitious plan,dinner and event organizers are hop- in time to an era of prestigious Arab those requiring financial aid to fur- in Zurich. which includes the renovation of threeing to eclipse last year’s amount. scholars and thriving Islamic society. ther their education. Scores of people packed into Qa- existing stadiums and the construc- “As in previous years, the charity The centerpiece of the evening was Al-Mannai added: “Our work is fo- tar Foundation’s Recreation Centre tion of nine others, caught the imagi-dinner [was] an opportunity to meet a masterful production of sight and cused on improving the quality of life to watch the decision being made, nation of FIFA’s executive membersand work towards helping families sound created by world-renowned for Qatari nationals and residents that with jubilant scenes greeting FIFA who polled Qatar in first place in eachthat are in need who cannot afford Iraqi director Jawad Assadi. The venue live in this great country.” President Sepp Blatter’s announce- of four rounds of voting.Aircraft presentation Georgetown launches Women’s Centern Students at Qatar leadership academy were given a glimpse n Georgetown university School of Foreign Service ininto the future of aviation on 25 November when Tom hallett, Qatar launched a branch of Georgetown university’san autonomous systems specialist, took them through a Women’s center last month. Designed to encourage femalepresentation on unmanned aerial Vehicles, the latest generation students to think consciously about the role gender playsof pilot-less aircraft. It was the second in a series of aviation- in all societies, the center is dedicated to educating andthemed lectures organized by bae Systems. empowering women.
  4. 4. Qatar Foundation Telegraph. 4 Perspective Thursday 16 December 2010 Write to us: GhAniGardening: AHealthy HobbyMY FAMILY and I discovered our »If you choose to“green” passion five years agowhen we first participated in the buy your plantsQAFCO Flower and Vegetable from a nursery,Show, which is organized each year look for specimensat Mesaieed. Since then, gardening that are green, haveand flower arranging has becomeour hobby. buds forming on From my experience, many of them and are notmy friends and colleagues prefer tall and spindly.«to have fresh vegetables and fruitsfrom their garden. Others justwant to have indoor plants at theirhouse. Whatever their plans, a lot shocked when transplanted to theof them ask for my help and I am garden. Avoid plants that show anyalways happy to oblige. sign of disease. Newcomers need to know a few Time your visit to the nursery tobasic things to be successful. Look match the planting time of the cropat the plot in which you wish to you are planning on growing. It isgrow your garden. Determine the a good idea to “harden” plants af-hours of sunlight it receives – if you ter bringing them home. Begin theare planning on growing tomatoes, process by moving the new plantsfor example, it will need a minimum outside into a shelter area and let-of six to eight hours of light a day. ting them adjust for an hour or two Contest Arab innovator triumphs in Stars of Science season two Creating star scientists Plan your garden so that each during the day. Increase the time asplant gets its needs met. Arrange the plants show signs of adjustingthe rows to face east so that taller to the new environment.plants, such as corn, will not shade It is important to know how andout lower-growing plants such as when to fertilize. Depending on thegreen beans or peas. All plants will fertility of your soil, you can ferti-then receive the same hours of sun- lize vegetables three to four weeks A KuWAITI inventor scooped the cast throughout the Arab world as the “The level of raw material is cer-light each day. after transplanting. With crops $300,000 top prize after being named contestants were whittled down until tainly much higher,” he told QFTele- It is important to know your such as squash and cucumbers, the winner of TV show Stars of Sci- just four remained. graph. “I am excited to see the youthearth. Is it sandy, loam or clay? fertilize when they begin to spread ence’s second series. “Tonight’s program has been a excited about becoming inventors andEach type of soil affects plants dif- and then again when they bloom. Sadek Qassim beat three other powerful reminder of the creativity implementing what they are learningferently and loamy soil is the opti- Plan on using a balanced fertilizer young hopefuls in a live public vote to and talent of our youth in the Arab in their textbooks, translating thosemum kind. Check the pH balance and sprinkle it six to eight inches be named champion during a colorful