The monThly magazine of qaTar foundaTion                                                  issue 35 november 2011GROWTH STO...
WHEN DR. AMAL AL-MALKI’S STUDENTSWERE SEARCHING FOR A ROLE MODEL,they didn’t have to look much further thanthe front of th...
“When I saw what Qatar looks like from                                                                            the plan...
WELCOME LETTER                      A new generation                      of innovators                      Right across ...
NEWS                                                                                           In brief                   ...
NEWS       Funding the academics       of the future     Panelists Ibrahim al mannai, Supreme education Council special re...
NEWSQatar to host World Petroleum Congress~ World leaders in energy will gather for 20th edition of global forum.his excel...
NEWS     Her Highness meets NU-Q     students for inspiring discussion     ~ Undergraduates encouraged to be bold in build...
NEWSSummit for student leaders~ Texas A&M at Qatar group visit Washington DC to learn leadership techniques.Students at Te...
NEWS     ahmed elmagarmid, executive director of QCRI, left, greets                                                       ...
NEWS                                                                                                     Education City an...
NEWS     TAkING A STAND     ON FREE SPEECH     ~ As pioneering radio show The Voice of the Youth is launched, its     pres...
NEWSCALENDAR 2011/12novemBer....................................................What distinguishedLecture SeriesWhere Weil...
NEWS FEATURE                PLANNING FOR A              PROSPEROUS FUTURE     ~ RAND-Qatar Policy Institute offers access ...
PaRT oF RQPI’S                                                                                                            ...
QF ACHIEVERS                                                                     Dreams                                   ...
ahmed visiting the stables at al Shaqab.                                                                                  ...
Boundless    ambition16 Thefoundation.
CAPITAL PROjECTS                                           I                                               t’s hard to bel...
CAPITAL PROjECTS     broader complex occupied by research     institutes, community groups and world-     class public fac...
with any project – trying to minimize changes      HAMAD BIN kHALIFA                                  Cycling isn’t a comm...
Defending education    QF students join campaign to protect Palestinians’ right to learn.    S            tudents from QF ...
AL FAkHOORA                                                about 100 students convened to pledge their support for young P...
WATER RESEARCH   SAFEGUARDING   A PRECIOUS   RESOURCE     As a nation, Qatar is the fifth most water-scarce in     the wor...
Qatar foundation magzine
Qatar foundation magzine
Qatar foundation magzine
Qatar foundation magzine
Qatar foundation magzine
Qatar foundation magzine
Qatar foundation magzine
Qatar foundation magzine
Qatar foundation magzine
Qatar foundation magzine
Qatar foundation magzine
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Qatar foundation magzine

  1. 1. The monThly magazine of qaTar foundaTion issue 35 november 2011GROWTH STORY ACHIEVING GLOBAL PRECIOUS RESOURCECharting the QF estate’s STANDARDS The research projects aiming torapid development QF Directorate presented with safeguard Qatar’s water supply internationally recognized quality certificatesINVENTINGTHE FUTURE Stars of Science showcases the innovators of tomorrow –
  2. 2. WHEN DR. AMAL AL-MALKI’S STUDENTSWERE SEARCHING FOR A ROLE MODEL,they didn’t have to look much further thanthe front of their classroom.AS AN ASSISTANT TEACHING PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, she teachesa variety of courses, including writing composition and postcolonial literature, and has published articles in numerousacademic journals. Outside of her academic roles, she is also the author of a forthcoming book, in which she exploresand analyzes the portrayal of Arab women in the Arabic media.Qatar Foundation is proud to be home to leaders like Dr. Al-Malki. Together, we are making Qatar a center ofknowledge that is helping the entire world move forward. Learn more about Dr. Al-Malki’s work and discover thepeople of Qatar Foundation at
  3. 3. “When I saw what Qatar looks like from the plane, I saw the modern towers and the trees – I was amazed.” ahmed zayedContents ISSUE #35 NOVEMBER 201103 NEWS QF backs global environmental campaign; Construction firm awards scholarships; Campuses collaborate on new course; Funding the academics of the future; Qatar to host global forum; Branch campuses spread the word; Her Highness visits journalism students; Summit for student leaders; Retail group sponsors internships; Collaboration on data analysis; VCUQatar student scoops design prize; School counselor advice session; Distinguished Lecture Series restarts10 ~ QF Radio VOICE OF YOUTH New live show offers young people across the Arab world a chance to speak frankly on issues of the day11 CALENDAR12 PLANNING FOR A PROSPEROUS FUTURE Analysts at RAND-Qatar Policy Institute 26 ACHIEVING GLOBAL bring the culture of academia to research STANDARDS on pressing public affairs issues, QF’s Health, Safety, Security and providing a sound basis for decisions Environment Directorate celebrates made at the very top of government achieving international quality standards in one third of the usual time14 ~ QF Achievers DREAMS OF YOUTH Ten-year-old Ahmed Zayed tells The Foundation about his memories of growing up in Palestine, his family’s 20 DEFENDING EDUCATION move to Qatar and his appearances on QF students join campaign to protect Al Jazeera Children’s Channel Palestinians’ right to learn16 BOUNDLESS AMBITION 22 SAFEGUARDING A PRECIOUS RESOURCE The Foundation charts the rapid expansion of the QF estate over the Researchers at Texas A&M University at Special report past 16 years and looks forward to the Qatar are developing innovative ambitious construction plans of the technologies to squeeze every drop of 28 INVENTING THE FUTURE future with the Capital Projects use from the country’s scarcest TV show Stars of Science gives budding Directorate commodity – water innovators a chance to shine Editorial CommuniCation DireCtorate Rima Ismail Tel: +974 4454 0960 Ghada Saade Tel: +974 4454 0961 Asma Al Binali eDitor John Hayward Tel: +974 4454 1027 Senior WriterS Richard Harris, Lauren Steadman, Philippa Stewart, Gemma Taylor ©2010 Qatar Foundation. All Rights reserved. No part of this publication dEsign Creative DireCtor Carl Bergman may be reproduced without the written permission of Qatar Foundation.
