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  1. 1. The Spiritual Science of Everyday Life www.spiritualscience.co.uk
  2. 2. What Makes Sense? Unit 5, Part 2
  3. 3. Twelve Senses Empathy 12 11 6 10 5Hearing 9 4 Balance 8 3 7 2 s oul 1 Touch
  4. 4. We can foster the transformation of our sense perceptions and strengthen our capability for a thinking that takes place after sense perception but before the solidity of words formulates a thoughtand so feel a stirring of super-senses that would enable us to perceive „something more‟. When we recognise how our senses transform in our soul and work on their development, we develop, in our whole being. It is with our whole being, infused with our transformed senses, that we may perceive something more beyond our senses through sense-free intuitive thinking.
  5. 5. Our inside/ outside – Feeling -Our outside – Thinking mutuality– receiving the world Our inside – Willing Our outside/ – awareness of being inside – Feeling - mutuality
  6. 6. These senses help infuse our imagination with Feeling. To lift our „dreamy‟ feelings into a wakeful, clear imagination that we rememberis to help prepare our super-sense of…………… Imagination
  7. 7. We can measure wavelength, atmospheric medium, and electro-chemical reactions of the brain. But in all this we do not have the essence of the colour.There is a distinction between the sensory appearance of colour and its essential being. The eye is so curious, an extension of our brain stuff. With sight sense it‟s particularly difficult to separate what the eye sees from our perception of what we see.
  8. 8. The Dani people of New Guinea have only two words for colours: “mola” for light colours and “mili” for dark. Is colour is „trapped‟ in light and darkness nothing? The energy of darkness variously weakens the light.. The energy of light variously weakens the darkness.The eye interacts with the world, moderating, balancing lightness and darkness and so creating colour.
  9. 9. Phenomena of light and dark are invisible - we can‟t see them.The white and black we useare but images of them.Light and dark are extra-to-sensory,spiritual phenomena that permeatethe physical. Their interaction is expressed in colour.
  10. 10. Sharpened senses are important andmake a difference, like clean windows –so we clean them up… … look out the windowand may say to ourselves, „The world isas it is, I am what I am‟.Then we bump into some experienceand realise things are not always whatthey seem. Our senses transform in our soul and infused with our transformed senses, we can strengthen our capability for a thinking that takes place after sense perception but before the solidity of words formulates a thought
  11. 11. We are most „asleep‟ and unconscious in our Will. We feel its pulse but remain asleep to its force. Through these „insideawareness of being‟ senses we can strengthen our Will activity to behold the essence of something, remain at one with its inner being and help prepare our super-sense of……….. Inspiration
  12. 12. When developing our super-senses we arrive at a stage when we „let go‟. We wait in our content- less soul for that which is living in our Thinkingto approach us. These „receiving the outside‟ senses help prepare our super-sense of………… Intuition
  13. 13. ♣ The Sense Observation Game - Part2Object of the Game: To identify our twelve senses and ways in which they transform.♣ Take your time with this Game and fill in the memory bubbles as and when those “pesky creatures” emerge.♣ We continue with Touch, Empathy, Life, Thought- Picture, Movement, Phonetic-Tone, Balance, Hearing.
  14. 14. One with the Cosmos s oul Our senses are of the Cosmos -enable us to be aware of the Cosmos
  15. 15. Archetypal Awareness of … Empathy – WAKEFUL FREEDOM of Aries (Ram) 12 11 6 10 5Hearing SPIRIT- 9 4 Balance – POISEUAL EXPRESSION of 3 of Capricorn (goat) 8 s oulCancer 7 2 1 Touch RELATIONSHIP of Libra (scales)