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Presented to the Leadership Advisory board to consider badges for attendees of workshops.

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  1. 1. E-Badges 101Using e-badges to encourage faculty & staff development in the MCC Leadership Institute Community Presented by Professor Sandra Rimetz MCC Leadership Institute Advisory Board February 13, 2012
  2. 2. What is a badge?• An emblem given as an award, honor or recognition. • Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts to honor accomplishments • Military to display rank • Classrooms (stickers) to reward completed tasks• Confirms an achievement, quality, interest or skill.
  3. 3. Today’s Reward SystemTraditionally, our educationalaccomplishments arerewarded through: – Degree attainment (A.A. of Arts) – Certificates (Web Technology) – Continuing Ed Credits (C.E.U.) – Plaques (20 years of service)
  4. 4. Tomorrow’s Reward System• A system of recognition for those who learn beyond the traditional paradigm (degrees, certificates awarded).• Acknowledgement of knowledge or expertise in a specific area.• Technology enables us to easily capture a learning pathway that may not have been so obvious.
  5. 5. Just imagine… Faculty and staff Supporting joining workshops Promoting lifelong, participation inwith the excitement non-traditional interest-driven of becoming learning programs proficient
  6. 6. Why Use the Badges Model for the MCC Leadership Institute? Encourages participants to follow each other. Validates a track or path of knowledge/expertise. Helps track topics that a user frequents for further development (measures interest). Identifies knowledgeable users/experts’. Encourages relationships. Inspires participants to pursue the next level. Fosters mentorship and community. Encourages persistence. Provides an alternate path of education/learning (rather than traditional coursework).
  7. 7. Aligns with the “big” Education Plan“Thats the vision outlined in the National EducationalTechnology Plan we at the Department of Educationreleased last year. Our plan, "Transforming AmericanEducation: Learning Powered by Technology", aims toreframe learning as a process that is not only lifelong, butlife-wide.” Digital Badges for Learning Remarks by Secretary Duncan at 4th Annual Launch of the MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Lifelong Learning Competition September 15, 2011
  8. 8. How the Participants Benefit Feeling of accomplishmentDevelopment of leadership for Renewed sensefuture workshop of community leaders Identifies their expertise to Rewarded for others time investment
  9. 9. Proposed Badge Type “Collectible Achievements”Defined as: Rewards that can be collected and displayed for others in the community to see.
  10. 10. “Collectible Achievements” Assets for Participants Can track their individual growth. Non-competitive. Broadens the communityEncourages member’s view ofexploration in what is available inareas they may not a particular comfortablewith (discovery).
  11. 11. ImplementationDevelop a series of badges related to currentworkshop themes (i.e. supervision). Professional Personal Organization
  12. 12. Implementation• Build an ecosystem so people can display e- badges in their e-mail signatures, add them to resumes.• Eventually create interactive badge so information can be accessed at a click.• Oversee verification (authenticity).• Start small  think big
  13. 13. More about this concept… BADGES IN ACTION ON THE WEB
  14. 14. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports awards collectibletrophies for various sports. They aretemporal in nature, and are awarded for aspecific season of play. A "Trophy Case" onthe players profile keeps the achievementson display.
  15. 15. Additional Resources
  16. 16. And now…YOUR THOUGHTS?