  4. 4. WELCOME LETTER A new generation of innovators Right across the Arab World, the attitudes of young people are changing in all manner of ways as they embrace the opportunities offered by the advances in education and technology sweeping our region. This ‘attitude shift’ among the younger generation should be a source of great encouragement for all of us at Qatar Foundation (QF), strengthening our conviction that we can achieve the transition to a sustainable, post-carbon economy founded on innovation and technology. Channeling the enthusiasm and curiosity of young people lies at the heart of everything QF does, and for this reason the recent launch of the third season of the popular Stars of Science television show was greeted with great excitement. Through Stars of Science, QF is helping to spread an inspiring message of hope to ever more people across the region, demonstrating just what can be achieved when we work together to unlock the human potential of our gifted young people. The show, devised by QF, pits young innovators from Qatar and seven other Arab countries against each other in a contest to create the best new invention and has proven a huge hit with audiences throughout the region. Wonderful inventions spanning every discipline of science and engineering have been on show, ranging from robotic disability aids to iPhone apps and environmentally friendly bio fuels made from fermented algae. While the technical expertise of the young men and women on the show is testament to the investment in education made by QF and other organizations in the region, the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity on show speaks of a deep cultural shift taking place in the Arab World. Young Arabs are no longer content to passively consume technology produced elsewhere, but now show the appetite and ability to create their own inventions here in the Middle East. Haya Khalifa Al Nassr Director of Communication, Qatar Foundation 2 Thefoundation.
  5. 5. NEWS In brief STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS ExTENDED Qatar Building Company (QBC) is to sponsor six student scholarships this year. The company has been providing scholarships since 2005 and helped 15 young people to date. This year, three new awards are being offered and a further three have been renewed. Romy M Haddad, QBC’s Public Relations Manager, said: “These scholarships are part of our greaterenvironment Specialists aisha Ghani, left, and abdulla al hajjaj of the health, commitment to corporate social responsibility.Safety, Security & environment directorate, with Chris Silva, Sustainability “At Qatar Building Company we sincerely believeeducation Coordinator, Faculty & Student Services education division. that education is the most honorable way to empowerCelebrating sustainability our youth and strengthen the next generation.” Scholarships are awarded annually by application. Students on the scheme must maintain an~ HSSE Directorate backs global environmental campaign. outstanding academic record, with no disciplinary or conduct demerits during their studies.Staff, faculty members and students complimentary bike servicing was This year participants will have the option ofjoined hundreds of universities around provided by sports shop SkateShack. undertaking a six to 12-week internship with QBC.the world in late October as they Computer Science major El Hassangathered at QF’s Student Center to Wanas said: “Something I like to do tomark Campus Sustainability Day. help the environment is instead of using Ambassadors from the Health, Safety, plastic air fresheners or chemicals I useSecurity & Environment Directorate the leftover peel of an orange.(HSSE) were on hand to distribute “If you place this in your car the heat ofinformation about sustainable living and the day will cause the peel to infuse yourorganize interactive activities such as vehicle with a beautiful citrus smell,making reusable canvas bags from scrap totally naturally.”materials. Those who committed to carpooling or Recycling bins were provided so using an environmentally friendlyvisitors could throw away potentially method of transportation were offered auseful waste such as printer cartridges free lunch.and electrical goods. Free coffee was offered to those who Visit to sign up to thebrought their own mugs and campaign. CAMPUSES COLLABORATE ON BIOLOGY COURSESin the neWS Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q) and Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMC-Q) are~ Qatar Foundation stories in the international press. to work in partnership on two new undergraduate degree programs in biological sciences andThree writers whose work has been published at Qatar Foundation have computational biology.visited the UK, reports British paper Cambridge News. The programs will be delivered jointly, with degrees Khaled AlKhamissi, Ahmed Mourad and Ahmed Khaled Towfik were issued by CMU-Q. Dr Ilker Baybars, Dean of CMU-Q,due to speak at King’s College, Cambridge University, on 19 October. welcomed the partnership. He said: “Carnegie Mellon Qatar is excited to The article said: “The event is sponsored by the college, Bloomsbury partner with Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar toQatar Foundation Publishing, the Centre of Islamic Studies, and the Centre offer new programs in biological sciences andfor Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. computational biology. Graduates will be uniquely “Khaled AlKhamissi is a novelist, TV producer and former publisher. His qualified to solve problems and contribute tonovel Taxi transports the reader to the streets of Cairo during the final years cutting-edge research in fields such as biomedicine, health care and global health.”of the Hosni Mubarak era. Dr Javaid Sheikh, Dean, WCMC-Q, said: “WCMC-Q “Ahmed Khaled Towfik is the Arab world’s most prominent and bestselling is delighted to join CMU-Q in offering bachelor’sauthor of fantasy and horror genres. degrees in biological sciences, which will be an “Ahmed Mourad is a photographer, graphic designer and a novelist who important contribution to the vision of Qatar becoming a knowledge-based society by 2030.”has won several awards for his short films.” 3
  6. 6. NEWS Funding the academics of the future Panelists Ibrahim al mannai, Supreme education Council special representative, left, dr abdul Sattar al Taie, director, QNRF, and dr abdulla al Kamali, Program manager at SSReP address assembled teachers and pupils. , ~ Students encouraged to apply for QNRF program. cycles depends on how much we can continue to provide real opportunities for all students Budding scientists, linguists and QNRF’s Executive Director, Dr Abdul Sattar across educational institutions to integrate mathematicians have the chance to shine in Al Taie, and SSREP Program Manager Dr research into their school activities.” their chosen fields thanks to a Qatar Foundation Abdulla Al Kamali presented the winners with The program was launched in September member. their rewards and encouraged the next round of 2010 in association with Qatar’s Supreme Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) has students to apply. Education Council. launched the second funding cycle of its Dr Al Taie said: “We encourage all students in It aims to instill an interest in research Secondary School Research Experience Qatar to connect the value of research with the among students and increase their Program (SSREP). prospect of a valuable career path. opportunities for teamwork with their Teachers and students across Qatar are being “This program encourages the creation of a teachers. encouraged to submit ideas for research papers, community network with like-minded Proposals on a diverse range of subjects with both groups eligible for QR5,000 if their individuals from other schools and places them were accepted, including science, project idea earns a mark of distinction. in touch with the local industry and medical mathematics, social sciences, English, Arabic Winning projects from the first cycle of the institutions. and physical education. SSREP were praised in an October ceremony. “The success of our program in its future In the third funding cycle, research papers focusing on Islamic studies will also be acceptable. SSREP is designed to encourage research and improve students’ understanding of the skills they will need at university. During a question and answer session at the awards ceremony, panelists Ibrahim Al Mannai, Supreme Education Council Special Representative, Dr Al Taie and Dr Al Kamali fielded queries from teachers and students. They asked why team sizes were limited to two students and why previously rejected ideas could not be resubmitted. QNRF has launched three other funding schemes – the flagship National Priorities Research Program, Undergraduate Research Experience Program and Young Scientists Research Experience Program. a high school student accepts a certificate from dr Saif ali al hajari, Vice-Chairperson of Qatar Foundation. Visit for details. 4 Thefoundation.
