ISYS 363 Project 1 Part 2 : Patriots


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  • ISYS 363 Project 1 Part 2 : Patriots

    1. 1. ISYS 363Business Conferencing Software Comparison Fall 2013 | Section 01 & 02 | Patriots
    2. 2. Our Criteria Cloud Backup Feature. Strong Security and Privacy. Regular Updates. Multitasking Functions.
    3. 3. Our Expectations Reliable Service. User Friendly. Affordable Price. Available across various platforms and devices. High-Definition Image and Sound quality. Cloud Storage.
    4. 4. GoToMeeting Pros 1) “Share your whole screen - If attendees need assistance you can take control over their screen remotely. 2) Record your meeting sessions – including all phone and microphone audio. This helps to review the conversation and pick up any missed information. 3) Enable or disable features according to your company's security requirements. Track accountability with attendance reports”. 4) Clean and easy user interface allows attendees to communicate fast. 5) File sharing is also included.
    5. 5. GoToMeeting Cons 1) According to Robert Strohmeyer, PC World, “GoToMeeting gives you less functionality and supports significantly fewer users”, compare to other leading video conferencing software. 2) You can try it free, but the trial days are very limited. The basic plan, which does not include fancy features and recording starts at $19 per month or $182 per year for up to 5 attendees. 3) The most expensive plan starts at $149 per month or $1,428 per year for up to 200 attendees.
    6. 6. Adobe Connect Pros 1) Video conferencing integration: Leverage existing investments and integrate with existing video teleconferencing systems supporting SIP/H.264 (Tandberg, Polycom, PictureTel, others), and bring in-room video streams directly into web meetings.* 2) High-quality video conferencing: Enables participants to share unlimited webcam video streams into meetings at DVD quality with active speaker indication, to truly collaborate face-to-face with all participants.* *As described by 3) A teaching tool that provides learning and communication beyond the classroom, which is easy to use and accessible across the globe. Teachers and students can collaborate regardless of distance and time, thanks to the efficient integrated technology.
    7. 7. Adobe Connect Cons 1) William Fenton comments: “Cumbersome setup. No bundled call-in number.”,2817,2387818,00.asp 2) TechMediaNetwork reported that “There is a learning curve”, which means user needs more time to get used to the application. 3) Monthly subscription is expensive, costing $55 per month.
    8. 8. Fuzebox Pros 1) Audio Quality according to the reviewers have never sounded better and clearer. 2) Depending on the internet bandwidth, audio and video quality can be adjusted to provide smooth conferencing. 3) Supports any platform and devices. 4) Powered by cloud, so performance is improved and content sharing is much easier. 5) File sharing feature is available.
    9. 9. Fuzebox Cons 1) No specific application developed to make VOIP calls, rather user must download Skype application in order to use Fuzebox. 2) Have recording feature which is outstanding. 3) Fuze offers free for only a limited time. Subscription is necessary to continue the service: Fuze Enterprise plan, the most expensive plan available, will costs $20 per month.
    10. 10. Our Winner: FuzeBox ● Offers the lowest monthly price among our contenders. ● Like GoToMeeting, Fuze users can share the screen to their attendees individually without revealing personal information to other attendees. ● Like GoToMeeting, Fuze also has a recording feature that allows users to review their conference. ● Independent reviewers love Fuze’s sound and image quality. ● Easy to multitask during video-conferencing: share documents online, annotate, and edit the documents in real time. ● Fuze is available across various platforms and devices. ● Fuze interface is very easy and convenient to navigate. ● Fuze is reliable, secure and safe.
    11. 11. References GoToMeeting Adobe Connect Fuzebox Third-Party Reviews,2817,2387818,00.asp,2817,2388678,00.asp