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SkyED International Study Tours


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SkyED International Study Tours Brochure

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SkyED International Study Tours

  2. 2. About Us OUR OBJECTIVES SkyED operates educational tours to India for students and professionals from schools, colleges and universities. We pride ourselves on being India's most innovative professional development and experiential learning tour operator offering unique, safe and To develop meaningful, on- affordable tours. the-ground perspective of the business, political, and social climate within India, OUR TOURS broadening global students' perspectives, Our committed team of educationists and industry furthering their capacity to manage in a global professionals have developed a superb range of business environment subject led and general group travel programs to meet OUR PHILOSOPHY the needs of diverse educational groups studying a wide range of subjects. OUR STUDY PACKS Each tour is accompanied by a study pack designed to improve the effectiveness of the tour. They provide We have always aimed to maps & information together with suggested tasks & achieve the following: •To provide a quality discussion points relevant to your program. experience at an affordable price. •To provide experiences OUR GUIDES that place the curriculum at the heart of your tour Our Study Tour Guides & ensure that your Study Tour is •To conduct our business in an ethical manner & with as enjoyable & as educationally relevant as integrity possible. Their knowledge & experience of the •To ensure that the safety of our clients is paramount locations you are visiting can help you & your students & promote a culture of get the most out of your tour safety within the company www.skyedtours .com Experience a Lifetime Page 1
  3. 3. International Study Tours CURRICULUM ENHANCING WEBSITE Designed to enhance the classroom curriculum, India Study Tours offer students and their faculty adviser an intense, firsthand experience of the Indian business culture. Study Trips complement the classroom experience by offering students the opportunity to Stay organized on our interact with global leaders from around the world. website at Access helpful resources for your tour, learn about your EASY destination, check out SkyED will handle all of the details. From your first sample itineraries, keep track of timelines and get phone call, your Tour Consultant works one-on-one answers to Frequently with you to plan your perfect tour. Once abroad, your Asked Questions. Tour Director handles all of the logistics. We also ensure every tour is a success by providing you exemplary service and on tour support. AFFORDABLE SkyED guarantees affordable prices because we believe every student should have the opportunity to travel. Our payment plan makes it easy for students to pay for their tour by dividing Program Fees into manageable installments. Page 2 Experience a Lifetime www.skyedtours .com
  4. 4. Why India? EMERGING ECONOMY INCREDIBLE INDIA India, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, ,world’s largest democracy, ranking among the largest consumer and investment markets in the world, has emerged as a soft power in the global arena. “Like people study political INVALUABLE EXPERIENCE science, culture, public health, economics, law and medicine, students in A showcase of what really works and what doesn’t in Harvard will now study an emerging economy, India has invaluable lessons to India as a subject.“ - Lawrence Summers, offer, from innovative economic development methods President, Harvard Univ and solutions, to unique and ingenious business strategies. To the receptive mind, there are infinite “The economic dominance of the US is already over. revelations and inspirations to be found here. What is emerging is a world economy. India is becoming a powerhouse INCREDIBLE INDIA very fast“ - Peter Drucker, India is more than just an emerging global player. It is Management Guru a truly fascinating and unique playground, and every facet of the country gifts you a learning experience – a glimpse into the India’s enormity and intricacies. A vibrant nation, India is a diverse treasure trove of cultures, languages, traditions, arts, cuisines, and humanity. www.skyedtours .com Experience a Lifetime Page 3