  7. 7. NEWSQatar to host World Petroleum Congress~ World leaders in energy will gather for 20th edition of global forum.his excellency Dr Mohammed Bin Saleh AlSada will attend a major event at QatarFoundation. The Minister of Energy and Industry willspeak at the 20th World Petroleum Congress(WPC) – the conference of Qatar NationalConvention Centre (QNCC). The forum, organized by the UK-basedWorld Petroleum Council, will run from 4-8December and unite industry leaders fromaround the globe. All delegates will attend the first session,including six Middle East oil and gas executives. His Excellency Dr Al Sada will joinExxonMobil’s CEO, Rex Tillerson, and ShellCEO Peter Voser to deliver a presentation onQatar’s role in changes to the energy industry. Session topics will reflect the officialconference theme of ‘Energy Solutions for All:Promoting Cooperation, Innovation andInvestment’. Oil and gas professionals have been invitedto submit technical papers across a broadrange of topics to the conference. Prize money will be awarded to the bestauthors aged under 35 as part of ithe WPC’syouth program, intended to encourageyounger delegates to work towards asustainable future. Branch campuses spread the word ~ Event gives high school students a glimpse of college life. university could expand their degree programs by taking classes at the others. Teenagers packed QF’s Student Center He added that students would benefit from to learn about its branch campuses. access to the knowledge and expertise of About 1,500 prospective freshmen faculty at their US parent campuses and be attended the Discover Education City Fair offered the chance to study overseas. to learn about courses at QF’s six college The event also gave information about sites. the application process and applying for The event, held at QF’s Student Center, financial aid. featured information booths from each He said: “Qatar Foundation has asked six Abdulla Al Obidli, 17, said he had been institution. Representatives from Academic renowned universities to bring their inspired by the event. Bridge Program (ABP) were on hand to top-ranking programs here. The Tariq Bin Zyad Independent School advise young people needing to boost their “Having these six universities in one place student said: “I think I would like to study at grades. means Education City can offer a unique Texas A&M University at Qatar because I Jassim Abdulrahman Al Muftah, Student opportunity in education. You will not just be like chemistry, physics and math, and the Center Business Operations Supervisor, getting an education from one world-class college has a very good reputation. addressed the event to welcome the university, you will get one from a “I would like to become an electrical students and explain the benefits of combination of all six universities.” engineer and I think Texas is the best studying at QF. Al Muftah said students majoring at one QF college in Qatar for me to achieve this.” 5
  8. 8. NEWS Her Highness meets NU-Q students for inspiring discussion ~ Undergraduates encouraged to be bold in building the future of media in Qatar. her highness Sheikha moza bint Nasser and she exhorted the students to be bold and to prepare themselves for both Arabic and met media and journalism students during a drive forward the change towards media English language media jobs and careers. recent visit to Northwestern University in openness that has begun in Qatar. Everette Dennis, Dean of NU-Q, said: Qatar (NU-Q). She said: “We need you in the region. You “This was an inspirational experience for our Her Highness, Chairperson of Qatar are now equipped to change the mentality – students, underscoring Qatar Foundation’s Foundation, joined about 150 undergraduates so take the initiative. commitment to the freedom of expression in the NU-Q Forum. Seated casually on the “My dream is to see graduates – not just and the need for professional communicators, edge of the stage, she heard about some of their from Northwestern University, but all and a talent bench for the country and the current projects before going on to discuss the Education City – reconstruct their societies in region. importance of journalism and communications the way they’ve been educated. Changes take “She simply gave our students a rocket in Qatar and the wider region. time but we’re counting on you not to give up. boost of energy.” Students were encouraged to speak their “I am really proud of you and when I come After the session concluded, the students minds and Her Highness listened to a number out of any meeting like this I feel really were enthused. of views, including concerns that they would energized. I feel that the future is much better Journalism sophomore Saif Udin have difficulty finding media jobs in the than the past and I feel that we are advancing Alnuweiri said: “It was impressive seeing region after graduation and would be forced to a good place and the right place.” someone of her importance being as down to to look towards the West to start their careers. During the session, Her Highness also earth as she was, despite being such an Her Highness explained that efforts were emphasized the importance of mastering the internationally known figure these days. being made to create opportunities for young Arabic language for communications “She was very approachable and open to journalists and communications professionals, specialists and journalists, and urged students new questions and ideas.” 6 Thefoundation.
  9. 9. NEWSSummit for student leaders~ Texas A&M at Qatar group visit Washington DC to learn leadership techniques.Students at Texas A&M University at Qatar(TAMUQ) sent representatives to a nationalconference in Washington DC. Organized by the American StudentGovernment Association (ASGA), the summitwas a chance for class leaders to meet otherstudents and discuss ways of leading theiruniversity to new success. It was held in the American capital from 29September until 2 October and attended by fourstudents from TAMUQ’s Student BodyGovernment (SBG). Mouhammed Hijab, Student Body President,said: “On my return from the conference, Ishared information and experiences concerningTAMUQ, focusing on the needs of studentleaders, more specifically, those of student mouhammad hijab, dina hammada, akanksha menon and Firas alKhadi, all from Texas a&m University at Qatar, in the United States.government. “Being the president of the student body, I The 2011 national summit was the largest and quality of the workshops offered. Therebelieve attending this conference will be very ASGA conference to date and was attended by were about 50 different workshops on differentbeneficial in leading SBG. more than 700 young leaders. topics – for example tips to improve the elections “We had the chance to meet other student Mouhammad Hijab, Dina Hammada, and the voting turnout. Another importantgovernments from all around the US and Akanksha Menon and Firas AlKadhi went along category of workshops was public relations andexchange our ideas. from TAMUQ. media, as in how to get publicity for our student “We also had the chance to attend lectures Dina said: “I heard about the conference from government.and sessions prepared by student governments our Student Body Government Advisor, Rachel “These workshops will provide us with newand by professionals, which guided us toward White. and creative ideas that will have a positivebetter governing.” “It was very beneficial because of the quantity impact on our student government.”Ali Bin AliGroup givesstudentshands-onexperience~ Retail group scholarships to helpQF undergraduates. Quality Products, Ali Bin Ali Medical and the them in to allow them to gain valuable hands- gourmet food brand Fauchon. on exposure to our industries.”a partnership has been forged between Nabeel Ali Bin Ali, Vice Chairman of ABA, Dr Ahmad Hasnah, Associate Viceretailer Ali Bin Ali Group (ABA) and Qatar said: “We came up with the mentoring initiative President of Higher Education at QF, said:Foundation (QF) to offer students experience because we wanted to be part of something that “We are happy because we know the groupof working in the commercial sector. reflected our commitment to the overall truly believes in fostering local talent and ABA, one of Qatar’s biggest retail and education sector and to the growth of equipping young people with professionaldistribution firms, will offer four placements professionalism among the youth of this country, skills in order to prepare the next generationeach year in a variety of industries. so we came up with this idea of supporting a of business leaders.” The company’s divisions include Qatar few students on an annual basis, bringing “This is a goal QF shares and supports.” 7
