Movie songs musica de peliculas (songbook)


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Movie songs musica de peliculas (songbook)

  1. 1. udgetbooks MOVIL 76 Songs from 78 F i l m s , including City of Angels - The L i t t l e Mermaid -I!:4 - Mr. Hollands Opus Moulin Rouge - Notting H i l l - - Raiders of the Last Ark Sleepless in Seattle Titanic -
  2. 2. CONTENTSA l l f o r Love Funny Q i r lThe Three Musketeers Funny GirlAlmost Paradise Q i r l TalkFootloose HarlowAlso Sprach Z a r a t h u s t r a , Qo t h e DistanceOpening Theme Hercules2001: A Space Odyssey Qodzilla - Main ThemeTheme from Angelas Ashes (Opening T i t l e s )Angelas Ashes GodzillaBaby Elephant Walk Theme from "Qoodbye, ColumbuswHatari! Goodbye, ColumbusBless t h e Beasts and C h i l d r e n A Quy What Takes His TimeBless the Beasts and Children She Done Him WrongCinema Paradiso Hands of TimeCinema Paradiso Brian s SongColes Song I Say a L i t t l e PrayerMr. Hollands Opus My Best Friends WeddingCome Saturday Morning I Want t o Spend M Lifetime yThe Sterile Cuckoo Loving YouCome What May The Mask of ZorroMoulin Rouge I f I Had WordsCruisin BabeDuets I1 Postino (The Postman)The Crying Qame I Postino 1The Crying Game IrisD You Know Where Youre o City of AngelsQoing To? Jailhouse RockMahogany The Blues BrothersThe Dreame Theme from "Lawrence of ArabiawSense and Sensibility Lawrence of ArabiaExhale (Shoop Shoop) Legends of t h e F a l lWaiting to Exhale Legends of the FallThe Exodus Song Les PoissonsExodus The Little MermaidThe Firm - Main Title Lets Face t h e Music and DanceThe Firm Follow the FleetFor t h e F i r s t Time The Look of LoveOne Fine Day Casino RoyaleThe Friendship Theme 164 A Love Before TimeBeaches Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  3. 3. ALL FOR LOVE from Walt Disney Pictures THE THREE MUSKETEERS Words and Music by BRYAN ADAMS, ROBERT JOHN "MUTT" LANGE and MICHAEL KAMEN Moderately (not too fast) n5 When its love you give - (Ill be a man of good - (I swear Ill a1 - ways be - (Ill be the fire in your i 1 a I I A a I I r r I I I I I I I I I J J faith.) then in love youll live. - (Ill make a stand. I wont break.) strong.) then theres a rea - son why. - (Ill prove to you we be - long.) night.) then its love you take. - (I will de - fend, I will fight.) G 111 be the rock you can build on, - Ill be the wall that pro - tects you - Ill be there when you need me. - 0 1993 Wonderland Music Cornpanv. Inc., SonvIAlV Sonas LLC. K-Man CorD.. Badarns Music Ltd. and Zornba EnterDrises. inc WondernandM L c corndany, ,nc, to0 5 Bbena Vlsta Street. B ~ r b a n kCA 91521 ~ . All Rnghts on benalf of Soriy/AlV Songs C.. K-Man Corp and Baddrns Mus~c .td Adrnln~lleredby Sonv/AlV MLSICP L ~ snnna. 8 Music S a ~ a r e West hashv~, Th 37203 e. All Rights Reserved u i e d by ~ermission
  4. 4. for one and all for love.
