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  1. 1. Sacramento County Health and Human Services Home Magazine ADVERTISING SUPPORT GROUPS EMERGENCY HOSPITALS Mental Health Agencies AOD CLINICS JOBS HOUSING OTHER RESOURCES Privacy Statement List Your Business on our Other Professional Organi Sacramento County Health and Human Services Other General Information Adolescent Health Program Day/Child Care Licensing In-Home Supportive Services Mental Health Glossary The goal of this program is to empower teens to Many parents need a safe, clean place for their In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) serves PTSD Resource delay sexual activity through knowledge and skill children to remain while they are working or aged, blind, or disabled persons who are unable building. View the Program page for more attending school. Childcare homes provide to perform activities of daily living and cannot SUICIDE PREVENTION TERMS needed care to a limited number of children in remain safely in their own homes without help. information. Suicide Survivor Resource private homes. These homes must be licensed to For more information, visit the IHSS page. Obesity, Weight Control, Service Provided By: provide childcare. View the Licensing web page. Health & Human Services Service Provided By: Medical Practice Models 9333 Tech Center, Ste. 800 (Map) Service Provided By: Health & Human Services Awareness and Safe Messag 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 1000 (Map) Sacramento, CA 95826 Health & Human Services links 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 1000 (Map) Sacramento, CA 95823 916-875-6022 or e-mail California Advocacy Group Sacramento, CA 95823 916-874-9471 Federal Government Forms 916-875-2808 or e-mail for Nonprofits Adult Mental Health Services California Accredited Sch Medical Marijuana Identification Cards How to Contact SACPROS We promote the optimal physical, intellectual, Disease Reporting social and emotional well-being of adults and The Sacramento County Medical Marijuana WHO - Health Topics older adults with serious mental illness. We offer The Sacramento County Public Health Division Identification Card (MMIC) Program provides All Health Topics patients with the State medical marijuana inpatient, outpatient, acute care services, has implemented a Confidential Morbidity Helpful Skills to Being a subacute care, and residential care through a Reporting system (WebvCMR) that allows health identification card. The card can assist law LANTERMAN ACT variety of county-operated and contracted providers to report cases of communicable enforcement officials to know if the individual providers. For more information, read the Adult disease directly to Public Health. View the using marijuana meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabiliti Disease Reporting web page for more Compassionate Use Act. For more information, ToolBox for Community Men Mental Health Services web page. view the Card Program page. Adult Mental Health Access Team information. Psychiatric Medications Phone: (916) 875-1055, TTY/TDD: (916) 874- Some of the common prescr Service Provided By: Service Provided By: 8070 Health & Human Services Cultural Competence Resou Health & Human Services Service Provided By: 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 600 (Map) 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 650 (Map) (1 of 4) [6/12/2012 5:26:46 PM]
  2. 2. Sacramento County Health and Human Services Help with Intake Intervie Health & Human Services Sacramento, CA 95823 Sacramento, CA 95823 Ending appointment/ession 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 1000 (Map) 916-875-5881 or e-mail 916-875-5345 or e-mail Sample Treatment Plan Com Sacramento, CA 95823 916-875-1055 TTY/TDD (916) 874-8070 or e-mail 10x10 Wellness Campaign Elder/Senior/Dependent Adult Abuse Medically Indigent Services Possible Components of Tr Alcohol and Drug Services Reporting Noting Client/Member Stre We administer prevention, treatment, and The County Medically Indigent Services Program Sacramento County Online recovery services for alcohol and drug abuse. We Adult Protective Services (APS) is dedicated to (CMISP) is a program of "last resort" designed to SACRAMENTO COUNTY TYPING contract with an array of community-based service providers throughout Sacramento maintaining the health and safety of elderly and meet the health care needs of individuals in our Directory of Consumer-Dri dependent adults who are victims of abuse or community who are not otherwise eligible for County. The range of services provided through Sites Linking to Sacpros. these organizations includes outpatient neglect. APS is a state-mandated service health care programs such as Medi-Cal, treatment, methadone treatment, day treatment, program charged with investigating situations Medicare, or private health insurance; and who Sacramento County Launche detoxification, residential services, and perinatal involving elderly and dependent adults who are meet the Countys "last resort" socioeconomic Online Continuing Educati reported to be in danger due to abuse, neglect, eligibility standards. CMISP serves adults 19-64 services. For more information, read the Alcohol Try Telling your Employer exploitation, or hazardous or unsafe living years of age with incomes at approximately 0 - and Drug Services web page. 2012 Voice Award conditions. Read the Adult Protective Services 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Alcohol & Drug System of Care CMISP has enrolled various medical service The Rosalynn Carter Fello web page for more information. 