  5. 5. Study Tour Experience GROUP SIZE TOUR PROGRAM A typical 10 to 14 day India Study Tour program offers exposure to “real” India, including its industries, corporate houses and NGOs. Depending on their area of interest and specialization, students can get in- depth exposure to fields like business management, infrastructure and rural development, manufacturing, Our tours are designed for socio-environment, real estate, outsourcing processes, groups with minimum of 10 among many other fields of interest. students, though tours for smaller groups can also be organized. This allows us to Students will have an opportunity to visit various obtain favorable group corporate houses for panel discussions and factory rates from our suppliers, thus keeping our prices visits, as well as meet important trade bodies. In competitive. addition, students will experience the varied socio- We offer free faculty places cultural aspects of the country, through sightseeing for groups which offer us and participation in cultural events. scale: • 30 students with 1 free faculty place • 50 students with 2 free DESIGNING YOUR TOUR staff places • 70+ students with 3 free SkyED can design a Study Tour to India as per your staff places specific budget and requirements. This entails handling all the logistics of arranging accommodation, dining, and transportation; as well as planning detailed day-to-day itineraries and organizing events/meetings/visits. In addition, every SkyED Study Tour is accompanied by an experienced in-house tour coordinator who will guide and escort you throughout your entire tour. Page 4 Experience a Lifetime www.skyedtours .com
  6. 6. STUDY TOUR THEMES Provide an enriching experience for your students with our subject-specific or multi- disciplinary itineraries. You can also customize a tour to fit your group’s unique needs. TOUR ID 101 EMERGING INDIA TOUR ID 102 OUTSOURCING TO INDIA TOUR ID 103 INVESTING IN INDIA TOUR ID 104 INDIA AS MANUFACTURING HUB TOUR ID 105 MEDIA & BOLLYWOOD TOUR ID 106 ART & DESIGN TOUR ID 107 HERITAGE & CULTURE TOUR ID 108 SOCIAL - ENVIRO DEVELOPMENT TOUR ID 109 CUSTOMIZED THEME
  7. 7. The Emerging India Study Tour will provide students with a EMERGING truly transformational first-hand learning experience of the business and culture of an emerging economy like India. The INDIA TOUR focus of this study tour will be current economic, industrial, and cultural developments in India. Recent trends in the influx of 10 – 14 days manufacturing, IT, and other knowledge-based companies into India are also investigated. Especially, students interested in an international career in management, including work for multinational corporations, will benefit greatly from this trip. PROGRAM FEE INCLUDES: OPTIONAL: Transportation: All domestic travel • Deluxe International Air Travel coaches Accommodations: 4/ 5 Star/ Boutique Hotels • Twin Sharing FOR MORE Meals: Breakfast (buffet menu) DETAILS VISIT: Tour Director: Full-time SkyED Tour Director Sightseeing: Guides and entrances to attractions as per itinerary LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the business environment in India. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of current issues facing multinational corporations doing business abroad. Demonstrate the ability to compare and contrast management styles of Indian, India-based global, and global business organizations. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the impact of the Indian government and its policies on business organizations. Demonstrate an understanding of the managerial implications of working in a multinational corporation. Demonstrate the ability to work efficiently and effectively in a different culture. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of Indian customs in developing successful business relationships. Page 6 Experience a Lifetime @SkyED International www.skyedtours .com
  8. 8. The tour would include visits to prominent business EMERGING INDIA – districts such as Gurgaon, popularly referred to as outsourcing capital of India; Delhi, country’s capital; SAMPLE ITINERARY Jaipur – famous for palaces and forts, and Agra, the house of the Taj Mahal. During the tour, students meet with leading executives and government officials 12 days while visiting businesses, industries and cultural sites. PROGRAM FEE INCLUDES: OPTIONAL: Transportation: All domestic travel • Deluxe International Air Travel coaches Accommodations: 4/ 5 Star/ Boutique Hotels • Twin Sharing FOR MORE Meals: Breakfast (buffet menu) DETAILS VISIT: Tour Director: Full-time SkyED Tour Director Sightseeing: Guides and entrances to attractions as per itinerary DAY 1: Arrive in New Delhi DAY 6: Day Trip to Agra DAY 9: Jaipur • Visit to the world famous Taj • Guided tour to tourist DAY 2: New Delhi Mahal attractions in Jaipur Cultural Tour – Mughal, • Understand environmental • Departure to New Delhi Colonial & Contemporary India issues affecting the area DAY 10: New Delhi DAY 3: New Delhi/ Gurgaon DAY 7: New Delhi • Visit to one of India’s • Visit a premier IT organization • Visit a local NGO working