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Britney spears ‘i wanna go’ feminist
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Britney spears ‘i wanna go’ feminist


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Britney spears ‘I wanna go’
  • 2. Feminist view • Britney opened her top and showed her breasts to the ticket inspector to try to make him not give her a ticket.
  • 3. Feminist view • Random people take pictures of her walking down the street which shows that women are seen as objects.
  • 4. Feminist view • These two points show that females are treated like objects as pictures are taken of them as they do things like walk down the street. Britney showing her breasts to the ticket inspector could show that women have the power to use their assets to their advantage but it really shows that males main goal is a female and a ticket from the inspector is less important to the inspector than a view of her breasts.
  • 5. Feminist view • The man (that is driving) commands Britney to ‘get in’ the car • near the end of the video the man tells the press that the conference is over which shows that he is in control of the conference. • at the end of the video the man which puts his arm around Britney turns to the camera and laughs which shows he is in charge of her and he laughs about it because getting her was easy.
  • 6. Post feminist view • The start of the video is of Britney in a press conference in which the first question is from a man, another question is also from a man that asks her opinion on the way he looks. This shows that men are trying to impress women which is why he asks for her opinion.
  • 7. Post Feminist view • She also has the ability to swear at everyone in the press conference which shows that she has power over everyone else.
  • 8. Post feminist view • Britney spears has the ability to grab males private’s without any real consequences as apposed to a male grabbing a females bum which would be seen as a sexual harassment.
  • 9. Post feminist view • Britney brakes the camera mans camera after letting him take photographs of her.
  • 10. Post feminist view • Britney hits all of the camera men with a very long microphone.
  • 11. Post feminist view • Britney spears allows a camera man to take photographs of her as she poses for the camera, after a few shots she walks up to the camera man and brakes his camera which shows that she is in control of the situation and that she can do what she wants. Britney then hits all of the camera men that are surrounding her with a comically long microphone. Britney spears has shown both feminist and post feminist views in this music video.