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How high-scoring students prepare for the LSAT. Learn about the structure of the LSAT and effective study plans. Provided by Next Step Test Preparation, the leader in one-on-one LSAT tutoring.

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LSAT Strategies -- Next Step Test Preparation

  1. 1. Introduction to the LSAT John RoodFounder, Next Step Test Preparation
  2. 2. • The LSAT in Law School Admissions • What’s On the Exam? • How Should You Prepare?888-530-NEXT John Rood
  3. 3. LSAT score and undergraduate GPA (UGPA) are the most importantfactors going into law school admissions LSAT GPA Importance Personal Letters of Education and Statement Recommendation Work Experience 888-530-NEXT John Rood
  4. 4. How is the test scored? • Raw score: number of questions right out of total (usually 99- 101) • Scaled score: 120-180 • Percentile rank Typical Score Conversion Typical Score Distribution Raw Score Scaled Score Percentile Rank 0 - 15 120 0% 37 140 13.0% 45 145 25.8% 55 151 48.3% 60 154 60.0% 70 160 81.0% 80 166 93.4% 90 173 99.0% 888-530-NEXT John Rood
  5. 5. “Ok, so what do I need to do to pass?” There isn’t a passing score. The higher your score, the better your chances of admission (and financial aid) at more prestigious schools For example, let’s say you wanted to go to school in Chicago: School 75% LSAT 25% LSAT 75% GPA 25% GPA University of 173 169 3.84 3.63 Chicago Northwestern 172 166 3.81 3.40 DePaul 162 158 3.57 3.11 Chicago-Kent 163 157 3.69 3.21 John Marshall 156 150 3.53 3.00 Source: 888-530-NEXT John Rood
  6. 6. How can you decide what schools to apply to? First question: Where do you have a good chance of being admitted? 888-530-NEXT John Rood
  7. 7. The results… It will be extremely difficult to “beat the numbers.” Most students apply to 5-10 law schools. Apply to a mix of “safe” and “reach” schools. 888-530-NEXT John Rood
  8. 8. Applying early can have big benefits Almost all law schools practice “rolling admissions.” There are more seats available in October than there are in February.888-530-NEXT John Rood 8 Next Step Test Preparation 888-530-NEXT
  9. 9. • The LSAT in Law School Admissions • What’s On the Exam? • How Should You Prepare?888-530-NEXT John Rood
  10. 10. What’s on the test? Each LSAT consists of four scored sections: 2 Logical Reasoning (25-27 questions each) 1 Logic Games (22-24 questions) 1 Reading Comprehension (26-28 questions) In addition, you will complete two unscored sections: 1 experimental section (random section type, not identifiable) 1 writing sample You’ll have exactly 35 minutes to complete each section. 888-530-NEXT John Rood
  11. 11. Reading Comprehension Like the ACT/SAT, except way harder. • 4 passages covering hard and soft sciences as well as the arts • 26-28 total questions • The challenge: answer choices are cleverly designed for you to get them wrong • Significantly harder than 5 years ago888-530-NEXT John Rood 11 Next Step Test Preparation 888-530-NEXT
  12. 12. Logical reasoning Half of your total LSAT score (!) • 2 scored sections, 24-26 questions of (generally) progressive difficulty • A variety of challenges, such as: • Strengthen the argument • Weaken the argument • Resolve a paradox • Find the logical flaw • Requires understanding not just of everyday or “informal” logic but also basic formal or symbolic logic888-530-NEXT John Rood 12 Next Step Test Preparation 888-530-NEXT
  13. 13. Logic Games How does a simple question about dinosaur toys turn into R M M __ __ (G, M, R, Y) this? S __ __ __ __ (I, L, P, S, T, U, V) I G I P Y P U V V U L and U  at least one not M888-530-NEXT John Rood 13 Next Step Test Preparation 888-530-NEXT
  14. 14. Work questions strategically The questions in any particular game are not ordered to the advantage of the student. 1. “List” questions 2. “If” questions 3. Rest of the questions except… 4. Rule Change Why is this so? 14
  15. 15. • The LSAT in Law School Admissions • What’s On the Exam? • How Should You Prepare?888-530-NEXT John Rood
  16. 16. Step 1: Take a free practice LSAT. How does your score compare to yourtargets? This test is provided by LSAC, the creators of the exam. Next Step licenses real LSATs for our students, but since this one is free we can’t reprint it here.
