Double page spread analysis


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Double Page spread analysis of three double pages spreads of music magazines.

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Double page spread analysis

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Analysis<br />
  2. 2. This NME double page spread is similar to most as they all normally follow the same conventions. The heading ‘Radar’, suggests that this is an insight into the lives and new music from a band. The band would be an Indie style genre as that is the main theme for this music magazine. The main image depicts the band as ‘nerds’ in a science lab. They may be causing trouble as the headline ‘Baddies’. This gives them a rebellious theme that people are attracted to.<br />The colour scheme is basic and simplistic. It attracts mainly a male audience as it is blue and black. The target audience of mainly males aged 14-21 will relate to these colours and this band All of the main quotes have a blue background to make it stand out from the white background. The text on these is white which also makes it bolder. The main pull quote is in the middle of the text supported by and image.<br />The main image is on the left hand side of the double page spread so it is the first thing you see when you turn over the page. The text supports the image and is quite small and wordy. This is because the image takes up most of the space to give the reader a break from constantly reading and breaks up the article .The secondary image shows the band playing, so that the audience can relate with them. The image also breaks up the text making it easier to read and make it look more attractive. <br />
  3. 3. This R&B magazine features The Black Eyed Peas. They are a huge Hip Hop band and are world famous. The colour features some gold and silver which portrays they’re important people and maybe this is a special edition magazine? The main lead singer Will. I. Am stands in front of the band. This signifies he is important and the main one this article will feature on. This is reinforced with the sub heading ‘Will He, Won’t He?’ The pun: ‘Will’ is to do with the lead singers name. Will. I. Am or William. The article we can assume is whether he will pursue his solo career or stay with the band who are lurking behind him. <br />The background is very plain and mainly white which gives a mysterious fell about it. The layout is unusual as not all magazines follow this convention. The gold represents good and the black represents bad which portrays that the article will be about Will.I.Am and not about the other band members. <br />A pull quote from the article is written in white text with a black background which makes it bolder and standout to the audience. This pull quote is usually humorous or contains important and relevant information about the person or people being interviewed. <br />The use of columns keep to the standard format of conventional music magazines. The band wear expensive jewellery and clothes to portray to the audience their riches. This makes the audience idolise them which is a good advertising campaign.<br />
  4. 4. This NME double page spread is different to normal. It doesn’t conform to the typical conventions of a music magazine. It does not discuss music of such. Instead it talks about ‘THE MEDIA’S REPORTING OF SWINE FLU IS AN ACT OF TERRORISM.’ The headline looks and has the affect that it has been taken from a newspaper as it has jagged ages and has a newspaper like font. The font is normal in the columns and conforms to the conventions of the magazine. However the pictures are scattered across the page, with big image with two band members, in turn enticing the target audience of the band, in this case, Indie. The names of people are in orange to allow people to see them easily and read about someone that they can relate to. <br />‘They want you to think Mexico is disease ridden and should be closed off’ suggests that the article is about disease and the stereotype surrounding poorer less economically developed countries are full of diesease. This article defends these countries using Mexico as an example sue to the history between Americans and Mexicans. <br />The images are of Mexican people and landmarks as well as one animal. The article shows that the media are using swine flu to scare the people and making the Mexican public feel as is they have released a world pandemic. This is not the case and that is why they say it is an act of ‘terrorism’. <br />