in prominent Stock Exchanges • Visit a leading Telecom the field of Social Development • Visit a Private Equity (PE) firm Service Provider • Visit a Micro-Finance Institution DAY 11: New Delhi DAY 4: Gurgaon • Visit a prominent Real Estate Visit the Manufacturing facility DAY 8: New Delhi/ Jaipur Developer/ Consulting firm of a global Automobile • Visit a leading Business •Visit to local Retail/ Wholesale company Process Outsourcing (BPO) Market Service Provier • Farewell Dinner with your DAY 5: New Delhi • Departure to Jaipur – land of country’s High Commission • Visit a Premier Indian Business forts and palaces School • Free time to explore and shop DAY 12: Depart for Home • Seminar on Advantage India in Jaipur’s famous Bazaars with leading Academicians www.skyedtours .com @SkyED International Experience a Lifetime Page 7
  9. 9. OTHER STUDY TOUR THEMES (1/2) OUTSOURCING TO INDIA India is an amazing example of how a developing country has built a successful Knowledge Economy generating millions of jobs. You could gain a first- hand experience of the emergence of the so called flat world from the place where it all seems to have started. Learn about the cost and skills advantage offered by India making it the Outsourcing Capital of the World. INVESTING IN INDIA India, the largest democracy in the world, with its consistent growth, performance and abundance skilled manpower is the world's third most popular investment destination, second only to US and China. Meet leading Private Equity/ Venture Capitalist firms to explore the sectors which are witnessing major investments from across the globe. INDIA AS MANUFACTURING HUB According to a United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s (UNIDO) Report, India ranks among the top 10 producers of manufacturing output in 2009, owing to requisite skills in product, process and capital engineering, thanks to its long manufacturing history and higher education system. India's cheap, skilled manpower is attracting a number of companies, spanning diverse industries, making India a global manufacturing powerhouse. Page 8 Experience a Lifetime www.skyedtours .com
  10. 10. OTHER STUDY TOUR THEMES (2/2) BOLLYWOOD & MEDIA India is one of the largest media consuming markets with 3.7 bn film tickets sold annually. It is also one of the largest content creating market producing 1,000+ movies annually. 100% FDI has made the Indian film market attractive for foreign enterprises such as 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Learn more about how Indian movies are made, meet acclaimed Movie & Media personalities and interact with leading Media organizations. HERITAGE & CULTURE India colorful and vibrant, a land as diverse as its people. A mosaic of faiths, cultures, customs and languages that blend harmoniously to form a composite whole. One of the world’s oldest living civilizations - which gave to the world - the concept of zero, the primordial sound Aum…Yoga, and Buddhism. Some of the top heritage spots to visit would be Taj Mahal, Red fort, Agra Fort and Khajuraho temples. SOCIO - ENVIRONMENT DEVELOPMENT With the rapid growth in India economy, societal development and natural environment is under tremendous pressure. There are a number of government sponsored and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as TERI, ESG India, CSE active in the field of social development and environment. www.skyedtours .com Experience a Lifetime Page 9
  11. 11. CUSTOMIZED TOURS SkyED offers you the freedom to design the ideal tour to fit your unique academic coursework. Your tour consultant will work with you to tailor any itinerary we offer to incorporate your ideas, personal contacts abroad and preferred sightseeing highlights. You can even collaborate to design your own tour from scratch. No matter how you choose to customize your tour, you will enjoy the flexibility that comes with traveling as a private group. Contact us in order to jointly design a customized tour for your group. OPTIONS TO CONSIDER AS YOU DESIGN YOUR TOUR: Themes: Focus on Marketing strategy Your Own Contacts: Arrange lectures or with your Marketing majors, create your visits with your contacts abroad, and we own theme based on your academic can incorporate them into your itinerary goals. and provide transportation. Business Visits & Experiential learning: Sightseeing: Add visits to attractions Tailor your itinerary to visit to a business that will appeal to your groups’ unique that relates to your course. You may also interests or that enhance your students’ choose to add experiential learning coursework. activities, such as cooking lessons or volunteer work. Page 10 Experience a Lifetime @SkyED International www.skyedtours .com
