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Berger ls 7e  ch 20 Berger ls 7e ch 20 Presentation Transcript

  • Part VII Adulthood: Biosocial Development Chapter Twenty The Aging Process The Impact of Poor Health Habits Measuring Health Variations in Aging
  • The Aging Process
    • Senescence
      • a gradual physical decline related to aging… happens to everyone in every body part but the rate of decline is highly variable
  • The Aging Process
    • Sense Organs
      • senescence varies from organ to organ
        • the five senses become less sharp…each organ loses some functions faster than others
          • changes in eyesight is the most obvious
          • losses occur in hearing
            • the loss of hearing associated with senescence often does not become apparent until after age 60
  • The Impact of Poor Health Habits
    • Overeating
      • too much eating combined with too little activity
  • The Impact of Poor Health Habits
    • Obesity
      • the leading cause of premature adult death
      • a worldwide epidemic, followed by diabetes
      • U.S. the global leader in obesity and diabetes
  • The Impact of Poor Health Habits
    • Obesity
      • weight-loss drugs urge caution
        • Phen-fen was found to increase the risk of heart disease
        • commercial diet drugs are additive and ineffective over time
        • other drugs upset the stomach
      • surgery
        • gastric bypass surgery which permanently alters the anatomy of the digestive system
        • death can occur
  • Variations in Aging
    • rates of aging vary, but they are not random…
      • gender
      • genes
      • ethnicity
      • income
      • education
      • location
      • lifestyle
      • culture
    • … speed up some aspects of senescence and slow down others
  • Variations in Aging
    • Gender Differences
      • In western society, senescence affects women more than men
        • small, superficial signs of aging, changes in skin, hair, weight, are noticed more in women. This is due to the influence of culture.
        • women age slowly, females live longer worldwide
          • twice as many in the U.S. by age 85
  • Variations in Aging
    • Socioeconomic Status (SES)
      • well-educated, financially secure people live longer, avoid chronic illness and disability, and feel healthier than the average person of their age, sex and ethnicity