World,” said His Excellency Sheikh ideas into useful products.”of your soil – is it sweet, sour or bit- from the plant’s stem, working it final held at Qatar Science & Technol- Dr Abdulla Bin Ali Al-Thani, Presi- Dr Mrad was also full of praise forter? Soil with the correct pH bal- loosely in the spoil. ogy Park (QSTP). dent of Education City University the work of QF. The Coordinator atance is considered sweet. Although Following these guidelines will The 26-year-old impressed judges and QF’s Vice President of Education. United Nations Economic and Socialplants will grow in unbalanced soil, help you pick up a fascinating hob- with his creation Alchemist, an auto- “Once again, we were very impressed Commission for Western Asia Tech-you never achieve optimum results. by, provide fresh vegetables during mated multi-functional oil samples lab by the quality of the projects and the nology Center said: “I believe [QF] Prepare your plot in the autumn. the summer and help cut back on tester, which he will now be able to de- dedication of the candidates, which is really breaking down barriers andHave someone plough the land or food costs. Gardening, whether velop using his prize money. will certainly encourage yet more in- changing the perceptions in terms ofuse a rototiller to do it yourself. flower or vegetable, is relaxing and “We have invented products that genious ideas in the next season.” education and community outreach.This allows the winter frost to enjoyable, so get planning today! will benefit mankind as a whole, we World-renowned Lebanese profes- The mentality is ‘Yes, we can do it’.break up soil clumps into a good are here to show the Arab world that sor Dr Fouad Mrad, who served as “I’m not against papers and theo-base. By doing this, all you need we can succeed,” said Qassim, who one of the series’ permanent jurors, ries, but it is nice to see results actu-to do in the spring is rake over the was assisted by partner Ahmad Khou- said the standard of inventor was ally being delivered on the ground andplot, removing stones and clumps, lousy. much higher this season than in Stars the vision and strategy being coupledto prepare the soil for planting. “I would like to thank my entire of Science’s debut year. with concrete developments that are If you choose to buy your plants country – my whole country has won touching real people and deliveringfrom a nursery, look for specimens cOlumNIST today. This victory is dedicated to my »I would like to thank real products.”that are green, have buds forming father who has inspired my project.” Stars of Science series two featured aon them and are not tall and spin- aisha Ghani The second series of Stars of Science my entire country prize pot of $600,000, which was splitdly. This is the time when smaller Environment Specialist saw 16 hopefuls battling it out for a – my whole country between Qassim, runner-up Abdullahis better. Large plants have had a Health, Safety, Security & chance to develop their scientific crea- has won today. This Abou Zeid, third-placed Hind Hobei-diet high in nitrogen and will be Environment Directorate tions, with entrants who made it past ka and Ahmed Al-Dazi, who finished the first stage being given access to the victory is dedicated fourth. world-class facilities and expertise at to my father who has WhaT DO yOu ThINK? QSTP . entries are now being accepted forTell us how you feel by emailing us at The show, which was initiated by inspired my project.« Stars of Science series three. To enter, Qatar Foundation (QF), was broad- visit
  5. 5. Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Thursday 16 December 2010Write to us: QF Spotlight 5 How do I...? QFTelegraph helps make your life at Education City easier n What is The Doha Debates? The Doha Debates is a groundbreaking television series financed by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. Each program centres around a single controversial motion – such as Muslims are not doing enough to combat terrorism and Palestinians risk becoming their own worst enemies – with two speakers presenting for and against the idea. The speakers are then questioned by the chairman before the issue is opened up to the audience for an electronic vote. n how independent is the series? Entirely. Although it is financed with QF resources, chairman Tim Sebastian, a former BBC Worldwide correspondent and the show’s founder, ensured the Debates’ editorial independence when it was set up in 2004. No government, official body or broadcaster has any say over who is invited or what is said during any debate. n how can I watch the debates? Each series of The Doha Debates is made up of eight individual programs, each