  12. 12. Organizing Your Tour ACCOMMODATION DESIGNED FOR U SkyED can design a Study Tour to India as per your specific budget and requirements. We offer a wide range of This entails handling all the logistics of arranging accommodation types to accommodation, dining, and transportation; as well as suit your budget, ranging from 3* hotels to boutique planning detailed day-to-day itineraries and hotels and resorts. organizing special events/meetings/visits. All our accommodation is suitable for groups & an internal Risk Assessment is ORGANIZED FOR U done for each of them. COACHES Travel & Accommodation Industry Meeting & Visits Local University / Academia Meetings Visit to Manufacturing Facilities Sightseeing Entertainment (theme dinner, theme party etc.) Team Building Training We only use coach companies that share our Excursions (such as White Water Rafting) vision of what study tours should deliver in terms of quality & reliability. DEDICATED TO U We only use Luxury coaches on out tours as In addition, every SkyED Study Tour is accompanied by standard coaches do not offer the required level of an experienced in-house tour coordinator who will comfort for groups guide and escort you throughout your entire tour. travelling abroad. www.skyedtours .com Experience a Lifetime Page 11
  13. 13. Booking Your Tour • You can contact us by email or phone to discuss your requirements directly. It helps if you know the time of year you wish to travel & the duration of your trip. Enquiry • We will discuss the requirement and send a free quotation to you providing the details of your tour together with an approximate Quotation estimate of the cost. from Us • If you are happy with your quotation, arrange a date with your group for the return of deposits along with the return copy of the quotation, Sending duly signed. Initial Deposit • We will book all the elements of your tour - accommodation, venues etc. - as soon as we receive your deposit. We will also provide Putting you with the relevant booking details related to your tour. Your Tour in Place • You will have a tour administrator assigned to look after your tour, who will make all the arrangements for you & keep you informed Your Tour of progress. Administrat or Page 12 Experience a Lifetime www.skyedtours .com
  14. 14. Safety and Environment HEALTH & SAFETY POLICY ENVIRONMENT POLICY it is the policy of SkyED to operate in such a way as to provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe & healthy environment for all of its guests & others that may be affected by its activities. RISK ASSESSMENT • Establish a Green Team to raise awareness across the Our itineraries are designed & trialled to ensure that business and develop sustainable initiatives. they conform to local regulations & are subsequently • Actively reduce by paper amended in the light of client feedback, operational by utilizing online communication. experience or changes on the ground that have a • Promote purchasing direct bearing on safety. which will give preference, as far as is reasonably practicable, to those 24-HOUR SUPPORT suppliers which cause the least harm environment. to the A SkyED Duty Officer is contactable via a mobile phone • Reduce water 24 hours a day. ll tour leaders & coach drivers will be consumption where given SkyED's telephone emergency contact number. reasonably practicable. • Promote energy efficiency in the plans for boarding SUSTAINABILITY and accommodation. • Promote effective methods of travel where SkyED recognizes its operations have an impact upon appropriate. the environment and as a consequence of this has a Green policy to promote awareness of environmental issues. www.skyedtours .com Experience a Lifetime Page 13
  15. 15. ENHANCE YOUR CURRICULUM AND CHANGE YOUR STUDENTS’ LIVES Name: Uru Malik University: University of Queensland, Australia College Study Tour: Emerging India Type: Private Tour “ I am writing to say a big thank you for all your support, time and effort that you contributed to an extremely successful tour. We had an incredible experience that we will remember for a very long time. I cannot imagine the amount of work required to make it the success it was, but thank you! Please pass on our thanks to the entire team who worked closely with myself and others over the past few months. ”
  16. 16. OPEN YOUR STUDENTS’ EYES to a new global perspective. SkyED Study Tours makes it easy for you to offer your students international experiences with our short- term study abroad tours—for the most affordable prices! EMERGING INDIA TOUR See page 6 for Sample Itinerary SkyED International Corporate Office: 163 Bank Enclave, 1st Floor, Delhi – 110092, INDIA Tel: +91 9999786190, 9953511987, 9811918828 Email: HIGHLY RESPECTED IN THE INDUSTRY * Terms & Conditions Applied