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  1. 1. Story boardsIn order to ensure that this final storyboard will be a success, I decided to analyze it as i would with any real music video. Farzana Begum.
  2. 2. As you can see my music video starts with the main artistwalking through the door, I want this simply done , as I wanther to walks right through the camera, and then her backtowards the camera of a very long shot, this is to show theaudience what she is wearing as this covers the RnB codes andconventions of fashion, she is wearing a tight hot pink andblack dress witch leggings and matching black shoes. The colorshe will be wearing have been chosen by me deliberately asthey emphasize my artists feelings, black present the darknessshe is in as she is having problems keeping her marriagetogether. In other words, from the start of the music video Iwill try and show the audience what the video is about, as I willtry and prove this by making her walk tiredly when she iswalking through the hall way to show that she is tired of life,and everything she is going through.This is then followed on by her walking up the stairs, towardsher bedroom, as then she finds a note stuck on her door whichsays her name on it. This is to show the audience, who is goingto sing the main song, which is her, the artist. which was fromher husband, however normally the next footage will be of herreading the note, which I don’t want her to do, as I want theaudience to wonder what was written on that note.As she then opens the door, we then find out this is followedby her lip-syncing that introduces the artist into the scenario,as it dissolve into a flashback five minutes later, this mayconfuse the target audience, therefore to not get themconfused the flashback will be in black and white to emphasizeit is from the past, something that she is imagining andreminiscing while she is singing the song. This is clearlydemonstrated within the Raxstar music video - ‘Jaaneman’.The flashback are laid out as 2 minutes each and then put backto the artist singing, this is simply because I do not want tobore the audience, by putting all the flashback together and allthe lip-syncing scenes together, therefore I have mixture thescene to give some excitement to the music video and myaudience when they are watching it.
  3. 3. The first flashback is recorded in the bedroom, to emphasize thelove, however the story line is twisted as the female artist istrying t get her husband’s attention, however he doesn’t seemso bothered and is not interested as he is too busy reading abook. even though the female artist tries her hardest to get hisattention, where their is a point she gives up and throws apillow at him, and tries to run away, before she could he tries tograb her hand and bring her closer, the camera will be zoomedonto the hand to show the love. Lastly my featured artist pushesher husband and runs away.. this will be done on the part of thelyrics were it says ‘so sad, you’re hurt..’ which emphasizes thathis hurt when she pushes him onto the bed.This follows on when the next shot is of her lip syncing again,this time in a different room which is the kitchen to show thetypical stereotypes of an female in a marriage relationshipalways being in a kitchen, the lyrics fit in as she tries toemphasize that her husband is not caring for her, this will comeback around as he will be the one that regrets loosing her.
  4. 4. After another flashback starts, as they present and are an evidence to show why she decides to leave him at the end, they show that she has been abused, constantly hurt and isolated, as one of the flashbacks show, the husband on his laptop, just came back from work, and she enters the room asks if he wants coffee, he told her nothing and to leave, later she tries comforting him however he tells her to get out the room, this then leads to an argument were they are screaming and shouting at each other. I want my camera movement to be chaotic to emphasize the anger and hatred between them, as then she cant take it anymore and leaves the room with force.The camera is now cut to reality again, as she is sitting at thecorner of a sofa, waiting for her husband, as they planned to goout and enjoy the night and try and work some issues out, shelooks at her phone and is very frustrated as her husband hasnot called her, this shows that she is now tired of waiting. Thisscene is only 10 seconds long, however it is very important asthis is the part of the video, she decides that she wants to leaveher husband.The camera transitions used in the next few scene are mainlyzoom in and out, this is to show the facial expressions on myfeatured artist, after she left the room, the camera haszoomed in onto my artist ready to leave, it shows her ringwhich she is planning to give back to her husband, thereforethe camera zooms in and out of the ring. After this, thecamera shows a long shot of my female artist, and if younotice at this point she would have changed her clothes, this isto emphasizes that she is leaving all her old things behind topresents her past, and the tears she had dropped for the loveshe deserved. She slowly walks through the hallway, to showas she walks she is walking away from her past and walkingcloser to her future.
  5. 5. when she leaves, her back is towards the camera, as she shutsthe door right onto the camera, and then the camera draws tothe ring left on the table for her husband to see, which showsthat she has left his life forever, as she cannot take anymore ofthe pain.
  6. 6. To end the video, it was important to leave a message, and it wasas the husband walks into the house, him seeing the ring andgetting all worried as he realizes what he has lost, his wife. thecamera shows his facial expressional as he walks into the sittingroom, and sits down, showing the ring to the camera, as thecamera ends up to a black background to show that the musicvideo has ended.