  10. 10. NEWS ahmed elmagarmid, executive director of QCRI, left, greets Meet Mr Ethylene QSa Chairman his excellency Sheikh hamad Bin Jabor Bin Jassim al Thani. Collaboration could ~ Interior design graduate wins mascot yield better data competition for major Qatari firm. The friendly face of a QAPCO had been seeking a ~ QCRI and Qatar Statistics Authority join national company was unveiled mascot that would appeal to after students competed to children and be understood by forces to help advance knowledge economy. design it. people of different cultures, Two national agencies will collaborate to improve data Qatar Petrochemical ages and genders. analysis and research techniques. Company (QAPCO) joined A selection panel considered Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), part of forces with Virginia all the designs and named Mr Qatar Foundation, will work with Qatar Statistics Authority Commonwealth University in Ethylene the winner in front of (QSA), the country’s official statistics agency. Qatar (VCUQatar) to create its the company’s management It is hoped the move could lead to long-term benefits for new mascot. team. residents. VCUQatar was chosen QAPCO CEO Dr Mohammed His Excellency Sheikh Hamad Bin Jabor Bin Jassim Al because of its reputation for Yousef Al Mulla said: “It’s hard Thani, Chairman of QSA, said: “Sound policy is based on innovative work. to imagine a mascot more in sound data and QSA’s goal is to provide government and Interior design graduate tune with what we were industry leaders with ever-more refined development data Noora Abdulaziz Muftah was searching for. that will aid in mapping the route forward for the State of named the winner for her “I am sure Noora’s design Qatar. creation, Mr Ethylene. His body will prove a winning formula – a “We are confident that the computer scientists at QCRI is based on the shape of the solid character that will capture will find innovative ways to clean, mine, and analyze our substance’s molecular the public’s imagination and statistical data to yield new, sophisticated datasets to help structure, widely used in the help build a lasting legacy for guide and monitor Qatar’s national development.” petrochemical industry. QAPCO.” Data analytics uses mathematical and statistical tools to Noora said: “I thought the Mr Ethylene wears a helmet examine raw data and draw conclusions about the competition was a great and cape in the QAPCO colors information buried within it. opportunity and so I did some – he also wears goggles. It can then be used by government and industry to shape research into what the VCUQatar dean Allyson policies and improve decision making. company did. Vanstone said: “We have QCRI’s Data Analytics group focuses on tackling a broad “They wanted the mascot to been in Qatar for 14 years spectrum of data management problems to address Qatar’s appeal to children so I made now and we are already an development of a knowledge-based economy. him friendly and also based established design school. The vast database of demographic information developed him on the ethylene structure. “Our reputation is why we and maintained by QSA represents an opportunity for QCRI “I didn’t expect to were approached for scientists. win – I was very this competition. Dr Ahmed K Elmagarmid, QCRI’s Executive Director, surprised. My “With competitions such said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with family really as this one organized by Qatar Statistics Authority, the premier source of statistical supported me QAPCO, VCUQatar students information about the State of Qatar. and inspired me in this. have the opportunity to “By sharing its data with QCRI, QSA has conferred a “It is exciting leave their own mark tremendous opportunity upon our scientists in the area of to think my on history. data analytics. design might “I was impressed with “We believe we can use QSA’s data to create scalable be seen all the design – I think she knowledge models that assist with decision making and over the world.” has done very well.” planning for the future of Qatar.” 8 Thefoundation.
  11. 11. NEWS Education City and advise the students how they should prepare for admissions and reach their potential.” In sessions held in both English and Arabic, admissions directors and representatives from the universities and APB gave presentations explaining what they looked for in university applications. Maha Ayyash, Director of Admissions at Texas A&M University at Qatar, said: “Doha Counselors Day is important as it provides a platform to a diverse range of high school counselors in Qatar to get the latest information about the universities in Education City, and provides the tools to help guide the students to prepare and apply forCounselors key admission.” Case studies were discussed to give the counselors further insight into howto student success applicants are evaluated during the admissions process. “The most valuable resource from today was bringing the counselors together to~ Staff give university application advice. share ideas to improve individual systems, and to learn from each other in order tohigh school counselors were shown how Education City campaign, recognizing the streamline different forms of technology toto prepare their students for their further role high school counselors play in preparing help students apply to college,” said Julieeducation and future careers. students to make decisions about their Thompson, a counselor at Al Khor Qatar Foundation (QF), its university futures. International and Academic Bridge Program Addressing the counselors, Dr Dennis QF has organized subsequent counselor(ABP) hosted an event for about 90 counselors Roberts, Assistant Vice President for Faculty workshops to focus on specific topics, withfrom schools from across the country at the and Student Services, said: “You are the door the first held on 19 October and furtherStudent Center. openers – the people who connect with the events scheduled for 17 November and 6 The annual event is part of the Discover students to promote the work we do at December. Nobel Laureate to address medical school ~ The Distinguished Lecture Series featuring renowned scientists is back. a Nobel Laureate will open Qatar RNA – a molecule similar to DNA – was Foundation’s fall Distinguished Lecture being converted into DNA itself. Series. Prof Baltimore and colleague Howard Professor David Baltimore will deliver the Temin shared the 1975 Nobel Prize in address Gene Therapy and the Future of Physiology or Medicine for the discovery, a Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College key to understanding the life cycle of HIV. in Qatar. In later years, his work advanced the The event, on 17 November, will be the understanding of cancer, AIDS and the 11th lecture in the series, which is restarting immune system. after the summer recess. Prof Baltimore’s current research focuses Prof Baltimore was the Nobel Laureate in on controlling inflammatory and immune Physiology or Medicine 1975 and worked responses, and on gene therapy to treat HIV at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and cancer. for more than 30 years. On 12 December, Professor Zur Hausen, In 1970 he identified an enzyme in tumor winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in virus particles called reverse transcriptase. 2008, will speak on The Search for Viruses in The discovery was strong evidence that Human Cancers. 9
  12. 12. NEWS TAkING A STAND ON FREE SPEECH ~ As pioneering radio show The Voice of the Youth is launched, its presenter discusses how it can help young Arabs air their views. Follow QF Radio on a new QF Radio program aims to stimulate discussion among young people in Qatar. ~ QF Radio’s programs can now The Voic e of the Youth is a live show addressing issues of concern be downloaded via iTunes.The across the Arab world. station can be found under Radio > A vibrant forum for debate, it is broadcast every day except Fridays, with producer and presenter Adnan Abdulrahman fielding calls from International > QF Radio. listeners and joining their conversations. SatuRday – FRiday Issues range from the popular protests sweeping the Middle East to ..................................................... domestic problems such as how young Arabs can balance work and 06:00 QF News social pressures with family responsibilities. 07:00 Bright Mornings! (Live) In tune with the Arab awakening and Qatar’s decision to embrace a 09:00 International News (Live) free media, Abdulrahman encourages his callers to speak frankly. 10.00 English News The 29-year-old, from Yemen, said: “The whole idea of the program 11.00 Sports Global (Live) is to give young Arabs everywhere a place where they can talk about 13:00 Economic News important issues. 15:00 The Voice of the Youth (Live) “We receive many calls and emails from young people all over the 18:00 Corners (Live) world – within Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, Egypt and the Arab community 20:00 Straight Up (Live) 21:00 Legendary Artists in the United Kingdom. 23:00 Audible Whispers “The great thing about the show is the freedom we have to talk 00:00 International News openly.” 01:00 Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra The Voice of the Youth is broadcast from Saturday to Thursday, from 02:00 Piano 3-4pm, on QF Radio 93.7 FM. 03:00 Classical Music Pieces Abdulrahman also presents QF Radio’s live morning news from 04:00 The Orchestra 9-10am. 05:00 OUD 10 Thefoundation.
