Janet's Project 366 - Recording 2012 in Images

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Project 366, images, picture activities, lesson ideas

Project 366, images, picture activities, lesson ideas

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  • snow, freezing, icy, frost, dark, snow flakes, deep, windy, cold, arctic conditions, scary,
  • It’s a Smartphone!
  • Guess the idiomLet the cat out of the bagReveal a secret usually by accident
  • Guess the idiomBe full of beansBe very lively
  • Brainstorm time expressions within a time limitPersonalise the expressions
  • Choose any three images and write a short paragraph combining them in a story.Play noughts and crosses with images. Make up a sentence for each box.


  • 1. Ten Ideas for Exploiting Personal Images 5th Virtual Round Table 2012 Janet Bianchini
  • 2. What is Project 366? Why did I join this project? What is the benefit of posting a daily image? How can this help me in my teaching?http://janet-s-project-366.posterous.com
  • 3. Aim is to post an image a day for 366 days To challenge myself, and for fun! It keeps me on my toes It forces me to look out for interesting images  It will be a pictorial record of my year It will provide a useful bank of images to exploit in classhttp://janet-s-project-366.posterous.com
  • 4. Which blogging platform? Posterous It ticks all the boxes for the moment!!http://janet-s-project-366.posterous.com
  • 5. http://janet-s-project-366.posterous.com/
  • 6. Lesson Idea 1 Follow this road.....
  • 7. Name 5 things I seeevery time I go h........along this road bymotorbike / car m....... f...... o....... v.........
  • 8. vineyards hills olive groves fields mountains
  • 9. Lesson Idea 2a What’s the story?
  • 10. Lesson Idea 2b The Heart Who created this heart in the middle of a field? Why? When? How?
  • 11. Lesson Idea 3 What’s the problem?
  • 12. Giving AdviceIf I were you, I’d ..............You should .......................Why don’t you..................?Have you tried.................?You really ought to ..........
  • 13. Lesson Idea 4Housefor SaleWrite atweet in140charactersor less tosell thishouse!
  • 14. Lesson Idea 5The SharkHouseImagine youhave recentlybought thishouse.Why did youbuy it?What are yourplans for it?
  • 15. Lesson Idea 6 Jot down all the words that come to mind when you view this image.
  • 16. Lesson Idea 7 If only.. I wish..
  • 17. Lesson Idea 8 http://janetbianchini.podomatic.com/entry/2012-02- 22T09_55_13-08_00
  • 18. Lesson Idea 9 What other typical British thing is shown in the next slide? It could / may / might be.....
  • 19. Lesson Idea 9What’s inthe Box?You can askme up to 20questions tofind out whatis inside thebox. I canonly answerYES or NO.
  • 20. Teach Idiomsand expressions using your own images!
  • 21. Lesson Idea 9 To reveal a secret
  • 22. Lesson Idea 9 To be lively and energetic
  • 23. It’s Timehigh aftertime timeAt the From11th time tohour timeIn the In nonick time atof alltimeDoing Timetime flies
  • 24. LessonIdea 10Noughts &Crosses
  • 25. Janet’s Project 366
  • 26. A few links and resources on images to explore....http://aclil2climb.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/project-366-spring-is-in-air-so-let-fun.htmlProject 366 Sites Google Docs via Chiew Panghttp://sueannan.blogspot.co.uk/http://takeaphotoand.wordpress.com/http://www.flickr.com/photos/eltpics/http://infiniteeltideas.wordpress.com/http://lessonstream.org/browse-lessons/http://janet-s-project-366.posterous.com/
  • 27. Thank you for attending my presentation   @ janetbianchini http://janet-s-project-366.posterous.com/