of which is aired around the globe on BBC Worldwide. The show has gathered a huge international following, with more than 300 million people in 200 countries having tuned in so far. Previous debates are also availableHousing and Residence Life Maintaining QF’s Residence Halls and helping students fit in via the program’s website atCreating a campus community n can I be in the audience? Each debate is carried out in front of a live studio audience of around 350 people, the majority being studentsLoCATED WIThIn walking distance to All members of staff are expected to organize student trips or helping “We track all of the conversations and faculty members from schools,classes and recreational areas in Edu- to have meaningful conversations student organizations reduce waste and activities of our staff and are re- colleges and universities in Doha,cation City (EC), Qatar Foundation’s with students, according to Belle Vu- during events. ally proud of our collective accom- including in Education City. TicketsResidence Halls offer convenient liv- kovich Kenoyer, Assistant Director Students too play their part in plishments. We’re a high-touch op- are free and members of the publicing opportunities for undergraduate for H&RL. these projects. A group of students eration and hope that students know can apply for one by following thestudents enrolled at EC universities. “We operate under the idea that is currently assessing the behavior of that they can come to us if they have link to the booking form at www. But living on campus is about we want the students to feel like they residents of the Residence Halls, ask- any issues or concerns, or just want to than just having a place to stay matter,” she says. “If they’re not en- ing them specific questions about en- share something positive.” asp Members of the education community should contact theirand sleep. It is a way for students to gaged in the community, or not at- ergy use, bottled water consumption, organization’s representative, whosebecome involved in programs that tending class, we’d like to help them. recycling initiatives and e-waste. details can be obtained by emailingcan help develop them as people and We can’t force people to get involved, “We don’t just do big awarenessmake them feel part of a community. but we try to find things that make seminars, we are also looking at the new residence halls It is up to Housing and Residence students feel like they fit in and have behavior of people and being tactical n has The Doha Debates ever beenLife (H&RL), which falls under Ed- people who are concerned about about how we approach sustainabil- n Qatar Foundation’s new residence filmed outside of Qatar?ucation Division’s Office of Faculty them. ity,” explains Christopher Silva, Sus- halls, which will provide housing for Yes. Since 2007, the show has beenand Student Services, to ensure that “We begin every academic semes- tainability Education Coordinator, 1,200 more students in 2012, are broadcast from prestigious locationsthe 420 inhabitants of the Residence ter with a floor meeting, to which eve- H&RL. set to become a prime example of including the unions of OxfordHalls feel at home in EC. ryone living on the floor is invited to “If a power strip uses a lot of en- sustainable living. aiming to become and Cambridge Universities in England, Georgetown University in Made up of 10 buildings, the Resi- attend. It’s a chance to meet people ergy, but there is a bed in front of it, the world’s first certified Platinum the United States and St Stephen’sdence Halls have five professional and for staff to solicit the things peo- it becomes difficult to reach and to leeD-ranked student residence halls, College in India.Residence Hall Directors (RHDs), ple are interested in.” turn off. So we are identifying things it will maximize energy efficiency andnine Desk Clerks and 19 Community Another main focus of H&RL is like these to make being sustainable water usage, utilize wind turbines,Development Advisors (CDAs), who to promote sustainable living, both easier.” photovoltaic cells and a bio mass wallare student staff members.The team is in Residence Halls and to a wider It is projects like these that Vuko- for filtering gray water. combined, email us your work relatedresponsible for handling maintenance audience in EC and beyond. That vich Kenoyer believes could help the these sources are planned to provide questions at,issues as well as setting up educational could be through promoting recy- community get together while learn- 13% of the energy of the building. and we will do our best to help youand community activities. cling, working with faculty members ing useful skills.