  13. 13. NEWSCALENDAR 2011/12novemBer....................................................What distinguishedLecture SeriesWhere Weill Cornell MedicalCollege in QatarWhen 17 NovemberNobel Laureate Professor DavidBaltimore will deliver the addressGene Therapy and the Future ofMedicine in the 11th lecture in theseries, which is restarting after thesummer recess. Prof Baltimorewas the Nobel Laureate inPhysiology or Medicine 1975 andworked at Massachusetts Instituteof Technology for more than 30years.Visit www.qf-research-division.orgfor more information.What Rachmaninoff’sthird Piano ConcertoWhere Qatar PhilharmonicOrchestra, KataraWhen 19 November, 7.30pm her highness Sheikha moza bint Nasser addressing the 2010 QF annual Research Forum.Guest artist Nader Abbasi willconduct the performance, whichwill feature Arsha Kaviani on piano What QF annual Research Forum What CS4Qatar for Women What Qatar National dayand Saber Abdel Sattar on kanoun. Where QF Student Center Where Lecture Hall 2012 & Where Various locations When 20-22 November Computer Classroom 1185, When 18 DecemberThe show will feature renditions of The event will showcase the latest Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar Qatar National Day commemoratesAbbasi’s own Dance for Peace, research conducted in Qatar, When 10 December the assumption of power by SheikhRachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto acknowledge the best projects with An outreach day for female Jassim Bin Mohammad Bin ThaniNo.3 in D Minor and an awards ceremony and discuss in 1878. Light and water shows,Shostakovich’s Symphony secondary school students and parades, and spectacular fireworksNo.5 in D minor. Visit www. themes of globalization of research their parents to visit the university displays are the main highlights for and entrepreneurship in science and learn about the opportunities the celebrations.more information. and technology. for studying Computer Science. Visit for more Visit or call JanuarY information. 4454 8400 for more information. .................................................... DeCemBer What Chamber Music: Music with What 14th international union of .................................................... Flute and Harp Pure and applied Conference on Where Qatar Philharmonic Polymers and Organic Chemistry What World Petroleum Orchestra, Katara (POC 2012) Conference When 14 December, 7.30pm Where Renaissance Doha City Where Qatar National Convention Nine musicians will perform five Center Hotel Centre pieces, including Mozart’s Quartet When 6-9 January 2012 When 4-8 December for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Cello in The QF-sponsored conference will be held in an Arab country for the Doha will host the 20th triennial F Major, Tournier’s Suite for Flute, first time since its inception in WPC at the landmark Qatar Harp and String Trio, and Jolivet’s 1982. Distinguished scientists from National Convention Centre, Chant de Linos for Flute, Harp and across the world will come to Doha welcoming delegates from all over String Trio. to exchange knowledge and the world to promote co-operation, Tickets can be bought online or at advance Qatar’s culture of research innovation and investment with the Virgin Megastores at the Villagio and development. More than 40 aim of providing reliable, affordable and Landmark malls. speakers from academia and and sustainable energy for all. Visit qatarphilharmonicorchestra. industry in 14 countries will attend. Visit for more org for more information. Visit for moreNader abbasi information. information. 11
  14. 14. NEWS FEATURE PLANNING FOR A PROSPEROUS FUTURE ~ RAND-Qatar Policy Institute offers access to a global To date, RQPI has produced a number of exhaustively researched reports, including network of highly trained analysts, ensuring crucial decisions Education for a New Era: Design and about the country’s future are made with eyes wide open. Implementation of K-12 Education Reform in Qatar, Post-Secondary Education in Qatar: Employer Demand, Student Choice, and Q atar’s rapid development over the the institute in 1998. He served as Associate Options for Policy: The Reform of Qatar past two decades has presented policy Director at the Qatar office from 2009 before University. makers with great opportunities and taking over from outgoing former director Dr It has recently worked with Qatar National stern challenges. Meeting the needs of a growing Bruce Nardulli in July. Food Security Programme and on a project to population while balancing competing He said: “In the early days, our work in Qatar improve the country’s school transportation pressures of industrial development and focused on three main fields – education, which system. RQPI also designed a seminar on environmental protection requires sound is what brought RAND here in the first place, public-policy analysis for senior staff of Qatar’s policies and institutions. health and institutional reform. Supreme Council for Family Affairs (SCFA). To ensure the country’s enviable budget “Initially, we were approached to assist with Dr Younossi holds a BS in Mechanical surplus is effectively channeled to create a the development of strategies for reform of Engineering, an MA in International Affairs modern, prosperous and sustainable society, Qatar’s education system, from kindergarten and an MPhil and PhD in Public Policy and RAND Corporation, a global nonprofit public through to grade 12. Through this project and Public Administration from The George policy research institute, was invited to establish other projects, we developed a strong Washington University, USA. a branch in Doha in partnership with Qatar relationship with Qatar Foundation and this He underlined the importance of RQPI’s Foundation (QF). office is a result of that collaboration.” relationship with RAND divisions around the The result is RAND-Qatar Policy Institute The Qatar office is staffed by eight analysts – world. He said: “We have 10 analysts here in (RQPI), which opened in 2003 and aims “to six senior and two junior researchers. Each Qatar, but we are able to draw on the expertise help improve policy and decision making specializes in a different field. In addition, two of close to 1,000 experts in offices in the US and through research and analysis”. Qatari senior analysts will join the RQPI team Europe. In fact, part of our remit from QF is that RQPI’s director, Dr Obaid Younossi, joined this year. we produce research focusing on issues affecting 12 Thefoundation.
