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3rd Virtual Round Table Conference 2010: Fun with Phrasal Verbs


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3rd Virtual Round Table Conference 2010: Fun with Phrasal Verbs

  1. 1. 3rd Virtual Round Table 9th October 2010 By Janet Bianchini
  2. 2. Teaching
  3. 3. Go!Animate Link:
  4. 4. Link:
  5. 5. Xtranormal Link :
  6. 6. Zimmer Twins NB You now have to pay to display your animations
  7. 7.
  8. 8. ToonDo
  9. 9. Make Beliefs Comix
  10. 10. Wordle
  11. 11. What sweet phrasal verb is the lady whispering to the knight?
  12. 12. My darling, I must be off. I have to love you and leave you!
  13. 13. Marketing a T-shirt Ask students in small groups to create a phrasal verb slogan to place on this T- shirt. The class votes for the best slogan.
  14. 14. Can you come up with a phrasal verb slogan?
  15. 15. You’ll never wear me out! Don’t take me Try me on! off! Spice up your Look after me! life! Chill out with me! Check out my T-shirt! Stand out from the crowd!
  16. 16. Which phrasal verb? an alarm a party a bomb a friend an egg
  17. 17. an alarm a party can goes off go off well a bomb you can go goes off off a friend an egg can go off
  18. 18. be a ring/sound success no longer explode like someone become bad
  19. 19. Odd Word Out? Make up a story Make up my face Make up a mixture Make up attention
  20. 20. Sentence Stems
  21. 21. Guess the caption! ????
  22. 22. Looking after each other!
  23. 23. What’s the subject? get on / get off be worn out look forward to break down
  24. 24. Easy Rider
  25. 25.
  26. 26. True or False? Janet gets on this motorbike very often. She’s usually worn out after a long journey. She’s looking forward to riding on it again soon. This motorbike never breaks down
  27. 27. Find interesting headlines from online papers containing phrasal verbs!
  28. 28. Check in Log in Fork out
  29. 29. What’s the story?
  30. 30. Some Web 2.0 Tools Animations • • Images • • Cartoons • •
  31. 31.