Social networking for beginners


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This presentation provides some high level thoughts about social networking and social media as it pertains to local Rotary clubs.

There is also a bit of information on how to use social network sites.

Slideshare evidently did not like the embedded videos.

Slide 7 is How To Sign Up for a Facebook Account: please go to to see that video

Slide 9 is How To Make a Rotary Page in Facebook. The video can be accessed via link:


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  • Making the invisible connections of relationships visible
  • More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years ~
  • Who wouldn’t want to join Rotary if they knew about all the facets & stories about us…Naturally want to share the purpose.
  • Don’t let the fear of public information prevent you from using social media.
  • Social networking for beginners

    1. 1. Social Networkingfor BeginnersRotary District 5170District Assembly / Rotary UniversityMarch 31, 2012 Edward Niu Rotary Club of San Leandro 510.592.4351
    2. 2. Agenda• What is Social Networking?• Why is Social Networking Important for Rotary? • Intra-Rotary Communications • Connection with Local Communities as well as Global Reach • Increase Membership• How to Use Social Network Websites• Action Plan• Evaluations
    3. 3. What is Social Networking?• Social Networks are the online platforms whereby people can connect with others through interests, backgrounds, activities.• Your connections are not limited to those that you know.• Major social networks include:
    4. 4. What is Social Networking?Real Time Many-to-Many Communication Channel
    5. 5. Is Social Media the Same?• Social Media encompasses Social networks• Not all social media should be considered social networks• Examples • YouTube • Blogging• One-to-Many Communication with Interactivity
    6. 6. Rotary Use of Social Media• Why is Social Networking Important for Rotary? • Intra-Rotary Communications – Immediate & Recorded • Connection with Local Communities as well as Global Reach • Increase Membership – Remove the Mysterious that is Rotary• Share your club’s accomplishments, news, awards, announcements, etc. • Great for intra-club communication • Allow for community to see what Rotary does• 6 degrees of separation is now 4 due to Facebook• Each Rotarian has a significant sphere of influence• Actualize the purpose in joining Rotary.
    7. 7. How To Use a Social Network• Post Content • Do so on a regular basis (daily if possible, weekly @ minimum) • Attention Grabbing• Adding Friends • Email Database • Astonishing Social Network Algorithms • Active Search• Building a Profile • People want to know you, your interests, etc. • Add Only What You Deem Public (Birthday? Phone? Address?) • If you feel uncomfortable, don’t share • Aim for transparency of your personality, not information
    8. 8. I Built It, Now What?• Have Club Rotarians ‘Like’ The Page• Have Friends ‘Like’ The Page• Whenever you post an update to the Page, everyone who Liked the page, sees the update.• They can Like, Share, or Comment the update if they wish.• Share – shares post with all their friends [Viral content]• Posting meaningful content will draw attention.
    9. 9. Action Plan• Choose one social networking site and sign up for free account• Make your first post, if not personal, then about Rotary• Add friends (that you know) to your social network• When stuck, access help – online and/or offline • Help centers • Google or Youtube • Family, Friends, Rotarians, Co-workers, etc.• Create a Rotary Page for Your Club – Ask People to Like the Page• Develop your profile & examine your privacy settings• Add other social networks as you feel more comfortable
    10. 10. Evaluations• Your feedback is vitally important.• Take some time to write your evaluations before moving on to your next session.• Thank you for your attendance and participation!
    11. 11. Contact Info If you have expertise, interest, or connection in social media, please contact me. Edward Niu Text EDNIU to 72727 510-592-4351