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The February 2010 issue of The Digital Conglomerate Magazine
includes public relations and marketing professionals, financial advisor Ric Edelman, DJ ILL WILL,
and business technology specialization company president Bret Smith of
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The Digital Conglomerate Feb 2010

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  10. 10. Ms. PR Diva is very much of a Diva in networking and marketing her clients successfully so I especially wanted to know who were some of the individuals that she has worked with in the past? Ms. PR Diva answered, “All the clients that I am working with now are all current clients. My past clients were Lady Don, and Ryder . My current clients now are: McKlezie of Grind Mode, Empress Raw, Wasi, Pretty Hustlaz, and Siah. I am adding more to my roster in the near future.”<br />Ms. PR<br />By: The Consultingguy<br />I had a chance to interview Ms. Jada Kemp also known as Ms. PR Diva and must say that it was a very interesting and exciting experience. Ms. PR Diva is a very likeable and professional public relations specialist with a special niche for promoting her clients through online and internet resources. Ms. Kemps’ companies are named PR Diva Associates and Grind Mode Entertainment.<br />With a wide range of networking skills it was hard to imagine that Ms. Kemp would be limited to only marketing music and entertainment clients, so Ms. PR DIvawhat is your PR specialty? Ms. Kemp answered, “I don't have a particular speciality, because my clients consists of music artists, models, writers, and producers. I wanted to have a variety of clients in different fields, I feel that brings versatility to my company.” Have you ever had a client that was hard to work with? Ms. Kemp answered, “Yes there were two artists that were difficult to work with, and I had to part ways with them.”<br />Her style is obviously unique, but I had to ask her what makes her PR style better than the rest of her competition? Ms. PR Diva answered, “My P R Style is in sync with my character and who I am as a person. I am easy going, laid back, and very hard working, and I tie all that in with the work I do for my clients. I am able to go out and network and handle my business accordingly. I stay humble and focused. P R work is all about being a people person and networking.”<br />
  11. 11. I also wanted to get some insight as to where did she see her business going in 2010? Ms. Kemp stated, “I see my business going to the next level and expanding my offices nationwide, and my staff as well. I see more clients, and representing businesses and other entities as well.” Ms. PR Diva is also versed in working with other associations and public relations entities as she stated, “also do promotions, event planning, marketing, and also I am a freelance Writer for Da Streets Magazine.”<br />Ms. Kemp A.K.A. Ms. PR Diva is very enthusiastic about getting results for her clients and I was curious to know in what ways does she like helping her clients the most? I also wanted to find out how does she feel when she knows she has done a good job for them? Ms. PR Diva answered, “I like helping my clients the most by being there for them. My clients I have now are more like a family to me. We all get along well, and understand each other. We communicate great, and are all on the same level.” Ms. Kemp also aims high and is clearly a results oriented professional as she stated, “An accomplishment I am aiming for right now is to obtain maximum exposure for my clients outside of their home towns.”<br />Proper support has always been an important factor to me that will ensure success. I wondered how does Ms. PR Diva balance it all between family and work? Ms Kemp answered, “I have a great support system within my family. I put my kids as top priority and center everything else around them. My motivation is my family.”<br />Ms. PR Diva, Jada Kemp has a strong motivation to achieve her goals and has not let haters get in her way as she stated, “I really do not have any haters, and if I did I haven't noticed or even care to. It truly doesn't bother me, and it will not stir me away from my goals or achieving success.”<br />
  12. 12. actually downright shady (offering advice that conflicts with tax laws). We got fed up and decided to learn how to do it ourselves, with the goal of sharing what we’d learned with others. That led to the formation of our financial planning firm.”<br />Moving right along with the questions I also wanted to find out what makes his financial advising style different from others in the profession? Mr. Edelman answered, “Many have told us that we have a common-sense approach. Too many advisors rely on a ―textbook approach that might seem to work on paper but is not practical in the real world. By focusing on the client and their attitudes, backgrounds, fears and desires, we tailor recommendations that make sense for each client and thus are achievable.” <br />Ric Edelman – Superstar Financial Advisor<br />By: The Consultingguy<br />I had an opportunity to interview 2009’s independent investment advisor of the year according to Barrons magazine Mr. Ric Edelman. Mr. Edelman and his profession was of particular interest to me due to the fact that I first began my career in marketing as a personal financial analyst. Mr. Edelman is bringing the financial advising industry to a new level with his weekly radio broadcasts that are aired on syndicated radio stations throughout the United States. Mr. Edelman brings to the table a common sense approach to giving financial advice, anyone can understand and make sense of his analysis. Mr. Ric Edelman obviously has a very busy schedule and I was very surprised to see that he had time to be interviewed for this article inside The Digital Conglomerate Magazine.<br />In recent years financial advisors have been getting a bad wrap about their practices toward clients. I wanted to know what made him want to become a financial advisor? Mr. Edelman answered, “My wife Jean and I were searching for a planner for ourselves and on a referral got involved with someone who turned out to be too expensive, tooinexperienced and<br />Not everyone can afford pricy financial advice, so what do you do if a potential client can’t afford your services? Mr. Edelman stated, “We provide a substantial amount of pro bono services to the community. Many firms have $500,000 or $1 million minimums — if you don’t invest that much, they won’t accept you as a client. We are more interested in helping people become millionaires than in helping millionaires stay that way. We have never turned anyone away who asks for our help and is willing to do what we recommend — regardless of whether they can pay our fee.”<br />