  5. 5. CINEMA PARADISO from CINEMA PARADISO Music by ENNlO MORRICONESimply, with feeling 0 1988 EM1 GENERAL MUSIC SRL All Rights Controlled and Administered by EM1 APRIL MUSIC INC. All Rights Reserved International Copyright Secured Used by Permission
  6. 6. 1 is to know - a - bout the cry - ing game. - had my share- of the cry - ing game. - First there - are kiss - es, -I 1 then there- are sighs, and then, be - fore YOU
  7. 7. GODZILLA - MAIN THEME (Opening Titles) from the TriStar Motion Picture GODZILLA Written and Composed by DAVID ARNOLDMysteriously, steadily -- -T.Lsm- am- / -- r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r J I D I m- I -El -Y Copyright Q 1998 Triple Star Music, Inc. All Rlghts Administered by SonyIAN Music Publishing. 8 Music Square West. Nashville, TN 37203 International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. I pull out their bones. A h mais oui, ca c7est tou - jours 11 de - lish. - -I Les pois sons, les pois sons, hee hee hee, hah hah hah.-1 - With the clea - ver I hack them in two. I pullI- out whats in - side and I serve it up fried. God, 1
  9. 9. 1 love lit - tle fish - es, dont you? Heres Pre - pared in the clas - sic tech - nique. First you pound the fish flat with a
  10. 10. 1 Ask em my ques - tions and get some an - swers. Whats a fire, - and/ why does it, whats the word, burn. Whens - it my ,? -I 7<?-1 ?,? --? YE I I I I I I L I I I I I 0 d I I I I 1 turn? Would - nt I love, love to ex- plore that shore up a - I 8 out of the sea. bd id id bid
  11. 11. 1- - all these things- will come - to you - in time. - On this jour - ney that - youre mak - no one there - to guide - I - ing therell be an - swers that - youll seek, - you, no one to take - your hand. - and its YOU wholl climb the moun - But with faith and un der - stand -
  12. 12. THATS from THE BAND WAGON ENTERTAINMENT Words by HOWARD DlETZ Music by ARTHUR SCHWARTZ Bb Bb+ Ebm Bb+ Cm7 F7 Br~ghtly n. u. I I I @ lm I I I I I B I - 8 I 4 H u-____ I I 4 I. I A 4 A I I Fdim rn the dance - - thats J d r ~ , . ~ m ot ro- m a ~ l c c , ~ 1 - or thc thr~ll-~- ~~ - whcn theyre 111fi thc WIII. _ - . Or the scene - - - . - ~vhere thc iil- I.ii11 15 mc;ur .- the chase -_- . . for thr nl~n wth thc tace,--I1 ~ I hats t~r- Copyr~ght 1953 by Chappell & Co O Copyr~ghtRenewed lnternatlonal Copyr~ghtSecured All Rlghts Resewed
  13. 13. D G BrnI Love lift us up where we be - long, - far from the Brn BE? Grn m 3 f r & a GID AIDI world we know; - up where we clear winds blow. - no time to cry, - lifes you and I, - a - live, - to - day. -
  14. 14. ing bonk - ers. - He showed the mox - ie, brains and spunk, fromI ze - ro to he - ro, a ma - j o r hunk. Ze - ro to he - ro Spoken: and CIG G CIG G CIGI Who put the glad in glad - i - a - tor? Her - cu
  15. 15. 1 AX1 fop m e L~1kab74 : Oain f3 IIZmo& Paradhe A Ww Al~o Bp~0eh Wrathastra, Open- Theme On QCilltest Fed -me, frm Anmlas dshm r2.1 my1 &by glephrnt Walk Fart of Xmw -1dI Blsen the Besats and ChildrenI The Crying Game Do Yon Know Where Youre Whg To? The brsams $xh& (Shoop Sh-1 FOX the F i r s t Tiae1 The Friendah38 The&# mn, a, W~hkIa&on spa* wti~~ W Q L ~ F rumt, -- $,W s*fm b .S~&A -wSth Mf Baby rhdra mmo$6ag i t k e a l ~ Taka t@ B m & h Away &wa ThsrPe) B e r n f r o m *@a&&* lColualWm m n m &um y r U af z8&e~rrneht~ 8S A &uy Wh&t Takm i!ia T l o e EntdrW5iiltbnt PhdkS"~I WaEmE*so%atk me, I 9 gay a Little Pr&?ex Tq Whits %e anti Paas, rant t o speaa MJ ~ifbtim w * TDP ~ b i t e *it$ If 1 Erd Words Ilp %, S u h g4 (The mtrnaa) 11 P M t i s ~ !a & %re I ;6 iris z t(het L ) Jailhouse Rmk m w 4b Bum e ~ ar/ il Theme franr L a w e m o$ Arabia* Legends of tM Fall Wild wi3d W d % A Wak and a &%let U s S%isroaa WW4yL Boundrap . b t f s Fa- the m % an8 Dance s W r e her* Z: Belong! The LOak.of LDvs T a r He&& W l l Lea&YouE m A Lwr Befur8 Tima Zero to Hem . . , ,3 9u- " ISBH 0-639-09064-2 HL00310831