Scale your business not your budget


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Learn how you can easily scale your resources without incurring the high costs usually associated with hiring staff, by using Kaseya IT Services. During this webinar, you’ll hear Joe Axne of IT Guru discuss how he effectively uses Kaseya IT Services to maximize his time and resources, allowing him to focus on strategic business growth. Benefits of using Kaseya IT Services: Increase bottom-line profitability Provide 24x7x365 Monitoring and Management Eliminate the “noise” Exceed user service level expectations Scale without hiring staff or adding overhead Maximize the usage of your technical resources and focus your staff on higher-level support Extend your ability to provide a full range of IT service capabilities

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Scale your business not your budget

  1. 1. Scale Your Business Not Your Budget:Kaseya IT ServicesFebruary 18, 2013
  2. 2. ABOUT KASEYA Leader of IT Systems+ Founded In + 12,000+ Customers2000 Millions of assets managed+ Privately HeldNo debt, no external capital + Patented IT Servicerequirements Delivery Process 24 patents pending+ 33 Office WorldwideLocated in 23 countries + ITIL v2 & v3 compatible IT Service Best Practice Providing enterprise-class IT Systems Management for Everybody
  3. 3. Meet Our SpeakersWesley Chambers Joseph AxneKaseya Account Manager Owner, IT-Guruwith Kaseya since 2010 4 year IT Services user
  4. 4. KEY POINTS TO WALK AWAY WITH Work on your Immediate1 business, “NOT”, in your business 2 Scalability3 Make More! Grow your bottom line!
  5. 5. What is Kaseya IT Services (KITS)?Kaseya IT Services involves three important elements: people, process and technologyVirtual MonitoringYour first line of defense Your Kaseya Virtual Engineer will perform24x7x365 monitoring and asset inventorymanagement to ensure the health,availability and performance of your ITinfrastructures.Virtual ManagementA proactive approach Your Kaseya Virtual Engineer 24x7x365 willapply a proactive approach to managing andresolving IT issues before they have criticalimpact to your business.
  6. 6. Did you know?• Using our monitoring services you can reduce your total alarm volume by 30% o Only half of the remaining alarms represent time sensitive issues o Imagine getting notified prior to your customer calling?• Using our management services you can reduce your proactive tickets/alarms by 76%+ o Of the remaining 24% tickets, the majority require an on-site visit (turn a screwdriver)• Our services can get you to be 24/7 without hiring a single technician o Fully cross-trained technical staff without every having to pay for training, worrying about retention, and worrying about HR issues• Our services impact your profitability o Fix your operating costs. Know what each endpoint will cost you as your quote that new proposal and maintain your Gross Margins o Validate your business model in advance vs. waiting to year end, and realizing you miscalculated your costs
  7. 7. What does KITS offer? Projects and Tasks+ 2 Projects A Month + 25 Tasks A Month+ A project is a request that can be + A task is a request that can be completed within 6 hour window completed within 2 hour window+ Migrating Server + Assign user right/permissions+ Restoring Backup Image + Add AD user(s)+ Install proprietary application(s) on all + Schedule reboot of server and confirm necessary endpoints all necessary applications start-up
  8. 8. What are our Processes & Certifications? System Certifications Virtual Engineer Certifications+ IS0 27001 Certified + MCP + Microsoft Certifications (Exchange & AD) + CCNA + CCNP + ITIL + RedHat + VM Ware + Kaseya Certified
  9. 9. Utilizing the Kaseya Professionals Kaseya Best Practices+ Important monitor sets for servers or workstations+ Experience with 1000’s of endpoints+ Confidence in patch management+ Using Kaseya to the fullest
  10. 10. KITS Rate Card Description Workstation ServerVirtual Monitor(backup included) N/A $10Virtual Monitor + Patching N/A $15Virtual Management(patch & backup included) $6 $40Virtual Management +Kaseya Antivirus $10 $44
  11. 11. KITS Impact for IT-Guru• Quarterly one-on-one with customers• Key words customers use to describe IT-Guru• New business is generated due to word-of-mouth• Time gained for marketing activities
  12. 12. KITS Impact for IT-Guru• KITS enables Budget…Forecast…Planning• IT-Guru no longer lives in the Monitoring tab• Build process > Scale business > Delegate Responsibility
  13. 13. End of Year Promotion!KITS 50% OFF PROMOTION : Expires 3/31/2013+ Receive 50% off any combination of IT Service: Monitoring or Management+ Flexible Onboarding Dates: 5th, 10th, 15th, or 20th of the Month
  14. 14. KEY POINTS TO WALK AWAY WITH Work on your Immediate1 business, “NOT”, in your business 2 Scalability3 Make More! Grow your bottom line!