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An Idiomatic Love Story


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An Idiomatic Love Story

  1. 1. FREDERICK AND ISABELLA: AN IDIOMATIC LOVE STORY Teaching Idioms Effectively with Web 2.0 Tools by Janet Bianchini 2011JANET’S ABRUZZO EDUBLOG
  2. 2. Chapter One -Taking The Bull by the HornsWalking along the deserted road in the gloomy fog, the lonely figure made its way wearilytowards the village in the distance. He hadnt eaten or drunk for days and he was feelingundernourished and parched. What would he find up ahead? His thoughts lingered as hetrudged slowly towards the looming houses.Having lost everything he owed on the horses a few days before, he knew he would have tostart from square one again. He was in the red, he knew it. He had blown everythingon one last crazy gamble on a horse race. He knew people would say he had lost hismarbles, but he didnt give two hoots about them.He came within sight of the main square of the tiny village. It was time to take the bull bythe horns.....2
  3. 3. Can you match the meanings below with the idioms highlighted in the story above? Chapter Two - The Return of the Lost SoulAs he approached the bar in the tiny Abruzzo village, he paused for a moment and savouredthe smells of cooking wafting across the terracotta rooftops. He was so hungry he could eat a horse, or a chicken or two. Coming towards him was the most stunningly beautiful cat he had ever set eyes upon. Thecats eyes bored into him and made him feel uncomfortable. He looked away, full of remorse.3
  4. 4. Bar Del Principe was within a stone’s throw away. He was absolutely penniless, without a bean to his name, but he was hoping the barmans daughter would take pity on him and forgive him, if he gave her one of his devastatingly charming smiles.4
  5. 5. He opened the door of the bar and walked in, slowly. The few customers drinking theirglasses of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine, stopped and stared, mouths wide open in utteramazement. It was as if they had seen a ghost. "Non e possibile!! Frederick!! Ma... che faiqui???? We thought you had been kidnapped, and then you had got involved with some badtypes. You were wanted dead or alive by the police and.... .....", their voices trailed off indisbelief.5
  6. 6. Frederick sought the eyes of the ravishingly beautiful Isabella behind the bar. She had justmade a fresh Tiramisu and Kaki jam, and was busily arranging the food on the counter.www.fodey.com6
  7. 7. Chapter Three - A narrow EscapeChapter Four - Broken-Hearted! I felt lost without you, Isabella. I thought about you night and day. I realised that my heart belonged to you forever. I was broke, down in the dumps and broken hearted. Then out of the blue, I hit the jackpot. Suddenly I had an amazing brainwave.7
  8. 8. Chapter 5 - In The Money!I set up a casino and I made shedloads of money. I put my shoulder to the wheeland amassed a great fortune. I’m in the money!!!www.dvolver.com8
  9. 9. Chapter Six - In a JamChapter Seven- Descent Into the AbyssAs I was falling rapidly down into the abyss, all I had on my mind was you, my love.9
  10. 10. Chapter EightThen suddenly I woke up. I realised it had all been a terrible dream, a nightmare in fact. Iknew I had to go back to the village to woo you back.So, my beloved Isabella. Do you still love me?? Do you still want me? Do you still needme??Will you forgive me? Will you take pity on me? Will you find it in your heart of hearts toforget my terrible betrayal??OrWill you give me the cold shoulder? Will you break my heart??? Chapter Nine - A Bad Ending?10
  11. 11. Chapter Ten – A Good Ending?11