As media research assignment for school magazines


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As media research assignment for school magazines

  1. 1. AS Media Research Assignment For School Magazines. By: Farzana Begum
  2. 2. What are the specific codes and conventions of a magazine? <ul><li>A Masthead : The title used by known typography to make the readers become familiar with what magazine they are reading. Main Image : image of a leading artist's or band's within the music genre of the magazine, to attract audience. Strap line : Seen as an introductory headline below the main title (the masthead), to give an insight to the magazine and what it is about. Top and Bottom Strip : These are the strips below and above the magazine that give further information to what may be included in the magazine. Mostly being the interesting parts of the magazine. </li></ul><ul><li>Pug : ‘The ears of the magazine’, can either be at the top left or/and right-hand corners of the front cover. The prices of the paper, the logo are positioned there or even a freebie is placed there to catch the reader’s eye. When the reader is to open the magazine it is likely that they are too see the pug this of which can aware them on the positive aspects inside the magazine. </li></ul><ul><li>Tag : This doesn’t have to be on the front cover but I believe that it makes the magazine more efficient as the word or phrase is used to engage a reader’s interest in a story by categorising it e.g. ‘Exclusive’, ‘Sensational’, this showing that the magazine has high compliments. </li></ul><ul><li>Cover lines : The essential articles inside the magazine are stated through sell lines, these are regularly seen at the right hand side of the cover. Left Third: The left third contains the main feature article (Exclusive interview or ‘Puff Piece’), as this is the core part of what may be inside the magazine. It also includes the main artist or band situated within. Barcode/Dateline & Price : A dateline in which the date of publish and the price are shown, the barcode is just the importance of the retailer. Key light : Usually highlighting the main artist or featured lines, (Coming from the left hand side onto the right). </li></ul>
  3. 3. School Magazine Front Cover - 1 Main Heading (SMS) – Stands for the school name. Which shows that its a school magazine. Catchy in use of the style and font. Readable, bright colour, simple to attract The audience. Colour & Font – The style of font is simple but there is a different font for every word . Bold writing for main writing such as the heading, this is because it can increase the effect of simple words. Colour used are yellow & green, because its bright and stands out to the audiences. Background – As the background is of a School it portray the image that is study and will attract the younger audience who are in school or college. Main Image – Image of a school girl, Mid shot, to show her school clothes. She's looking straight at the camera . Audience will know that the magazine is to do with school by looking at the main image Because she holding books, folders etc. Photography – Some of the photography used is original and not edited to show the true essence of the school.
  4. 4. School Magazine Contents Page - 1 Main Image/Background – Main image is set as the background. A group of school girls behind the school/college which relates to school, work, fun and school life. Topics – The topic are simply and normally presented. Using short and straight forward word that children age that age group will understand. showing what page the topic are in. Sponsors – At the bottom showing what they are sponsored by, that’s every effective because real school magazines will have them at the bottom. That is an advantages for the magazine because they have tired to make it looks as professional as possible. Overall Layout – The overall layout of the contents page is really simple, the disadvantages of the contents is that is not really eye catching to appeal a good amount of audience, the logo at the top of the contents page is effective and shows that it is a school magazine. The font used on the word “contents” is bold and it stands out from the background.
  5. 5. School Magazine Front Cover - 2 Headline - The master head is small, short and Simple yet effective through the use of the colour red. The headline stands for the college name, its very straight forward and simple to understand. Subheading – From the subheading like “ hunting for a job?” & “time to move on” gives the audience an idea on what the magazine is about. It is very effective to use questions as a subheading because it makes people think and try and answer the question. Main image – Image of a school girl looking down at her work. From this picture I can tell that the girl is stressed out because of her exams or she's in college and she's looking For a job. It’s a mid-shot of the girl showing The picture up to her hips. And show that you can see the books to show that it is a school magazine. Background: is plain royal blue to make the main image stand out, its also makes the red writing stand out more and makes it easier to read. The person must of used dark blue because its easier to grab audiences attention. Photography: All the images are originally taken of the girl, the pictures look realistic because they are not edited. Its also looks good because she never used the same picture twice, but instead she put 4 different pictures to do with same genre. Barcode/issue & Date- There is no bar code and issue on the magazine, maybe because it’s a school magazine and they don’t get sold. But she has got the date on the magazine left Hand corner, every small and hard to read.
  6. 6. School Magazine Contents Page - 2 Main image – The main image is of a school girl, from the image you can tell that the girl is having fun at school, you can tell this from the smile in the image and reveals the happier side to school life. By the contents page, it helps the readers connect and relate to the situation that the girl in the image is in and the reader might be feeling the same way. Topics – The topics mentioned in the contents page, are related to school and college life. There’s a good amount of information under the topic describing what the topic is about and what page is it at. This can help the reader decide what to read first and know what subject is on what page. Overall layout – The overall layout of the contents page is really eye catching and the font used for the topics stands. the underline and different colours for the title (topics) helps it easy for the readers to which is very effective. Background – The background has been made by using two colours blue and white, which gives a good effect and make the main image of the student stand out in the left side of the page giving a high key lighting onto the page. Title (Heading) - the title is short , big and straight forward giving the impression of that the college about there education and studies, underlined to show that it is important part of the whole magazine.
  7. 7. School Magazine Front Cover - 3 Main Image – A image of a school girl looking directly at phone, image taken at a mid shot angle, the image has been edited and used in the background as well, which makes it effective because its blurred and gives it a 3D effect with makes it stand out. Headline – The headline is big, short and simple yet effective through the use of the colour dark purple because it stands out through out the light purple in the background. Strap line – From the subheading like “ Your school. Your paper. Your say” gives the audience an idea on what the magazine is about. its very effective words making the readers think. Them words show that the magazine is about school, exams. It is very powerful to use words as a subheading because it makes readers think. Background – is bight purple which goes good with the main image and make it look unique and professional including the burly image behind the main image makes it look 3D which makes it look like a real school magazine. It easier to grab and persuade the audience to pick the magazine up because its bright and is a attractive colour. Barcode/issue & Price- There is no bar code and issue on the magazine, maybe because it’s a school magazine and they don’t get sold. But she does have the price in the left hand at the top, to show how much the magazine cost if any students or maybe teachers want to but the magazine.
  8. 8. School Magazine Contents Page - 3 Background – Same colour used of the front cover to show that its to do with he same magazine, bright and has pattern which may grab the readers attention and would want them to change page. Topics & Title – In different colour for all topics, very girly. Poor choice of colour because cant really use what's written. Good amount of information about the topic but forgot to add the pages number so the reader wont know what page is what topic. Title is big and easy to read and the readers will know that it is an contents page. Main image – Original photograph taken herself for the magazine. Edited the picture it purple to match the background, attractive to appeal the younger audience . Overall layout – The overall layout of the contents page is really eye catching and the font used for the topics stand. The website at the bottom is good because it shows that if they didn’t get enough information on the magazine or they never found what they was look for they could go on the website and look for what they was looking for in the magazine.