  6. 6. Qatar Foundation Telegraph. 6 Focus Thursday 16 December 2010 Write to us: my QF Jamal Abdulla QF WhaT S T aT a former professional athlete who represented Qatar NO Ta FD at two olympic games, Jamal abdulla, recreation & ’r F e OW heN They community service manager, support services Direc- torate, still focuses on fitness and dreams of helping What is the last website you visited on your office pc? Name: Amanullah Shareef Title: Receiving & Dispatch women and disabled people take part in more sport. The website of the International Association of Athletics Supervisor, QF Warehouse, Federations (IAAF). I recently read Procurement Directorate What is your greatest achievement? anyone. For example, grips on the competitions in Qatar, regional that Qatar won three medals in the years at QF: 1 year I’ve been a professional athlete for walls so they can get out of the competitions and so on, we could Asian Games. I felt very happy that 22 years, running mid-long and wheelchair easily, special weight help ladies break through on a this small country was able to make Describe your role: I handle long distances. I participated in two lifting equipment installed on professional level. such big achievements. operations within the QF Olympic Games - I was in Barcelona the walls that can be adjusted to Warehouse, specifically when it in 1992 and in Atlanta in 1996. different heights and so on. comes to the storage and issue of There, I ran the 3,000m steeplechase materials for end-users all across [an obstacle course in athletics]. Why? QF Our utmost priority is to issue . To reach such high standards, We need to make disabled people material as quickly as possible. to even qualify to compete in these feel part of the community. Despite On a daily basis I deal with a large games, is a great achievement for their condition, they are still able to number of material requests and any professional sportsman. I felt do plenty of things. make sure that the facility is well very proud to represent Qatar and maintained. I check how items are raise our flag. If you have the chance to live in another stored, make sure they are issued period, would it be the past, the present and delivered on time, check Do you take any classes at the recreation or the future? they are packed properly and go center? I wish I could go back to being 18 over all necessary documents. We I try to stay fit as much as possible. I or 20 years old, but living in the provide several services which practice three or four times a week, present. After my thirties, I stopped need to be executed promptly around one-and-a-half hours at being a professional athlete as there and accurately. We keep track of a time. I use the gym and run on is a time limit on how long your everything through reports of the the grass course. Like eating and body can perform at its highest level. requests we get, the duration of drinking, people can’t live without I wonder what it would be like if I storage for all items and so on. practicing sport – it is a need of the were a pro now. We have a better body. support system in Qatar now – we What I like about my job is… have amazing facilities in Aspire I enjoy being able to help end- If you were given the means and and world-class coaches working in users all across QF I feel great . opportunity to lead an innovative project, Doha. when we are given a certain what would you choose? amount of days to fulfill a I would set up a gym or clubhouse If you were asked to organize a debate requirement and we are able to with facilities for both disabled for one of the QF organizations, what complete the process in a shorter people and people without theme would you choose? time span. disabilities. I’d like to offer special Women and sports. I’d like to discuss facilities that disabled people could how we could encourage ladies to Want to be featured in my QF? use without needing help from participate in sports. Through clubs, Send us an email at Review Palestinian poet shares his knowledge with QF communitybarghouti leads literary lessonsASPIrInG AuThorS gained an expert The visit was co-hosted by BQFP Barghouti, whose last book wasinsight into the fine art of creative and Al Fakhoora, a Qatar-based in- 2005’s Muntasaf al-Lail, or Midnight,writing after Bloomsbury Qatar Foun- ternational campaign committed to spent two days in Education City anddation Publishing (BQFP) hosted a providing and expanding access to allocated time to reading from andvisit from one of the Middle East’s education for students in Gaza. discussing I Saw Ramallah during amost-prestigious poets. “[Barghouti] spoke about the im- talk at Virginia Commonwealth Uni- Mourid Barghouti, a Palestinian portant elements of creative writing. versity in Qatar.writer with an impressive collection He is a very well-known author in the The author is well-known in literaryof 16 published books behind him, Arab world and his book Ra’ytu Ram- circles and is a regular face at confer-traveled to BQFP’s Education City allah, or I Saw Ramallah, has broad- ences, poetry readings and festivalsheadquarters to take part in a work- ened the reach of his work, so we were across the Middle East and with members of the wider Qatar very pleased to be able to co-host His visit to QF was one of a regularcommunity. him with Al Fakhoora,” explained Dr series of events run by BQFP which , Ten people took the chance to meet Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar, BQFP include at least one major reading andwith Barghouti during the session, Reading and Writing Development writing event every month.which saw the author discussing his Director. “These workshops are critical towork before listening to participants as “People were thrilled to meet our ability to promote an accessiblethey read examples of their own writ- Barghouti and stayed talking with him and thriving literary culture,” addeding to the group. an hour after his presentation ended.” Dr Rajakumar.
