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Naast ondersteuning in werving & selectie, vindt u bij ons een aantrekkelijk productenpakket op het gebied van Assessment & Development.

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Hays Assessment & Development

  1. 1. Hays specialises in recruiting andselecting professionals. As one ofthe leading global recruiters Haysprovides you with the expertiseyou are looking for. Over and aboverecruitment & selection, we alsooffer an attractive Assessment &Development product package.Accomplished psychologists* and coaches test andaccompany your employees; delivering optimum humancapital.Assessment & DevelopmentDoes your first-rate engineer also excel as a team leader?Do your trainees also possess management potential?We are on hand to answer any questions you may haveregarding human inflow, transfers and outflow. HaysAssessment & Development introduces you to employeecompetencies that determine your organisationalsuccess. Our personal approach is unique. Our qualifiedpsychologists* provide practical advice on:• Assessment• Coaching• Management Development• Mobility Check“I enjoy working with HaysAssessment & Development as it’sflexible, gives expert advice and isanalytical.”Marlon de Jong, Personnel Advisorat Van Lanschot Chabot.hays.nla clear view on talenttrust an expertAssessmentOn paper the candidate seems right for the job, but whatabout their personal skills? Can the candidate handlestressful environments? We use our comprehensive toolkitto get to the bottom of these types of questions. Ourfindings are presented in a clear, concise advisory report.Selection assessment Ascertaining whether a candidate is suitable for a specificposition.Determining potential Understanding the candidate’s capacity for growth withina specific position.Development assessment Obtaining a clear picture of the candidate’s developmentwith regard to a specific position within your organisation.Strength–weakness analysis Gaining insight into a candidate’s strengths andweaknesses, and understanding how the latter can bemanaged.Career orientation and development The employee learns more about their interests andcompetencies, giving them a clearer idea of the careeropportunities open to them.* affiliated with the Dutch Professional Association of Psychologists(NIP)
  2. 2. CoachingLooking for a sparring partner to help you developfurther? Is one of your employees held back bypersonal stumbling blocks? Our coaches providepractical advice on how to initiate self-awarenessand change. Our coaching service entails personal,intensive supervision. Our experienced career coachescreate an atmosphere of openess and trust, whichhelps to go further in understanding behaviouralbackgrounds. A clear approach to employment relatedissues.Management DevelopmentInvesting in the management level? Looking toimprove the link between your managers’ personalgoals with your organisation’s goals? Together wecan initiate a process whereby management developson both an individual and organisational level. Acustomised development programme can for examplecomprise a combination of assessments, coachingprojects and the 360° feedback method. We providesupport throughout the competency managementphases, enabling teams and individuals to develop totheir very best.Mobility CheckAre you required to bid farewell to employees, butare looking to provide them with support? Hays canhelp with a Mobility Check: a compact assessmentto replace the standard outplacement. Professional,practical and focused advice provided by an expertcan help better prepare your employees for the jobmarket. This will increase their chances of finding anew, appropriate job quickly.Hays Assessment & Development• Professional advice, practical input• No waiting lists• Clear, concise reports• Excellent personal contact• Expert occupational psychologists• Extensive office network• Online opportunitiesContactH.J.E. Wenckebachweg 2101096 AS AmsterdamT: +31(0)20 3630310E: assessment-development@hays.nlCharles Stulemeijerweg 195026 RS TilburgT: +31(0)13 4686669E: assessment-development@hays.nlhays.nl