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Snapshot of Mobile Technology - An extremely broad brush view of some of the mobile technology, apps, websites, companies and issues driving the mobile industry.

The issue of privacy is one that will continuously reappear with the amount of personal data online.

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  • Board of Directors of San Leandro with Arlene Lum
  • Cell phone will eventually replace wallet
  • of worldwide cell phones are now smartphones -
  • Gowalla purchased by Facebook Dec 2011
  • Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile IsisGoogle Wallet
  • Computing Power still growing faster, memory similar trajectory (Moore’s law) – bottleneck is transmission
  • CAAEN Presentation 1-31-12

    1. 1. Snapshot of the Mobile Landscape Edward Niu 510-545-3511 Text EDNIU to 72727
    2. 2. Who Is Ed Niu?  Princeton/U of I EE  Marketing 2001  ILN Opened 2007  Mobile in 2010 Rotary Social Media Chair / ACE Committee Board of Directors of San Leandro Chamber
    3. 3. What We’ll Cover Today...  Information OVERLOAD Age Niche Knowledge & Sharing Networks  Survey the Mobile Landscape  Mobile, Social, Local (MoSoLo)  Privacy Concerns  What does the Future hold for Mobile?  Q&A
    4. 4. What Are Mobile Devices? Cell phones, Smartphones, iPads, Gaming Devices, ebook readers (Kindle, Nook) Mobile devices are everywhere. Mobile phones are here to stay.
    5. 5. Don’t Leave Home Without91% of Americans have their cell phone within 3 feet of themselves 24/7
    6. 6. Did You Know?  Population 6-7 billion 8,000,000,000 7,000,000,000  Cell phones over 6,000,000,000 5 billion 5,000,000,000  Wired Internet users – 4,000,000,000 less than 2 billion 3,000,000,000  80% of Americans 2,000,000,000 have cell phones 1,000,000,000 0  20% of US households World Population Cell Phone Internet Users are mobile only SubscriptionsThere are 3x the number of mobile devices than desktops
    7. 7. Game Changer iPhone Combined Techologies:Phone, Text, GPS, Camera, Apps,Internet, WiFi, MiFi, etc. June 2007 iPhone Released Late 2008 1st Android OSPhone End of 2011: 40% of allmobile phones in the US, wereSmartphones!
    8. 8. More Impressive Stats…  Google Announced that they are activating 700,000 Android devices a DAY!  250M Android devices now (up 50M since Nov)  37M iOS Devices in 4th Qtr 2011  315M iOS devices total
    9. 9. Super Trends Converge Mobile Technology Social Networking & Social Media Local Search / Shopping
    10. 10. Local Searches / ShoppingMicrosoft stated that 53% of itsmobile searches have local intent. People are using mobile to search for purchases & then SHARING results Search engines / Shopping sites have mobile versions to better service mobile users
    11. 11. The Big Four: Google 2011 Focus  Android Handsets & Marketplace  Google+ (62M users)  Google Places, Personalized Search Privacy Policy in the News Google Alerts
    12. 12. Mobile Advertising Advertise on Mobile Websites & Embedded App Advertising Uses Pay Per Tap Model like Google Adwords Google Purchased AdMob for $750M in 2010 9-30-11 – Google shifts mobile ads more to Adwords/Adsense Mobile Advertising: $1.6B in 2010 year in US
    13. 13. The Big Four: Facebook “My sense is that mobile devices are inherently social… [mobile devices are] already filled with your contacts and your friends, and they also have access to your location.” -- Facebook CTO Bret Taylor Facebook Has a Great Mobile Version Why Do They Need a Mobile App?
    14. 14. The Big Four: Amazon Kindle & Kindle Fire Streaming Video Cloud Services  S3 & AWS App Store for Android Price Check App
    15. 15. The Big Four: Apple Most Valuable Company in the World Attention to Detail & Innovation Hardware & App Driven Stringent Quality Controls for Apps
    16. 16. Mobile ApplicationsiPhone now hasabout 600,000apps in its AppStore Android growing faster, has about 500,000 apps
    17. 17. Social Gaming  Zygna: Social Gaming  Keas : Social Gaming in Healthcare  Reminders annoyed workers  Co-worker competitions  Eat more vegetables  Walking around the office
    18. 18. Social Mobile GPS ServicesSocial Gaming of “Check-ins” Location-Based Social Networks Compete with Friends Unlock Special Badges Privacy Issues (GPS) Get Special Deals from Businesses
    19. 19. Other Risers? Yelp  Flipboard Photos:  Bump  Pinterest  Instagram  Music  Foodspotting  Pandora  Spotify
    20. 20. Privacy in Digital Times
    21. 21. Privacy in Digital Times Google’s Recent Privacy Policy Update Facebook Demographic Database Mobile App Access to Data Privacy Personal Responsibility Trust but Verify, Look out for each other Share, knowing others are watching
    22. 22. What Lies Ahead…
    23. 23. Mobile Payments
    24. 24. Mobile PaymentsTake Credit CardPayments on YourPhone with
    25. 25. Near Field Communications Magic Wand Payment System Swipe Your Phone to Pay Examples – PayPass & Starbucks Google Wallet launched Sept. 19, 2011 - Nexus S 4G on Sprint - Citi Mastercard or Google Prepaid Card - San Francisco & New York
    26. 26. Augmented Reality (AR) The Ultimate Mobile AppIt Combines… Today’s Computing Power in Mobile Devices The Use of the Camera The Use of GPS
    27. 27. Augmented Reality (AR)
    28. 28. Lit San Leandro San Leandro – one of only 3 cities in Bay Area to have access. Fiber Optic Ring 288 Fibers 180 channels per fiber 10Gbps / channel
    29. 29. Some Final Thoughts… Mobile Tech Allows People to Interact and Socialize Beyond Normal Human Communication. Re-Think Privacy  To share or not to share The Next Great App or Service is waiting to be created.
    30. 30. Q&A Edward Niu Text EDNIU to 72727 510-545-3511