  17. 17. What skills do I need to build? Logic. Ok, and reading, and time management, and tolerance for pressure.888-530-NEXT John Rood 17 Next Step Test Preparation 888-530-NEXT
  18. 18. What materials should I use? Good question. • Only use real LSAT questions. This eliminates every book <$20. • A lot of distinctions without differences in prep materials • Any reputable prep company will supply you with great material • The foundation of your prep should be tests from LSAC888-530-NEXT John Rood 18 Next Step Test Preparation 888-530-NEXT
  19. 19. Ideal Prep Calendars Ideally, take 3-5 months to prepare for the exam. • 6+ months is too long – you will run out of material • Less than a month is not enough time to reach your top score As of today, it’s possible to study for the December 2012 LSAT – but you must start tomorrow and work VERY intensely (20+ hours per week). If you are planning to start school in Fall of 2014, plan for the June LSAT. Start studying in January or February. 888-530-NEXT John Rood 19 Next Step Test Preparation 888-530-NEXT
  20. 20. How Many Times Should You Plan to Take The LSAT?888-530-NEXT John Rood 20 Next Step Test Preparation 888-530-NEXT
  21. 21. How many tests should I take? Taking full tests or sections under timed conditions is probably the most effective means of studying for the exam. You wouldn’t consider yourself ready to take the test before you’d worked through at least 15 full tests, with at least 10 of those complete, timed tests. There are 61 real LSAT’s released, ~40 of which are useful. 888-530-NEXT John Rood 21 Next Step Test Preparation 888-530-NEXT
  22. 22. LSAT Prep Options Self-Study Prep Course One-on-One Tutoring • Lowest price (~$200) • Generally good • Study plan completely • Self-paced materials tailored • Focus on need areas • Schedules keep • Help identifying and students on pace fixing weak areas • Work on concepts until you understand them • Hard to know what • Lack of personal • Costs more than self- you don’t know attention study • Few resources to • Valuable time devoted • Fewer contact hours answer questions to unnecessary areas than a course • Score plateaus • Pace is never right • Cost more than a • Every point counts • High cost-to-value ratio course (until now)888-530-NEXT John Rood 22 Next Step Test Preparation 888-530-NEXT
  23. 23. Next Step Test Preparation provides elite LSAT tutoring packages starting at thesame price as crowded prep courses. • Incredible personal attention. Compare our one-on-one tutoring to an average class of 10-15 with classes sometimes reaching 25-30 students. Each student gets an individualized curriculum and learning plan – not a curriculum developed for average students looking for an average score. • Competitive prices. We can provide a complete course of one-on-one tutoring, including all materials, for virtually the same price as tuition in a crowded prep course. • Incredible instructors. Your LSAT tutor will be a veteran of LSAT prep – never a first-timer We provide a free consultation to any student interested in discussing LSAT prep.LSAT Prep Comparison (Payment plans available) Next Step Kaplan Princeton Review Instructional method One-on-one tutoring Class of 10-25 Class of 10-25 Package Price $1,399 (16 tutoring $1,399 (LSAT $1,249 hours and all Extreme) (Hyperlearning materials); 24 hours course) $1,999 Competitor rates from corporate websites; not guaranteed to be up-to-date or accurate for all geographies
  24. 24. Who Are These guys?We believe that the quality of our instructors sets us apart. Unlike many larger prep companies, we make it clear to studentswho they will be working with before we ask them to commit. Here is a sampling of our tutors (available to students anywherein the country working online).• Rob: 174 LSAT, 10 years LSAT teaching experience, Penn Law• Elana: 177 LSAT, 7 years LSAT teaching experience, Columbia Law• Peter: 179 LSAT, 15+ years of LSAT tutoring experience• Anthony: 176 LSAT, J.D. Georgetown Law Center• Michael: 174 LSAT, co-author of LSAT prep material Student Success “I got a 173 on the test, and I am so thrilled! It puts me in a great “I highly recommend preparing for the LSAT with Next Step! The position for the schools I want to go to. Michael really did a great lessons helped me strengthen my weak points and enabled me job preparing me and I went in much more confident. Working to better understand why I struggled with certain parts of the online was great, definitely helpful to use the online test. With my tutor’s help,, I was able to grasp the logic behind blackboard. I just got accepted to Harvard!” the problems and greatly improve my score.” -H., Virginia LSAT Student Talia, Northwestern "I would recommend Next Step Test Prep to anyone. After taking a course with [a national prep company] I was highly “The [popular prep course] program listed my strengths and unsatisfied. Instead of taking my needs into account [they] weaknesses, but didnt provide me with any advice for taught the classes with a one size fits all mentality. With Next improving them. My Next Step tutor gave me specific strategies Step I got a tutor who knew MY strengths and weaknesses. In and suggestions designed to help me overcome my weaknesses the end my tutor helped me create a test taking strategy and succeed on test day. He offered me advice based on my own specifically tailored at achieving my LSAT goal score of 163." experiences, rather than those of a generic ‘student.’” Emily, -Dan, Ohio State LSAT Student Indiana University Next Step Test Preparation LLC 888-530-NEXT
  25. 25. Next Step students have been admitted to:Harvard ColumbiaYale GeorgetownStanford George WashingtonUniversity Of Chicago American UniversityNorthwestern Chicago-KentMichigan Loyola ChicagoWisconsin AkronDuke CincinnatiCornell University of WashingtonNYU Washington University in St. LouisUC Santa Barbara PennUC San Diego UNC Chapel Hill Arizona And many more…Our students have earned scholarships up to full tuition + stipend – worth over $100,000 Next Step Test Preparation LLC 888-530-NEXT
  26. 26. Thank you for listening! Please contact me if you have any questions about the LSAT or law school admissions. John Rood 773-257-3391888-530-NEXT John Rood 26 Next Step Test Preparation 888-530-NEXT