  13. 13. Mr. Edelman is also very versatile with the way he markets his services. His goal “is to help improve financial literacy among all Americans. To reach as many as possible, we rely on all forms of media – broadcast, electronic, print, seminar, and private meetings. Different people prefer different formats.”<br />Mr. Edelman has achieved high levels of success and accolades within the financial industry and I was especially interested in finding out what would be the best next big step or achievement he would like to accomplish? Mr. Edelman answered, “But the thrill we’ve never known is the thrill that’ll get you when you get your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone. Seriously, we don’t do this for the achievements. It’s about helping people achieve their financial goals.”<br />Being a former financial professional also got me thinking about what area of finance would be the most interesting to talk about? I asked Mr. Edelman what was his favorite financial area that he likes to talk about, stocks, estate planning, annuities, ect.? “Mr. Edelman answered assertively, “None. I prefer to talk about you — your goals and dreams, risks and fears, your current situation and how you got here. That way, we can craft a plan to help you get to where you want to go.”<br />
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  22. 22. So DJ ILL WILL what inspired you to become a DJ to the underground hip hop community? With a cool response DJ ILL WILL answered, “I first became inspired around the mid 80’s, when Latin Freestyle and House Music were big on the scene. I was always at parties rocking to the sounds of DJ’s Double J and Lefty spinning on the one and two’s. Another inspiration to me was DJ Red Alert’s mix shows when he used to play the hottest old school Hip Hop and R&B on 98.7 kiss fm and 107.5 the magic both New York Radio Stations. I then managed to save some money and put together DJ equipment and went public. As a teenager back in the mid 80s, I did numerous house parties in Lakewood, NJ and had an opportunity to DJ at a club which became the highlight of my DJ career. I used to spend quality time making Mixtapes, and I mean Mixtapes (no CD’s) old school style for families and friends to enjoy music mixed by me.”<br />Most times it is very hard to be noticed when a company just starting out has to overcome obstacles, DJ ILL WILL stated that having to move and relocate several time was a major obstacle. Having to overcome financial obstacle has also given DJ ILL WILL the determination to press on and move forward.<br />Tell me some of the artists you have worked with in the past? “In my opinion of well known, I have worked with Artist’s such as Choo Biggz, Trife Dat, T. Parris, Amo 1, and Cashmere at open mic’s and show cases in N.Y. and N.J. Artist such as C. James, Choo Biggz & Phil Blount I have put together mixtapes were I hosted and promoted their music. All my mixtapes has been posted on DatPiff, a well rounded site for mixtapes promotion,” DJ ILL WILL answered.<br />DJ ILL WILL<br />By: The Consultingguy<br />I first noticed DJ ILL WILL and ILL <br />entertainment after bumping into <br />an old client from CT. in early 2009. DJ ILL WILL definitely has the professional mindset and desire to help underground hip hop stars reach their full potential. I had time to sit down with DJ ILL WILL and ask him a few questions regarding his work in the entertainment industry.<br />Well DJ ILL WILL what does keep you going? DJ ILL WILL stated, “The love that I have for music and the people in the industry. I’m impressed with a lot of Major Music Artist’s and their hard work, but I find myself most attracted to unsigned and indie Artists. They also have a lot to offer and usually go unheard. This gives me the inspiration to pursue my DJ career. I hope to play a role in helping more Unsigned and Indie Artist’s work their way up to the top.”<br />
  23. 23. I wanted to know a little bit more about his marketing style. I asked DJ ILL WILL what should people look out for in the future in regards to artists and performers? DJ ILL WILL answered, “I have recently put a social site together named iLL Entertainment. In there I have created a group called Spin it or Toss it. My ultimate goal is to make iLL Entertainment along with Spin it or Toss it a site to promote good music and potential unsigned/Indie Artist. I look forward to meeting and connecting with other DJ’s who can see eye to eye with me and help me pursue growth for Artists on the same path.” When are you available to do shows and events? DJ ILL WILL stated, “Whenever an opportunity arises and I am able to fit in my schedule. I’m always distributing business cards to people out in the streets or by word of mouth informing them that I DJ. I always refer people to or to<br />I especially wanted to zone in and find out how DJ ILL WILL takes advantage of his multicultural niche. I asked him which audience do you feel your style appeals to? Are you open to expanding to other audiences? DJ ILL WILL answered, “I appreciate music in general, but I especially enjoy hip hop and r&b. I have a thing for Open Mic and Showcases. I am open and available to a Latin crowd as well.” So what is the next level? DJ ILL WILL stated, “I would like to be recognized for my hard work as a DJ, and expand my career as a promoter and marketing. I would also like to see iLL Entertainment grow as a number one site for unsigned and Indie Artist. Maybe if times permits it, I would like to attend school for music engineering and production.”<br />