  15. 15. PaRT oF RQPI’S mISSIoN IS To eQUIP QaTaRIS wITh The aNaLyTICaL TooLS To ImPRoVe PoLICy aNd deCISIoN maKING IN The hoPe ThaT They wILL BeCome LeadeRS aNd PoLICy adVISoRS conjunction with PRGS, RQPI has brought a customized policy analysis short course to clients in Qatar. RQPI actively seeks out Qatari graduates to join the institute as researchers to gain direct experience of policy analysis. Dr Hamad Al Ibrahim, a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, is a Policy Associate and both the institute’s junior researchers are Qatari. Bothina Ahmad is a graduate of Qatar University and an MA candidate on its Gulf States Policy Program. Sarah Al Dorani studied at Georgetown University inResearchers at the RaNd-Qatar Policy Institute are able to draw upon the expertise of Washington DC.almost 1,000 colleagues in the central office in the US and other sites around the world. Sarah said: “While at RQPI, I have had the opportunity to work on high-level policythe entire region, not just those particular to “We also pride ourselves on maintaining analysis that visibly impacts the public serviceQatar.” objectivity and quality in all our research, just sector in Qatar and regionally. As such, RQPI is tasked with covering an area as an elite university would – these are the core “Part of RQPI’s mission is to equip Qataristhat includes north Africa, stretching as far as values RAND has always espoused.” with the analytical tools to improve policyMauritania in the west, through the Gulf States RAND was established in 1948 as an and decision making in the hope that theyand the Horn of Africa and encompassing Iran, independent, non-partisan, non-profit will become leaders and policy advisorsAfghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and organization dedicated to promoting science, across various sectors. Many of our pastSri Lanka in the east. This regional approach is education and charity. Qatari analysts currently hold importantreflected in RAND Qatar’s 2008 report Facing Dr Younossi said: “RAND has a very unique positions at organizations shaping the futureHuman Capital Challenges of the 21st Century: mission that had remained the same over the of Qatar including QF, SCFA, Sidra MedicalEducation and Labor Market Initiatives in six decades it has been in existence to provide and Research Center and the Ministry ofLebanon, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab objective research and analysis to help improve Foreign Affairs.   Others have followed theirEmirates. policy and decision making. RQPI experience by pursuing graduate RQPI’s business outside Qatar has been “In the USA RAND initially dealt with degrees at prestigious institutions such asgrowing, with ongoing projects working for the national security issues but then it quickly Cambridge University, London BusinessKurdistan Regional Government of Iraq and expanded its remit to other areas of public School and HEC Paris.”various public sector projects in Abu Dhabi. policy, like poverty, unemployment, education Dr Younossi believes this approach will pay Each RAND report is a collaborative effort, reform, science and research and healthcare. dividends for Qatar’s future.pooling the knowledge of a group of analysts These are all areas that benefit the community He said: “Ultimately, our legacy will befrom various educational backgrounds. but often will not attract investment from the judged by the analytical capacity of a cadre of “Our approach to creating reports is both private sector unless governments are engaged Qataris, so that Qatar would be able tosimilar to and different from academic research,” to make the initial investment and set a clear conduct RAND-like analyses itself, withsaid Dr Younossi. direction.” progressively less involvement by RQPI. We “It is different in that reports are not written expect our Qatari alumna will be contributingby only one or two experts in a single field – we a key part of RAND’s mission, both their analytic skills and objective analysis tohave experts in the social sciences, physical internationally and in Qatar, is investment in help guide their future decisions.sciences, political science, engineering, the next generation of researchers and analysts. “The skills and knowledge they are learningcomputing, economics and more, so we bring In 1970, it established The Frederick S Pardee here will be of great value to Qatar in the comingthese capabilities together in a multidisciplinary RAND Graduate School (PRGS) offering a years as the country will be able to formulateapproach. But we are similar to academia in that PhD in policy analysis, with a curriculum public policy with more independence.our reports are peer reviewed with the same focused on analytical tools including “But we are happy to stay and help monitorlevel of scrutiny and rigor and to the same high economics, statistics, operations research and and implement public policy reforms here forstandards. the behavioral and social sciences. In as long as we are needed.” 13
  16. 16. QF ACHIEVERS Dreams of youth Ahmed Zayed may only be 10 years old, but he has already achieved a lot. After enrolling at Qatar Academy, he learned English within six months and has become a regular guest on Al Jazeera Children’s Channel. He tells The Foundation about his memories of Palestine and the move to Doha. The Foundation What do you do at Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC)? past my head. If I moved my head a centimeter The Foundation Why do you like talking Zayed Mostly lots of meetings. I would have been hit. We also talk about the about Palestine? time we went to UNICEF schools. [A brief Zayed My stories can help people understand The Foundation How did you initially get pause] Can I ask a question? Do [FC] Barcelona what is happening there. I don’t want to forget here? have ‘Qatar Foundation’ or ‘UNICEF’ on their about it, though there are days when I do want Zayed With Mr Mahmoud Bouneb’s [Executive training gear? to forget. When I see my brothers in Palestine GM of JCC] driver. we play games. We frisk each other and pretend The Foundation They have ‘Qatar Foundation’ we have guns – boom boom! But I don’t want The Foundation I mean, why were you asked on the front and ‘UNICEF’ on the back. Could this to be real. to work at JCC? you tell us more about your TV program? The first war I witnessed in my life happened Zayed I was asked to appear on a TV show. I How does the show come together? when I was five or six years old. My father’s big have been a guest on 40 episodes already. I talk Zayed The presenters ask me questions and I toenail was damaged when he stepped on a about things like war and stuff. answer them. Last time I recited a poem on the bomb with a timer… a mine. It was near our show. It was about the war and Palestine. house. My father carried it out and the mine was The Foundation What do you talk about on Sometimes it is difficult to remember what so heavy it fell on his toe. Luckily my uncle is a the show? happened. What I witnessed in Palestine were nurse and helped him. Zayed I tell stories about Palestine, like one day the worst moments in my life, but it is easy to What gets on my nerves is that a mine doesn’t when I was walking and the shots were going talk about them. I like going on TV. hurt a tank. It hurts people. 14 Thefoundation.
