North Western Nanotechnological Center
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North Western Nanotechnological Center



Team Finland: Luoteis-Venäjän teollisuuspuistojen esittelytilaisuus Pietarissa 23.4.2014 ...

Team Finland: Luoteis-Venäjän teollisuuspuistojen esittelytilaisuus Pietarissa 23.4.2014
презентация индустриальных парков в Санкт-Петербурге 23.4.2014



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North Western Nanotechnological Center North Western Nanotechnological Center Presentation Transcript

  • 2 LOCATION OF THE NORTH-WESTERN NANOCENTER 25 кm 140 кm 30 кm 44 кm 30 кm 25 кm 3 кm KAD St. Petersburg St. Petersburg port Pulkovo airport Ust-Luga port Pushkin Pavlovsk Gatchina city center Leningrad region 4 кmFGBU «PIYAF» FGBU «PIYAF» NORTH-WESTERN NANOCENTER Gatchina city center St. Petersburg Ust-Luga port Pulkovo airport
  • 3 BRIEF INFORMATION OF THE NORTH-WESTERN NANOCENTER Management company: OJSC «Lenoblinnovatsii» Specialization: • development of startups in nanotechnology area, R&D, transfer of obtained products into the production; • renting out of office and industrial premises; • sales of plots with engineering communications for industries with 5 class hazard. Form of participation (buy, rent): • office premises: 3 315 m2 rent – 500 RUB/m2/month • industry premises: 13 500 m2 rent – 300 RUB/m2/month • enginereing prepared plots: 11,1 Hа buy – 2 000 RUB/m2 Reserved by residents: 700 m2 office and 2300 m2 industrial premises Engineering readiness (electricity, heat, water, telephone, internet): according to technical terms: electricity 5 MW, heat 1 Gcal/hour, water 150 m3/day, fiber-optic cable network. Leningrad region View slide
  • 4 ENGINEERING CAPACITY OF THE NORTH-WEST NANOCENTER Engineering communications and pipelines will be laid up to the plots` boundaries Electric power 5 MW Heat supply 1 Gcal/hour Water supply 150 m3/day Wastewater 150 m3/day Engineering limits according to technical specifications: Leningrad region View slide
  • TRANSPORT ACCESSIBILITY OF THE NORTH-WESTERN NANOCENTER Leningrad region 5 By car from St. Petersburg: 7,5 кm Pulkovo highway until Volkhonskoe highway, then straight 9,3 кm Kievskoe highway, then straight 8,2 кm а/d Р-23, after straight 740 m Leningrad highway until abandoned gas station on the left side (gas station borders with searched territory). By train: from Baltic railway station St. Petersburg, Luga direction to “Tatyanino” station. By Bus: №18, 18-а, 100 from Mayakovskaya metro station, 19 stops to a stop on Leningrad highway, then 400m work in the opposite direction to abandoned gas station. St. Petersburg Gatchina city center
  • Leningrad region Industry buildings 2 560 m2 Cleanliness class ISO-8 «Clean room» 1 280 m2 Cleanliness class ISO-4 Engineering prepared land plots 11,1 Hа 2-d stage of construction 11 520 m2 Office center В+ 5 000 m2 6 KPP (check point) Parking places 420 INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE NORTH-WESTERN NANOCENTER
  • St. Petersburg – 4,9 Mio people (30 кm) Gatchina – 95 thousand people (0 кm) Pushkin – 93 thousand people (25 кm) POTENTIAL STAFF Leningrad region 7
  • OFFICE PREMISES Leningrad region 8 Office premises are offered for rent with class B+ , area of 40 m2 Rent price – 500 RUB/ m2/month, including operational costs Scheme of a typical floor (828 m2)3 315 m2
  • INDUSTRIAL PREMISES Leningrad region 9 Scheme of a typical industry building (1280 m2) Industry premises are offered for rent with cleanliness class ISO-8, area from 150 m2 Rent price – 300 RUB/ m2/month Engineering capacity for a typical building (electricity, heat, water): according to technical terms: electricity 0.5 MW, heat 0.15 Gcal/hour, water 7.7 m3/day
  • EGINEERING PREPARED LAND PLOTS Leningrad region 10 Plots with engineering communications are offered for sale with area from 0.5 Hа. Purchase Price – 2 000 RUB/m2 Engineering capacity for 1 Hа: (electricity, heat, water): according to technical terms: electricity 1 MW, heat 0.45 Gcal/hour, water 24 m3/day Total area: 11,1 Hа
  • • Excellent transport accessibility and logistic terms • Opportunity to rent office premises (class В+), industry premises (ISO-8), «clean room» • Hazard class of placed industries - V • Quick start of production based on already prepared infrastructure • Availability of potential staff in St. Petersburg, Gatchina, Pushkin. NORTH-WESTERN NANOCENTER – A COMPLEX PREPARED FOR SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Leningrad region 11
  • Pikalevo Industrial park 12Leningrad region
  • Location of Pikalevo Industrial park 250 km 250 km 41 km 3 kmSaint Petersburg (5 million inhabitants) Novgorod the Great (220 thousand inhabitants) Тikhvin (58 thousand inhabitants) Pikalevo (21 thousand inhabitants) 25 kmBoksitogorsk (16 thousand inhabitants) 270 km Cherepovets (315 thousand inhabitants) 13Leningrad region
  • I - phase (rent: 200 rubles per m2) Characteristics of Pikalevo Industrial park Total area: 15 ha (3 ha at the first phase) Total production area: 15 360 m2 (3 840 m2 at the first phase) Heating boiler station (2,2 Gkal per hour) II - phase 14Leningrad region
  • The first phase of Pikalevo Industrial park Total area: 3 ha Total production area: 3 840 m2 Distance to Saint Petersburg: 250 km Transport accessibility: electric trains – 388A, 392A, 390A from Ladozhsky train station in Saint Petersburg to Pikalevo station; regular buses - from bus station in Saint Petersburg to Pikalevo Resources: • Electricity – 1.2 MW • Heat supply – 2.2 Gkal per hour • Gas supply – 12 500 000 m3 per year • Water supply – 160 m3 per day • Waste water disposal – 160 m3 per day Workforce: population of Pikalevo, Boksitogorsky district Hazard class: 4- 5 Form of participation: lease, purchase Residents: light industry companies 15Leningrad region
  • OJSC «Lenoblinnovatsii» develops: • industrial parks • technoparks • business incubators • engineering centers North-Western Nanocenter Gatchina 17,4 Hа Industrial park «Morozovka» 100 HаVillage n. Morozov Sole shareholder of OJSC «Lenoblinnovatsii» is Leningrad region, represented by Leningrad Regional Committee of State Property Management. Тosno 110 Hа «Tosno» Industrial park Pikalevo 15 Hа «Pikalevo» Industrial park 16Leningrad region
  • Thank you for attention! Economic development Agency of Leningrad region telephone: +7 (812) 644 01 23 e-mail: fax: +7 (812) 644 01 23 Innovation agency of Leningrad region telephone: +7 (812) 644 01 24 e-mail: fax: +7 (812) 644 01 24 Front-office Administration of Leningrad region for investor relations 17