Imathia Presentation. English.


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A general presentation about Imathia in English.

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Imathia Presentation. English.

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  3. 3. About Us Imathia Construction is a civil Works construction company with interests in both the International and the Spanish domestic construction markets. We provide our clients with an innovative approach that combines technical capacity, deadlines management, economic strength and our commitment with quality, the environment and health and safety standards. We have built up the trust of our clients through successfully accomplishing contracts of all sizes and complexity. The experience and qualification of our staff makes us confident that we can rise up to any challenge regardless of its complexity and location. Imathia Construction provides its clients the added value of being part of the Imathia Global Group that offers engineering, transport consultancy and financial services. The combination of its know-how, experience, services provided by Imathia Global and the knowledge of our client´s needs, allow Imathia Construction to offer solutions that can comprise all stages of the life cycle of projects or a very specific tailor-made solution targeted to a very specific issue. Imathia Construction is the unit within the Imathia Group in charge of construction and civil works related activities. It comprises activities such as: • Roads and motorways - Construction - Maintenance • Railways - Freight logistic platforms - Passenger terminals - Commuter terminals - Intermodal transportation and platforms • Hydraulics - Waste management plants - Desalination plants - Purification plants - Pipelines for water supplies - Ports and river basins • Environment - Solid Waste Treatment Plants - Green Points - Recycling Plants - Hazardous waste          
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  7. 7.  Platform construction. High Speed Line Antequera-Granada. Section: Bobadilla Node (Antequera).Phase II. Málaga. SpainLocation: Antequera(Málaga). SpainStart Date: 26 Nov. 2010End Date: 03 August2012Budget: € 32,209,574.8Status: In progressOverviewThe section Nudo deBobadilla (Antequera),Phase II, has a length of6.15 km and runsthrough the town ofAntequera, in theprovince of Málaga.The proposed works involve the implementation of the platform of the High Speed Line Antequera-Granada. Inthis section there are junctions that allow the connection of Málaga and Granada at high speed. The projectincludes the necessary actions for the implementation of infrastructure works such as earthworks, drainage,structures, replacement of services and easements, and construction of cross connections to ensure patency of theline road. The new layout has been designed for high speed double track standard gauge and for exclusivepassengers traffic. It´s worth mentioning, as unique elements, the 74m. pergola on the Córdoba-Málaga HighSpeed Line and the 258 m. Viaduct over the Arroyo de Las Lomas, box section post-tensioned panel executed insitu. The Bobadilla Node is the key point of connection between the future Andalusian cross passage at highspeed, to which the High Speed Line Antequera-Granada belongs, and the High Speed Line Madrid-Córdoba-Málaga. It also represents an essential core at the joint of the rail network in Andalusia to the rest of thepeninsula.
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  10. 10.  A-30 Motorway enlargement. Construction of the third Lanecarriageway between Murcia and Puerto de la Cadena.Client      Ministry  of  Infrastructures,  Roads  &  Motorways  Division      
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