3331 Power Inn Road, Suite 120 providers such as Home Health Agencies, National Childrens Menta Sacramento, CA 95826 Phone: (916) 874-9754 Service Provided By: Durable Medical Equipment providers, Surgical Disability Awareness Day Health & Human Services Centers, therapy groups, providers who do Find a California Court- 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 1000 (Map) various diagnostic testing, pharmacies and Service Provided By: laboratories. Medical Case Management will How to contact Sacramento Health & Human Services Sacramento, CA 95823 work with providers to assure that ancillary Brunch Up for Mental Heal 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 1000 (Map) 916-874-9377 services are accessible and authorized through New Scholarship Announcem Sacramento, CA 95823 other enrolled medical service providers. (916) 874-9754 or e-mail MHSA Steering Committee M Emergency Medical Services Service Provided By: Parent/Student Resources Health & Human Services Sarnat International Priz 9616 Micron Avenue, Suite 640 (Map) Black Infant Health Program Welcome to the Sacramento County Emergency Rainbow Awards 2012 Nomin Medical Services (EMS)Agency Web Site. The Sacramento, CA 95827 Sacramento County Facilit 916-875-9843 The Black Infant Health Program provides mission of our Agency is to plan, implement, Dear Colleagues Frien service to women for the purpose of eliminating monitor and evaluate the quality of Federal Agencies the disproportionate rate of African American emergency medical services provided to the infant mortality seen in the Sacramento residents of and visitors to Sacramento County. Mental Health - 24-Hour Crisis Line National Organizations community. African American women experience Emergencies & Disasters Service Provided By: two-and-a-half times the number of infant deaths If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, Professional Licenses Health & Human Services than other racial and ethnic groups in our please call (888) 881-4881. community. View the Program page. 9616 Micron Avenue, Ste. 960 (Map) SAMHSAs Living Document Sacramento, CA 95827 Service Provided By: Locating Legal Services i Service Provided By: 916-875-9753 or e-mail Health & Human Services Domestic Violence Resourc Health & Human Services 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 1000 (Map) Outpatient Mental Health 9333 Tech Center, Ste. 800 (Map) Sacramento, CA 95823 Emergency Medical Service Sacramento, CA 95823 Foster Home Licensing 916-732-3637 or e-mail Behavioral Health Service 916-875-5504 or e-mail Senior and Adult Resource Do you want to make a difference in the life of a Out-of-Hospital Birth Registration Women, Infant, and Childr Burial Permits child? Foster parents, also known as "resource families," provide love, care and guidance to You can register a child that was born outside of Find Your Polling Locatio You need to contact the County Vital Records children until they can be returned to their a licensed hospital birthing facility within one year Websites for Scholarships parents or move to a permanent home through office in the county where the remains or of its birth at your local County Vital Records Adult Education & GED cremains are legally interred. This can be adoption or guardianship. View the Foster Home office. To register a child that was born in Top Mental Health Sites determined by looking at the burial permit that is Licensing web page. Sacramento County, but outside of a licensed Top Mental Health Website with the remains now. View the Burial Permits for birthing facility, you need to contact our Birth Disinterment page. Service Provided By: Registration Desk. View the Registration page for California Top Mental Hea Health & Human Services more information. SACPROS SITEMAP Service Provided By: PO Box 269057 (Map) (2 of 4) [6/12/2012 5:26:46 PM]
