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  1. 1. The Spiritual Science of Everyday Life www.spiritualscience.co.uk
  2. 2. Open Blind UnknownHidden Land of Serendipity – Unit 17 – The Land of Serendipity Window ♣ To explore a living connection with our own karma.
  3. 3. Known Not known to self to self Known to Open Blind others Unknown Not Land of Hidden known Serendipityto others♣ In the Open window can be ♣In the Blind window are thingsseen all the things you know other people know about you butabout yourself that others also of which you are unaware.know. ♣In the Unknown (Land of♣In the Hidden window are the Serendipity) window is yourthings you know about yourself motivation and potential future ofbut choose not to reveal to which neither you or others areothers. aware. It waits, dormant, until something causes it to be revealed.
  4. 4. Known Not known to self to self Known to Open Blind ♣ Anything you used to do that others you don’t do (could do) now? Unknown ♣ Do you under or over estimate Not Hidden Land of your abilities? Where do you look known Serendipity to others for encouragement?♣In the Unknown (Land of Serendipity) ♣ Significant things you’ve learntwindow is your motivation and potential that you were unaware of before?future of which neither you or others areaware. It waits, dormant, until something ♣ Ever been surprised by your owncauses it to be revealed. ability?“Its very good jam,” said the Queen.“Well, I dont want any to-day, at any rate.” ♣ Significant events– what I’m[said Alice] doing today is a result of...?“You couldnt have it if you did want it,” theQueen said… “The rule is, jam to-morrow and ♣ What have you done recentlyjam yesterday – but never jam to-day…Its jam that will affect the future?every other day: to-day isnt any other day, you ♣ A chance meeting or event –know.”„Through the Looking Glass‟ (Ch 5) Lewis Carroll(In Latin, „jam‟ = alternative spelling what happened? of „iam‟ = „now‟, ♣ Feelings of prescience? in past, present or future tense.)
  5. 5. Serendipity “They were always making discoveries, by accident and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of.” From Horace Walpole‟s description of a 16th c fable, The Three Princes of Serendip. How to account for a relationship between two apparently unconnected events?Probability Theory? Cognitive Dissonance? Too individual to be We try to explain away arepeated and verified connection because it makes us uncomfortable
  6. 6. “Synchronicity”? To realise who we are beyond what is apparent to our everyday self image – a process of what Jung called, “individuation” – is at the heart of Steiner‟s description of karma.Attuning with the A little karmic whimsy… (see Tickling Trout 22) “collectiveunconsciousness”? Suppose there are two people walking through life… Each has a number of experiences apparently unconnected… 3 2 1 3 2 1
  7. 7. “Synchronicity”? To realise who we are beyond what is apparent to our everyday self image – a process of what Jung called, “individuation” – is at the heart of Steiner‟s description of karma. Attuning with the A little karmic whimsy… (see Tickling Trout 22) “collective unconsciousness”? Then one day, there‟s a meeting, apparently by accident… Connect each of the points, exceptA „karmic line‟ results the numbered pairs… 3 – that is based on relationships. 2 1 3 2 1
  8. 8. Everyday consciousness enduring As our “I” meets with our arises from the “I” Formative stream our self interaction of our image of who we are is Formative and formed. Inspirational body intuition streams permeating the physical body. memorypast Formative body stream Inspirational body stream future ‘deep Our everyday self is yearning’ formed from the streamof the past, aware of time But we‟re usually not aware measured in seconds, of it – the moment we hours and years. perceive some thing, our The stream of our everyday thinking kicks inenduring “I” lives in the and we leap for a thought- ever-present. senses picture full of associations. “He who kisses the joy as it flies Lives in Eternity‟s sunrise” William Blake
  9. 9. As in an experience of the enduring Sometimes when we make a „whole thing‟, the person‟s “I” discovery, the serendipity can whole life appears before appear strange and „unreasoned‟ them as an ever-present because it‟s occurred when theexperience of their enduring intuition usual permeation of “I” – “tableaux memory” our four body streams is disrupted or loosened. memorypast Formative body stream Inspirational body stream future ‘deep yearning’ At such times, we might „catch the moment‟ We might remember with an everyday something purely in its “Aha!” feeling guise detached from (To behold, dwell with and the memory picture – be involved in that moment senses Déjà vu.in full consciousness, without Or, „remember‟ a feeling for„reaching for it‟, may emerge something from the future with The Game in Part 3. stream – far-sight.
  10. 10. Thinking, Feeling & enduring “I”Willing work in a constantstate of flux affected bythe fluid motion of our intuitionbody streams. When we‟re unconscious willing they separate altogether memorypast Formative body stream feeling Inspirational body stream future thinking ‘deep yearning’Our dream life is linked If their interplay with this loosening – or re-permeation isand consequently much severely disturbed, is not remembered. we become ill. senses “Was it a vision or a waking dream? Fled is that music – do I wake or sleep? John Keats, Ode To A Nightingale.
  11. 11. The essence of soul activity enduring If a yearning were to stream in is found in the interplay of “I” when the permeation of ourour Inspirational (yearning) body streams is loosened… stream and the flow of A feeling of „prescience‟ may intuitive „judging‟ or intuition echo – but not grasped with the „adjudicating‟ of our clarity of thinking. enduring “I” memorypast Formative body stream Inspirational body stream future ‘deep yearning’ But if the flow of our “I” is What we feel depends on how the „impeded‟ by its reflection in yearning is satisfied or resolved. our Formative stream… E.G. If the yearning is very strong or uncontrolled we don‟t hear any …or confused by our „adjudicating‟ – result: impatience. senses stream senses If balanced by the…reception of our adjudicating „present-everness‟ “I” is weakened – of our enduring “I” – result: doubt. impatience calms to hope
  12. 12. Play - ♣ The Ebb and Flow GameObject of the Game: To explore our soul activity while having a bath (you don’t have to be in the bath…) To approach our sympathies and antipathies, desires and aversions, with equanimity.
  13. 13. Play - ♣ The Serendipity GameObjects of the Game: To explore those times when we experience with utter perplexity why something happened or turned out the way it did. To experience a living connection with our own karma.
  14. 14. Like the Three Princes of Serendip… Serendipity can make known to us what We can be sagacious – was unknown. We can be aware that what develop a discerning, sage appears to happen bylike, wisdom of what threads accident can prompt choices weave through our life. about the future. The Matrix 3 2 1 3 2 1
  15. 15. Play - ♣ The Ageing Game (3) – The MatrixObject of the Game: To construct a matrix of life experiences To then see through the matrix and seek the interconnecting karmic threads..
  16. 16. What is past is past, it has been our fate,the consequences of which we experience in the here and now. It is also the backdrop in front of whichwe play out and determine our destiny or karma. “The future: times excuse to frighten us; too vast a project, too large a morsel for the hearts mouth. Future, who wont wait for you? Everyone is going there. It suffices you to deepen the absence that we are.” The Future by Rainer Maria Rilke