Graphite Availability and Market Requirements by Fabrizio Corti


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The presentation Graphite: Availability and Market Requirements as given by Timcal's Fabrizio Corti at the Graphite Express Conference in Toronto, ON.

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Graphite Availability and Market Requirements by Fabrizio Corti

  1. 1. Graphite: Availability and Market RequirementsDecember 6th, 2011
  2. 2. 1. Graphite World2. Graphite Markets3. The Big Challenge
  3. 3. 1. Graphite World
  4. 4. The Graphite World Graphite 2.5 M ton/y Natural Graphite Synthetic Graphite 1 M ton/y 1.5 M ton/yAmorphous Flake Powders Bodies 600 kton/y 400 kton/y > 100 kton/y (Electrodes) < 1.4 M ton/y
  5. 5. The Graphite World Natural Flakes Synthetic Powders 400 kton/y > 100 kton/y kton/yOrdinary Special Processed Primary Secundary Flakes Flakes Naturals Synthetic Synthetic Powders Powders (Scraps)
  6. 6. 2. Graphite Markets(or at least some of them…)
  7. 7. MarketsRefractories Typical customers in this application group:& Metallurgy • Metal Producers: use Graphite as re- carburizer • Refractory Producers: use Graphite in Bricks, Monolithics, Crucibles Products used by these industries: • Natural Graphite Amorphous and Secundary Synthetic Powders are used as Recarburizer • Natural Graphite Ordinary Flakes are used for Refractories and Crucibles
  8. 8. Markets Typical customers in this applicationEngineering group:Materials • Producers of Carbon Brushes, Powder Metallurgy & Hard Metals, Friction parts and Foils (often linked to car industry) • Producers of Lubricants, Catalysts, Synthetic Diamonds, Pencils,Ceramics. Products used by these industries: • Natural Graphite Special Flakes, Processed Natural Graphite Powders • Primary Synthetic Powders, some Secundary Synthetic Powders
  9. 9. Markets Typical customers in this applicationMobile group are Producers of:Energy • Primary batteries: Alkaline, Zn-C, etc. • Rechargeable batteries: Li-ion, NiCd, NiMH, Lead-acid, etc. • Fuel Cells • Super-Capacitors Products used by these industries: • Processed Primary Synthetic Graphite • Processed Natural Graphite Powders • Graphite Water-based Dispersions
  10. 10. Markets Potential customers in newNew & Future applications:Applications • Producers of Thermal Conductive Polymers • Producers of Super Capacitors • Producers of New Carbon Materials like Fullerene, Nanotubes, Graphene • etc. etc. etc. Products likely to be used by these industries: • Processed Primary Synthetic Graphite • Processed Natural Graphite Powders
  11. 11. MarketsIn few Just a tiny part of thewords… graphite produced on earth is suitable for the high end markets of today … …and just after complex production processes!
  12. 12. MarketsIn few For the high end marketswords… of tomorrow, a carbon precursor (natural or primary synthetic or other) will be needed… …but in any case just combined with complex production processes!
  13. 13. 3. The Big Challenge
  14. 14. The Big ChallengeThe big challenge is about having the “appropriate processing technology” for the most promising future markets….
  15. 15. The Big Challenge … and just in a second priority about having “access to the appropriate carbon precursors”
  16. 16. The Big Challenge Just being a precursor producer is not enough to be successful in the high end graphite markets of tomorrow!!
  17. 17. The Big Challenge Of course, if you own appropriate and diversified graphite precursors reserves and you know about processing technologies… …you are very well placed!
  18. 18. Timcal PlantsManufacturing Plants
  19. 19. About Timcal Mine in Canada, LDI Exploitation of the present PIT nr. 12 (the second since beginning of operations) will finish during H1/2012 Overburden of next PIT nr. 6 is already done Exploitation of next PIT nr. 6 will start H2 /2012 Following PIT nr. 2: ready to be exploited Ongoing exploration on southern part of LDI field, in order to define additional reserves for the future (after 2018-2020)
  20. 20. Timcal ProductsTimcal: a FullSpectrum Primary Synthetic Conductive Carbon Black Graphite: • Granulatedof Products and • Isotropic & Anisotropic • PowderServices • Coarse, Medium, Fine, Ultra Fine Cokes • High & Very High Purity • Coarse, Medium, Fine Natural Flake Graphite Water Based Dispersions • Flake • Purified • Expanded • Expandable • High Crystallinity • Coarse, Medium, Fine Ultra-fine • High Purity
  21. 21. A member of IMERYSA Member of IMERYS:transform to perform
  22. 22. Summary• owns natural graphite reserves andalready mines natural graphite in Canada• owns a plant to manufacture primarysynthetic graphite powders in Switzerland• is the only one to be in a position tooffer both natural and primary syntheticgraphite powders
  23. 23. SummarySummary• knows already technologies whichenable the supply thousands of tons/y ofhighly processed graphite grades, bothnatural as well as primary synthetic• has the full support from IMERYS tofurther develop its reserves, its capacityand its processing technology for bothnaturals and primary synthetics
  24. 24. December 6th, 2011