Organization Development and Culture Change Solutions from InspireOne


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InspireOne Solutions on Organization Development and Sustainable Culture Change initiatives

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  • Organization Development and Culture Change Solutions from InspireOne

    1. 1. Page 1 Organization Development Solutions
    2. 2. About InspireOne Our Global Partnerships Global Pioneer in Organizational transformation by Leadership Assessment & Development World renowned expert in Sales Development and Sales Force Acquisition & Evaluation for leading international businesses Global leader in Organization Development and Performance Enhancement with over 40 years of experience InspireOne enables organizations improve business performance by developing their most valuable asset - their people. Organization member of the Association for Coaching Page 2
    3. 3. Framework for Building Sustainable Organizational Capability and Effectiveness TMI’s 5 Box Model of Organizational Change Robust OD interventions go to the core of the business strategy Builds a differentiated proposition, emotional connection and tangible business results Should integrate and align the change across all elements that impact the culture of the organization These elements are indicated in TMI’s 5 box model below Strategy & Values Beliefs Aspirations Vision Direction Purpose Page 3 Signals Skills Structure Systems Behaviors Communication Attitudes Image Technical Behavioural Managerial Inter-personal Responsibilities Departments Titles Networks Procedures Mechanisms Information flow Policies Software applications
    4. 4. Organization Development Solutions Building a Customer Centric Culture- An Organization Development solution that ensures Customer Centricity becomes a pervasive value across the organization. Putting People First has been a Harvard Business School case-study and has enabled business transformation of various organizations worldwide. Branded Customer Service – An Organization Development initiative to ensure that the culture and service of the organization are in alignment with the brand. Based on appreciative enquiry approach this solution has helped many organizations bring their brands to life and therefore leverage the brand for creating sustainable and distinctive experiences in the minds of customers. Vision Deployment – An Organization Development intervention to ensure that the vision and values of the organization are agreed with, aligned and deployed across the organization. Employeeship Culture – An initiative that focuses on mobilizing everyone’s energy towards the success of the organisation. When all employees are deeply committed to the survival, growth and development of the company, the company can be said to have an Employeeship culture. Page 4
    5. 5. OD Solution Branded Customer Service™ The brand starts from within, then moves outward Branded Customer Service™ helps organizations to align their culture and service with the brand, thus enabling them to leverage the brand for creating sustainable and distinctive experiences in the minds of customers. Page 5
    6. 6. Branded Customer Service - Rationale  80% of purchases made are determined by feeling. So, if a certain brand gives the customers the feeling that they need, then they would purchase it every time.  Brand Equity and Brand Value are directly linked to customer loyalty which is impacted by the quality, uniqueness and consistency of interactions that a customer has with the organization.  The purpose therefore is to leverage the huge investments made in creating and communicating a brand by investing in inspiring, developing, rewarding and supporting people who would bring the Page 6 Brand to Life.
    7. 7. Our Framework and Roadmap to create sustained Branded Customer Service Phase 1: Ensuring that the Customer Service staff are able to deliver a Branded Experience. Phase 2: Creating a strong culture where everyone in the organization has a clear line of sight to the customer. Phase 3: Aligning all the 5 boxes to the brand and ensuring that brand is pervasive across the organization. Page 7
    8. 8. Delivering Branded Customer Service INVESTIGATION IDENTIFICATION STEP 22 STEP Defining the Defining the Desired State Desired State Page 8 INSPIRATION IMPLEMENTATIO N STEP 33 STEP STEP 44 STEP Design Design Development Development and and Customization Customization Equip Equip employees with employees with required required Attitude & Skills Attitude & Skills INTEGRATION STEP 55 STEP Embedding Embedding Culture Change Culture Change
    9. 9. AINVESTIGATION Operationalising Service Journey Possible IDENTIFICATION IMPLEMENTATIO INSPIRATION N INTEGRATION Tools OUTCOME: Understanding Enablers & Disablers in the existing culture Page 9
    10. 10. INVESTIGATION IDENTIFICATION INSPIRATION IMPLEMENTATIO N INTEGRATION Tools or Processes OUTCOME: Analyze the findings and Identify the Desired State Page 10
    11. 11. Sample Output of STEP 1 & STEP 2 : Diagnostic Findings across the 5 Boxes Strategy & Values Vision & Direction : • Growth • Be the no. 1, private player in India Innovation and Quality Transformation : • Build a Productive Distribution system Differentiation : • Position as a leader in providing long term life insurance solutions • Diversify distribution channel mix in new business • Own identified customer segments / product categories • Deliver a unique customer experience Signals Skills • Activity driven execution ability – high performance focus • Passion ate about org / work • Tactical focus – absence of compelling vision and alignment towards 1-2 common goals • Silos (lack of synergy Businesses /Corporate Functions) • Creativity & Innovation • Managing and driving change • Developmental culture • Functional knowledge • Task Management • Managerial Competencies (Review, Planning, Organizing) • People Management skills • Financial and Business acumen • Strategic thinking • Communication and Influencing skills Page 11 Structure • Flexible Structure basis Business Needs • Success of Project yet to be leveraged • High Attrition Systems/ Processes • System getting geared to focus on growth • Skill Building Trainings • Plan to leverage Technology systemically rolled out. • Performance Mgmt. Process • Review mechanisms
    12. 12. INVESTIGATION IDENTIFICATION INSPIRATION IMPLEMENTATIO N INTEGRATION Tools or Processes OUTCOME: Finalization of Solution, Design Development and Customization Page 12
    13. 13. INVESTIGATION IDENTIFICATION INSPIRATION IMPLEMENTATIO N Cascading change by engaging Change Champions Page 13 INTEGRATION
    14. 14. INVESTIGATION IDENTIFICATION INSPIRATION IMPLEMENTATIO N INTEGRATION Tools or Processes OUTCOME: Enabling all the stakeholders in the system to display, live and embed the desired on-brand behaviours Page 14
    15. 15. INVESTIGATION IDENTIFICATION INSPIRATION IMPLEMENTATIO N INTEGRATION Tools or Processes Integration Tools and Processes to embed and sustain the Desired State Page 15
    16. 16. “Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.” Johann Gottfried Von Herder How May We Inspire You? p: +91 11 412 72700 | e: | w: Disclaimer: This document contains confidential, proprietary or privileged information intended for use only by the individual or entity to which it is addressed. Unauthorized use, copying or dissemination of the information contained in this document in any manner whatsoever is strictly prohibited. 16