  7. 7. Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Thursday 16 December 2010Write to us: Time Off 7 book corner BY onE of the most exciting new voices in Arabic literature, and shortlisted Sawaqi al-Quloob (Streams of Hearts, 2005).  international bestselling children’s fic- tion so that children in the region can for the International Prize for Arabic Owned by Qatar Foundation and enjoy these books for the first time ever. The American Fiction (IPAF) 2009, Inaam Kach- achi’s The American Granddaughter is a managed by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, BQFP publishes books of excel- available from all major bookstoresGranddaughter powerfully-moving book that is at once lence and originality in English and in Doha. For more information contact: poignant and impossible to put down. Arabic, including Arabic translations of Fifteen years after emigrating from by Inaam Kachach; translated from Baghdad to America, Zeina returns arabic by Nariman youssef to her war-torn homeland as an in- QF in numbers terpreter for the US Army and finds herself tormented by conflicting alle- giances. Her traditional grandmother, the only family member Zeina be- Worldcup 1,200 the Qf raDio 14:28 Taking you Further lieves she has in Iraq, disapproves of her granddaughter’s involvement with comes to Qatar number of students who 2022 will be housed in new QF 93.7 A human rights program, an in-depth look at important issues the occupying forces. Whilst in Baghdad, Zeina meets student accommodation by facing all of us today two “brothers” she knows nothing of. 2012DaIly 15:00 Science alive When she falls deeply in love with one 15:30 QF News of them, a militant in the Mahdi Army,06:00 Far corners 15:54 Piano she herself begins to question her val- 14:23 maghreb call to prayer 50 Current affairs and situational ues. The American Granddaughter elo- snapshots from around the world 16:50 Qatar Symphony quently reveals an Iraqi American’s07:00 QF News Everything about QF 17:00 International News 17:12 research matters painful inner struggle against a back- drop of the pointless atrocities of war.   1992 & 1996 the number of07:30 e-Vision 17:41 yohemlay song Beautifully written and effort- the olympic games children attended Interesting stories about Produced By Qatar Foundation  lessly readable, this is indeed “one of ‘Education, the academe, student 18:00 Far corners the most beautiful novels of this new in barcelona and “Dhreima” effectiveness, 18:14 al Isha call to prayer life, and a lot more, straight from ’ the students, professors and more 18:30 Design edition season” in which “Inaam Kachachi portrays the dual tragedy of her native atlanta that Jamal held at Georgetown Uni-08:45 “alamouhm”09:00 International News 19:00 campus buzz 19:30 cover to cover land: the failure of America and the humiliation of Iraq” (Marianne). abdullah has com- versity - School of Interna- All the latest news from around Lively discussion about literature Kachachi’s narrative not only de- peted in tional Affairs in Qatar the world presented in Arabic and award winning/best selling scribes the terrible reality of a shat-10:00 Industry English and Arabic titles, literary tered Iraq and the pain of trying to The latest innovations, gadgets, events and what’s happening in reconcile identity with homecoming, technology and more publishing in Qatar but evokes the scents and moods of a conditions of submission11:00 Sports Global 20:32 Nothing is Impossible lost country and way of life that is both requests for inclusion and submissions of sender and his or her Department/center, as will Sports news from within Qatar Fitness and Health, your on-line compelling and hard to forget. material must be made no later than two weeks in recorded interviews. interviews given may not be and the rest of the world personal trainer Born in Baghdad, Inaam Kachachi advance of publication. requests and submission recalled or changed unless containing substantial11:22 Dhor call to prayer 21:00 Sports Global now lives in France. She writes for of information may be made by email only errors of fact. interviews and information12:11 Science alive 23:00 International News several Arabic newspapers and has directly to the relevant QFTelegraph journalist received will be treated as confidential until Science matters and more 00:00 QF News previously published two non-fiction or to any articles written will published. the publisher’s decision on all matters13:00 e-Vision 01:00 e-Vision books in addition to her debut novel be treated as correct and approved by the of content and style is final.13:25 Qatar Symphony 02:30 Industry The best musical pieces performed 03:07 Nothing is Impossible by the Qatar Philharmonic 04:20 Science alive Games Orchestra 04:40 al Fajr call to prayer14:23 asr call to prayer 05:26 QatarSymphony My Favorite... 8 5 Su DO Ku 9 3 The ruleS are SImPle Dr George White fill in the grid so that every row, every Entrepreneurship Professor, 6 7 2 column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9. 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