  17. 17. ahmed visiting the stables at al Shaqab. talking about me because I don’t stop working either. The Foundation When did you start attending Qatar Academy? Zayed I started going to Qatar Academy last year. I’m in Grade 4. I like it a lot. I mostly like the after-school activities like football, but Iahmed in one of his many television appearances on al Jazeera Children’s Channel. am not allowed to sign up. My father says that if you want to be a football player like MessiThe Foundation When did you find out you learned how to when I started going to Qatar and Ronaldo you do not have time to bewere going to Qatar? Academy. intelligent too. He also says professionalZayed One day Her Highness’ office called my I also didn’t know English before I came here, players should start when they’re four yearsdad and told him they’d like to invite us to but I learned it within six months at school. old. I’m good at football – in one month IQatar. I was so happy, I almost didn’t believe it. Thank God I have a very good memory. When scored five goals at school.I immediately started imagining what it would the boys were playing football outside I was atbe like. home studying. I made a small dictionary for The Foundation What is your dream for the It was the first time for me to travel and be far myself and wrote in it every morning. future? Don’t say it is to become aaway from my family. I wanted to get away from I always thought it was very important to professional football player.Palestine – I didn’t like seeing these landscapes. learn English. Most people in the world speak Zayed Why not?We knew the trip was going to be so hard – English and it is good to know this so I can get amost of the time the border is closed. job later. I like reading books too. The Foundation Because your dad doesn’t I thought that everyone in Qatar would wear think you should do that.a thobe and that it would look like a desert. The Foundation What’s your favorite book? Zayed Well, I’m not saying I want to be aWhen I saw what Qatar looks like from the Zayed It’s a book called 12,500 Facts for Your football player. I want to be a scientist but playplane, I saw the modern towers and the trees – I Mind. It has questions and answers such as football at the same too.was amazed. So far, I have probably traveled 11 who invented the telephone and whotimes to and from Qatar. discovered America. The Foundation What would you like to I mostly like stories with morals so that at work on?The Foundation What was the first thing you the end of it I will have learned a lesson. The Zayed I would like to invent things that willlearned in Qatar? Hare and the Tortoise is my favorite story. The help my country or other countries. I wouldZayed I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton for a month, tortoise said: ‘I’ll just do my best – I don’t like to build improved tanks or find ways towhich was ‘wow!’ Every day I would ask my mind that you are laughing at me’ and at the create better roads. I need to plan for myfather if I could go swimming in the pool. I end he won the race even though the hare was future right now. I hope I will go to universitydidn’t know how to swim, but immediately faster. Sometimes I feel these stories are after school. 15
  18. 18. Boundless ambition16 Thefoundation.
  19. 19. CAPITAL PROjECTS I t’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years since Qatar Foundation (QF) was born. The site is due for completion within five years – but achieving this aim will be no small task. Overseeing its construction is Capital Projects. The directorate has managed QF’s rapid expansion, from the creation of Qatar Academy to its current form occupying 15 million square meters. The mammoth complex is almost half complete – but there is more work to do. Mubarak Al Khulaifi is Capital Projects’ When a unique Business Development Director. Since joining QF in 2005 he has project managed various high school was initiatives, including the construction of Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q), planned in 1996, few the Ceremonial Court and Al Shaqab. Currently working on Qatar Faculty of could imagine how the Islamic Studies and Qatar Foundation’s headquarters, he has witnessed many changes. desert around it would bloom. He said: “When I started here there was Qatar Academy, VCUQatar, Weill Cornell and the As these photographs show, LAS (Liberal Arts and Sciences building). Qatar Foundation has come a “I started working on the Texas A&M building, which was newly under construction. long way since that time – and After that came Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and the Student Center. more exciting developments are “I witnessed all of that development coming up very fast and very impressively.”in the pipeline. Qatar Foundation’s main site was planned in 1996 as a small college campus with Qatar Academy as its nucleus. All centers of learning come under the umbrella of Education City, sitting within a 17
  20. 20. CAPITAL PROjECTS broader complex occupied by research institutes, community groups and world- class public facilities. The scheme is split into north and south zones, divided by Dukhan Highway. It was initially designed by KEO International Consultants, and in 2001 Japanese architect Arata Isozaki was commissioned to oversee the site. Isozaki remodeled the master plan, splitting the complex into two distinct zones. The north side would house most of QF’s public facilities, with the south dedicated to education. His core concept was the Green Spine – a strip of grass running through the center. University campuses were built to the immediate east and west, with the Ceremonial Court and Al Shaqab added to the south. Public facilities including Qatar National we have many well-known contractors The maSTeR PLaN IS Convention Centre (QNCC), Sidra Medical coming aboard. Back in 2003 and 2004, and Research Center and Qatar Science & a LIVe doCUmeNT. IT contractors that could give you the quality Technology Park occupy the north. ChaNGeS oFTeN – eVeRy you required were very limited.” Isozaki’s scheme underwent major changes TIme we ReCeIVe New in 2004 and 2005. Space between the INITIaTIVeS aNd Capital Projects nurtured relationships buildings was landscaped to create a sense of ReQUIRemeNTS with a few ‘tried and tested’ companies, but unity, with sidewalks and passageways this is no longer necessary. connecting different institutions, giving the College London. This vision keeps growing “Now we have more options – we can get complex a unified, cohesive character. and it keeps expanding.” competitive prices,” he said. “At Qatar While many architectural styles have been Foundation we really seek the best quality used, the overall effect is harmonious, as Capital Projects directorate has faced and best standard we can get. We need to be guidelines on factors such as height, scale and many challenges, some of which have faded as very picky and very careful when selecting materials ensure structures complement one Qatar’s world standing has grown. the contractors and consultants. another. In the early years, few construction firms “We work with well-known architects Al Khulaifi said: “The master plan is a live operated in the country and staff initially that don’t work everywhere, so document. It changes often – every time we struggled to find contractors of a suitably high implementing these complicated designs is receive new initiatives and requirements. caliber. very hard. But, thank God, we have been “You have end users that require new space Al Khulaifi said: “I think this is something able to successfully build many projects in which to operate. For example, we have we are getting better at because now Qatar is a with great architects.” just received an initiative for University very well-known destination for business and He added: “Most of the challenges are as ‘PEOPLE MOVER’ SHUTTLE SYSTEM QF will operate a ‘park and ride’ system using a novel form of transport. The eagerly awaited ‘people mover’ will shuttle staff, students and visitors from parking lots to their places of work or study. A motorized vehicle resembling a train, it should appear by 2013. Telefat said: “It’s designed to be a cart. When you get in you will push a button linked to your destination. Unfortunately, we don’t have great details of what it will look like because it’s still at the tendering stage. Cars will not be widely driven within QF – people will be dependent on this system.” 18 Thefoundation.
