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  1. 1. The Spiritual Science of Everyday Life
  2. 2. The correspondences between processes of the outer world and of our inner world have become increasingly apparent to outward observation. But if we only observe and reason out these processes like a spectator,the conclusions we draw and associations we make can be misleading.
  3. 3. The Four-Fold Human Being Seeking out the „Residual Reality‟ permeating the „Apparent Reality‟ of our being Mapping the territory…N.B. “The map is not the territory”Alfred Korzibsky
  4. 4. enduring “I” intuition soul judging memory Formative body streampast Inspirational body stream deep future yearning senses physical body Rudolf Steiner
  5. 5. The Physical Body When we die, physical forces will cause our physical body to decay down to its most mineral parts. The physical body, like the physical body of a plant or my cat, is incapable of keeping itself intact.
  6. 6. Let our physical body berepresented by this self-enclosedcircle, but extending ready withsense organs to beholdimpressions.
  7. 7. The Formative BodyWhat causes the physical body to growinto a form and be „held together‟? But we cannot ordinarily perceive what forms and maintains these bits of matter nor what contributes to non-hereditary attributes.
  8. 8. A body of diverse formative forces – our formative body – moulds and permeatesIts forces living in its our physical body.own extending streamfrom the moment itsactivity commences.
  9. 9. The Inspirational BodyThe suffusion of life does not ofitself produce a capacity forsentience, awareness of whatwe‟re capable of sensing. Courtesy of Indiana University School Our awareness of Medicine, Department of of what is sensed Ophthalmology differs for each of us. The sensation that arises, for example, in the recipient of a cornea transplant will be a different experience to that once experienced by the donor.
  10. 10. Our inspirational body brings an awareness of what we sense as „happening‟ but isalso a stream of desires and aversionsthat inspire different human feelings. It is at once also that entity that emerges and radiates as soul.
  11. 11. The Enduring “I”– of who I amWhat distinguishes ahuman being froman animal is thecapacity and capability toovercome sensations of the soul. To develop and transform a yearning… To „become‟ through experience someone beyond the person they were… with an awareness that there is a story to those experiences…
  12. 12. To intuitively recall those experiences and connectthem into a story line…to realise the results of those experiences don‟t just disappear but endure. These capabilities flow into our soul, enriching its capacity, from a stream thatoriginates in the fourth member of our being –our own enduring “I”.
  13. 13. „Mapping the Soul‟ memorypast Formative body stream senses Memories live with us in the past like bacteria in physical body suspended animation. They approach from the past in the direction of the future
  14. 14. soul memorypast Formative body stream Inspirational body stream future deep yearningWhen our formative bodystream interacts with the sensesawareness of ourinspirational body stream A flow of inspiration and– consciousness arises, physical body desires/aversionsharnessing its instrument approaches from the– the brain. future.
  15. 15. The capacity for judging enters our soul as a force with enduring our “I”. “I” As it meets with our formative stream, which carries our memory, our self-image of who we are is formed. intuition judging soul soul memorypast Formative body stream Inspirational body stream future deep yearning Our “I” must swim senses ahead of this stream ofTo give expression to who memories and be awarewe are is like holding up of what it sees. So mya mirror in front of us – physical perception of who I am isto see what‟s behind us in body usually a reflected imagethe past. – my „self image‟.
  16. 16. Coming up…Memory and the Soul and the significance of our earliest memory