ExerWellness: Bridge and Ladder


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Accelerating wellness and medical fitness accreditation and certification, exercise prescription and prevention/management of chronic conditions.

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  • Weight Control Comes Down to CaloriesEveryone gains weight when they eat more calories than they burn on a regular basisEveryone loses weight when they eat fewer calories than they burn off - regardless of where those calories come from.Longest and most comprehensive study on weight loss revealed:Reducing calories, regardless of the diet type results in weight lossSacks et. Al. N Eng J Medicine, 2009
DirectLife helps you measure your activity level and add to it. This helps you enjoy a healthier life and improves your emotional well being.DirectLife helps you structure a plan with balanced and achievable goals.
To reach your weekly targets, add activities to your daily routine that you enjoy doing. The program fits into even the most hectic of schedules.Achieving results in any improvement program can be lonely.
With DirectLife, you are never alone. We provide regular updates on your progress and motivational tips. Depending on your progress in the program and your membership plan, a personal coach may be available for all your questions.In the DirectLife program you can follow activity plans to work towards your long term goals.Inactivity reduces one's ability to deal with stress and serious health conditions.An increase in physical activity leads to a decrease in health care costs. Daily physical activity can prevent unhealthy weight gain and reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.Physically active people are healthier. This benefits everyone: you, your family, your friends and your co-workers.Physically active people report that they feel more balanced and have a better emotional state of mind.
  • ExerWellness: Bridge and Ladder

    1. 1. Physical Activity PharmacyElbrys NetworksSolutions Overview Judy Shasek PA Pharmacy - Founder Anthony Delli Colli Elbrys - VP, Marketing
    2. 2. Vision Connecting the medical community to local and accredited wellness professionals and programs PA Pharmacy provides information, communication, tools, resources, quantified outcomes and – Social networks for behavior change among engaged participantsConfidential December 12, 2011 2
    3. 3. ACSM – MFA – EIM support physicians and exercise prescription Easy, quick and trusted access needed: Resources and/or Information about the most effective and local exercise programs to prescribe for their patients across: • Age bands • Disease states • Conditions • Pre-conditions For the least active populations in a community, the best compliance with a exercise program begins with Prescription for a specific program.Confidential December 12, 2011 3
    4. 4. Market Landscape The 65% of the population poised to benefit most are 900% more likely to comply with specific prescribed exercise. THE GOAL: Move more of the 65% into the FIT bucket and keep them out of the CHRONIC CONDITION bucket 20% - CHRONIC CONDITION (most costly) 65% - Those not REGULARLY active and either without chronic conditions or managing/preventing themConfidential December 12, 2011 4
    5. 5. PA Pharmacy: The Bridge Fitness Pros: Need accreditation, expertise, professional support and training Local Connection - Communication Physicians: Want to prescribe specific, trusted and effective exerciseConfidential December 12, 2011 5
    6. 6. PA Pharmacy: The Bridge Community of People and the ProsConfidential December 12, 2011 6
    7. 7. Guiding Principles…. 1. Local exercise evangelists: physician, wellness pro, health consumer. 2. Enable exercise programs specific to chronic population groups 3. Measure activity levels and coaching systems – quantify outcomes Participants Power Viral Sharing Among Social Networks Long-term behavior change is driven by connection To social networks and Wellness GamificationConfidential December 12, 2011 7
    8. 8. “Fitness Professionals” to Wellness Leaders What great things could we accomplish together if we could inspire fitness professionals to work their way up the accreditation and certification ladder?Confidential December 12, 2011 8
    9. 9. “Fitness Professionals” to Wellness Leaders What great things could we accomplish together if we could inspire fitness destinations to re-design their focus as wellness and medical fitness resources in every community?Confidential December 12, 2011 9
    10. 10. Community “Fitness” Resources to Wellness Our technology tools, software and API engines are designed to complement the excellence in your existing technologies • Drive local professional awareness • Drive medical-fitness referrals • Create value for all stakeholders • Accelerate your reach and successConfidential December 12, 2011 10
    11. 11. How it Works… Database of Hyper-Local Programs and Professionals: Accredited professionals / wellness destinations 1 2 3 M W T T F Exercise Pharmacy Hyper-Local Referral Measure Outcomes Accredited physical activity Match physician and Health & user experience programs prescribed by age wellness communities results and conditionConfidential December 12, 2011 11
    12. 12. How it is Built… EMR Value Chain Mobile & Web App Sensor Play Platform Referral Oauth PA Pharmacy Engine Telehealth 2.0 EMR Fitness Services CommonSenses Mobile SDK CommonSenses Services Bio-metrics Localation PHR Sensor Data Manager Identity AWS Services Android iOS Sensor Store Wellness Social Media Value Chain Regulated Data Unregulated DataConfidential December 12, 2011 12
    13. 13. Why it works… The PA Pharmacy Network can complement any existing initiative by adding ONLY the additional components needed • Validation of compliance with the prescribed exercise • Quantification of wellness outcomes • Workflow integration with EMR/PHR • Gamification motivation and social network technologies • Data collection from various medical devices and sensors • Organizing community wellness stakeholders • Analytic information required by PayersConfidential December 12, 2011 13
    14. 14. Who does it work for… Role and Valuation: Adding the PA Pharmacy to your existing initiatives Destinations Provide to Local Community • Delivery of specific wellness PA Programs • Connection to Employers • Supporting compliance with PA prescription • Device/sensor access, support, options • Destinations Receive • Referrals from Medical Professional Specialists (MPS) • Community Awareness of programs and services • Differentiation based on expertise and certification of wellness professionals • Value for employers in the community • Long term engagement and “friend” referralConfidential December 12, 2011 14
    15. 15. What is the business model? Social Currency Social Networks 1 2 3 PA Pharmacy PA Pharmacy PA Pharmacy Local Physicians Local Wellness Centers Local Wellness Pro(s) User Community Fitness EMR / PHR Accredited Wellness Accredited Wellness Medical Group/ACO Centers Professionals Wellness Payer InsuranceConfidential December 12, 2011 15
    16. 16. Q & A / Next Steps Thank You!Confidential December 12, 2011 16