  21. 21. with any project – trying to minimize changes HAMAD BIN kHALIFA Cycling isn’t a common pursuit in Qatar –during design and construction. That’s why we UNIVERSITY OF but from winter QF hopes to make this cheap,co-ordinate closely with the end users – to environmentally friendly form of transport a EDUCATION CITYunderstand their requirements and what theyneed for each building. ~ Key Facts realistic option. Using a system found in many cities “This will actually save a lot of time and Occupies 15 million square meters worldwide, bicycles will be available for hiremoney when constructing or designing the at designated stations.project, because when it’s constructed and Currently approximately A network of cycle paths will link buildingsagreed upon everything can go smoothly.” 50 per cent complete across QF and, once riders reach their University College London joined QF last destinations, bikes can be securely parked foryear and will run graduate courses in museum Site begun in 1996 with future users.studies, conservation and archaeology. construction of Qatar Academy Telefat added: “We are trying to be very It will initially be based on the campus of sustainable in all aspects of the developmentGeorgetown University – School of Foreign Site design overseen by Japanese – in landscaping, transport, building, inService in Qatar, and Capital Projects will work architect Arata Isozaki from 2001 thinking and in practice.closely with college staff to ensure its future ‘People Mover’ shuttle billed “Most of Capital Projects’ staff membersneeds are met. have taken courses in sustainability and all to appear by 2013 A golf course is also planned, while Al new projects have to meet minimumShaqab should be finished this month – in time QNCC has seating for 7,000 people sustainability standards – we wantfor the 2011 Arab Games. certification from the US Green Building An important part of the Directorate’s work 2 new car parks with space for Council for all buildings in QF.”involves helping staff, students and visitors 10,000 vehicles planned He has just returned from Germany, wherenavigate the site more easily. Capital Projects’ he toured a solar panel factory. TheTechnical Director, Jassim Telefat, outlined have a very good traffic management system.” technology has already been used at QNCChow his team is improving transport across the Two huge parking lots are being built to QF’s and will soon be installed on student housing.vast complex. southern and western edges to supplement “This was the first solar technology to be He said: “When we talk about car parking existing spaces to the north. implemented in Qatar,” Telefat said proudly.the numbers are scary sometimes. When I talk The western site will have space for almost “We’re trying to feed the mind, the soul, theabout Qatar National Convention Centre I’m 8,000 vehicles, while its southern counterpart body of QF people. To be sustainable we aretalking about 7,000 seats. So we really need to will accommodate 2,000 cars. trying to change how we think about things.” 19
  22. 22. Defending education QF students join campaign to protect Palestinians’ right to learn. S tudents from QF branch campuses learn for Palestinian students in Gaza, Alhafidh is the volunteer facilitator of the are leading an initiative to defend the established in response to the destruction of Majlis Circle, working alongside fellow basic human right to education for schools and universities by Israeli tank fire NU-Q sophomores Haya Al Mannai, who people living behind the Gaza blockade. during the 22-day assault in 2008/09. promotes the group’s activities via social The Al Fakhoora Majlis Circle project uses Under Article 26 of the UN’s Universal media, and Rashad Al Aani, who is tasked video conferencing to create a virtual ‘majlis’ Declaration of Human Rights, access to with public relations. – Arabic for lounge – where university education is a basic human right. The Tessniem said: “I got involved because I students in Gaza, the US, the UK and Qatar bombing of educational institutions and the think there are not many students around the can meet to interact, foster cultural blockade of Gaza has prevented the transit of world who really understand what’s going on understanding and raise global awareness of building materials for repairs and severely in Gaza. young Palestinians’ lack of access to restricted importation of basic educational “The impact of simply chatting with education. supplies such as textbooks, paper, chalk, students in Gaza has been huge. Students in The student-led Majlis Circle project is co- stationery and school furniture. the US, Qatar and the UK have been able to ordinated by Al Fakhoora, an international Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) talk directly to people their own age and see campaign working to secure the freedom to sophomore journalism student Tessniem for themselves how difficult the situation is20 Thefoundation.
  23. 23. AL FAkHOORA about 100 students convened to pledge their support for young Palestinians’ right to education. aL FaKhooRa maJLIS CIRCLe wILL hoLd NINe VIRTUaL maJLIS SeSSIoNS ThIS SemeSTeR aNd NINe NexT SemeSTeR Al Fakhoora’sand students in Gaza have been to be able to blockade by increasing empathy and four key strategiesmake their voices heard.” advocacy among students in the Dynamic Futures Providing 100 Tessniem said that the Majlis Circle had participating countries who will defend the higher education scholarships forgrown from a few students in a classroom basic human right of Palestinian students Palestinian students each yeartalking to each other on Skype to sessions to an education.”held in the high-tech Moot Room video Extreme University Makeoverconferencing suite at Carnegie Mellon STUdeNTS who want to support the Al Reconstruction of damaged orUniversity in Qatar. Fakhoora Majlis Circle can do so by attending destroyed higher education Al Fakhoora Director Farooq Burney a virtual majlis, joining as a volunteer or by institutionsapplauded the efforts of QF branch university signing an online petition.volunteers. Winners Against All Odds He said: “Gaza has been very cut off from Supporting young people in Gazathe world, both in a material and a human For more details visit or with disabilities and psychologicalsense. The human connection the student email and social problemsvolunteers have made with their counterpartsin Gaza has been very powerful. Youth Empowerment Helping young “The Majlis Circle and Al Fakhoora as a entrepreneurs in Gaza start their ownwhole hope to alleviate the physical companies 21
  24. 24. WATER RESEARCH SAFEGUARDING A PRECIOUS RESOURCE As a nation, Qatar is the fifth most water-scarce in the world and has the highest carbon emissions per capita. A team at TAMUQ is striving to develop tools to mitigate environmental impact while maintaining industrial development. 22 Thefoundation.