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  1. 1. The Spiritual Science of Everyday Life www.spiritualscience.co.uk
  2. 2. - Unit 8 -Sylphs and Salamanders The Significance of Temperament for ourselves and the world
  3. 3. From around the change of first teeth, our memory can begin to connect our experiences into a storyline. A part of our inner world awakens with the unfolding of our Formative Body stream. Our experiences help shape our personality.
  4. 4. Personality…develops from our experiences of life - eg birth order, parenting, gender, significant events, social & economic matters, etc.Our personality of everyday memory.
  5. 5. Our Temperament…The particular qualities of our mood, colours our response to those experiences.Personality & temperament shapes and colours our character.
  6. 6. Our temperament is a blend of inherited and non- inherited qualities – Thinking endowed upon our presentearthly life as integral to our karmic development. The inter-related Feeling systems of our physical body give expression to the four streams of our being. Willing
  8. 8. Play - ♣ The Temperament GameObject of the Game: To describe your own, or someone elses, particular mix of temperaments within which the individuality is growing. (If you ‘resist’ this sort of Game, skip parts 1 & 2 and go straight to part 3.)
  9. 9. Our Rhythmic system Our Nerve-sensegives expression to system givesour “I” stream – expression to ourCholeric emerges Inspirational stream – Sanguine emergesOur Movementsystem givesexpression to ourFormative stream -Phlegmatic emerges Through the composite of physical substances and (Choleric … secretions - Sanguine? Melancholy emerges Difficult to discern?)
  10. 10. A Western Magical Wheel
  11. 11. Energy and growth EastMental/ Place of North South thethinkingforces heart West Physical seeing within A Native American Medicine Wheel
  12. 12. Intuition is perceived ‘out of the blue’ ‘irrationally’ as in no judging is involved IntuitionThinking is to Feeling is‘rationally’ mind somethingweigh up and ‘rationally’ Thinking Feelinglink ideas, weighed up –judge and pleasant orunderstand unpleasant? Sensation Sensation: the experience of our senses & ‘irrational’ as in it just happens Carl Jung
  13. 13. enduring “I” intuition judging soul soul memorypast Formative body stream Inspirational body stream future deep yearning senses physical body Rudolf Steiner