  3. 3. Sacramento County Health and Human Services Site Map Health & Human Services Sacramento, CA 95826-9057 Service Provided By: DMV NEARBY OFFICES 7001 East Parkway, Suite 650 (Map) 916-875-5543 or e-mail Health & Human Services Sacramento, CA 95823 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 650 (Map) Take Charge of Your Healt 916-875-5345 or e-mail Sacramento, CA 95823 Black Infant Health Coord 916-875-5345 or e-mail School Age Child Care Cen Foster Parent Application Foster Family Agency Car Seat Safety Classes Aging-Related Websites Get started on becoming a foster parent/resource Persons with Disabilities family by completing this one-page application Public Administrator/Guardian/ Children need to be properly restrained when Child Care Glossary traveling in vehicles. Did you know that the and mailing it to: Sacramento County Foster Conservator Home Licensing Dept. This is a PDF file that Apply for Medi-Cal, CMSP, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration allows you to type your information while online. (NHTSA) states that 4 out of 5 car seats are not When no other alternatives are available, we Mental Health meetings & You may also hand-write the information. Youll installed correctly? The ChIIP Program seeks to provide assistance for individuals unable to care Sacramento County Human S need to print it to mail it either way. View the ensure that children are properly restrained each for their personal needs or financial resources, Foster Parent application page. Health & Human Services time they ride in a vehicle. View the Car Seat and provide estate closure services on behalf of Safety Education page for more information. deceased residents of Sacramento County. For Service Provided By: Service Provided By: Health & Human Services more information, read the Public Administrator/ Health & Human Services Guardian/Conservator web page. PO Box 269057 (Map) 9333 Tech Center, Ste. 800 (Map) Public Administrator: Phone (916) 875-4491 Sacramento, CA 95826-9057 Sacramento, CA 95826 916-875-5543 or e-mail Public Guardian/Conservator: Phone (916) 916-875-5869 or e-mail 875-4467 Service Provided By: HIV/Communicable Disease Health & Human Services Child Abuse Hotline Prevention 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 1000 (Map) Sacramento, CA 95823 In cases of an immediate emergency always call (916) 875-4491 for Public Administrator. (916) Wondering about HIV and other sexually 911 for Law Enforcement intervention. When the 875-4467 for Public Guardian/Conservator transmitted diseases? View the program website situation is not an emergency needing the Police or Sheriff, contact Sacramento County Child for more information on free and annonymous Protective Services, 24 hours a day, seven days HIV testing services. SMUD Energy Assistance Team (SEAT) a week, call 916-875-KIDS (5437). View the Service Provided By: Child Protective Services website for more Health & Human Services SAS/SMUD Energy Assistance program through information. 9333 Tech Center, Suite 800 (Map) SMUD offers several programs which can be of Service Provided By: Sacramento, CA 95826 great value to low income seniors sixty five and Health & Human Services 916-875-6022 or e-mail over and dependent adults. View the SEAT web 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 1000 (Map) page for more information. Sacramento, CA 95823 Service Provided By: 916-875-KIDS (5437) or e-mail Immunization Assistance Program Health & Human Services 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 1000 (Map) Are your children up-to-date on their Sacramento, CA 95823 Child Adoptions immunizations? We provide resources about 916-874-0979 immunizations and services available for children and adults. Seasonal flu shot clinics are Sacramento County is a state licensed adoption conducted annually. View program website for agency. As a public adoption agency, children more information. Tobacco Cessation & Quit Program available are dependents of juvenile court. These children have been removed from their biological Service Provided By: Do you want to quit smoking? Do you want to quit parents. The Adoptions program staff is Health & Human Services chewing tobacco? Do you have a family member responsible for assessing if adoption is the best plan for the child. They strive to ensure that a 7001 East Parkway, Suite 600 (Map) or friend who wants to quit? View the Tobacco child and adoptive family are well-matched, and Sacramento, CA 95823 Cessation page for more information. that the family will help the child develop to his or 916-875-7648 or e-mail her fullest potential. View the Adoption Program Service Provided By: web page for more information. Health & Human Services (3 of 4) [6/12/2012 5:26:46 PM]
  4. 4. Sacramento County Health and Human Services Women Infants Children Program 9333 Tech Center, Ste. 800 (Map) Service Provided By: Sacramento, CA 95826 Health & Human Services 916-875-5869 or e-mail Women Infants Children (WIC) Program is a 3701 Branch Center Road (Map) nutrition program that helps pregnant women, Sacramento, CA 95827 new mothers and young children eat well and 916-875-5967 or e-mail stay healthy. Read the WIC page for more Vital Records information. Women Infants Children Program The mission of Sacramento County Vital Childrens Mental Health Services 2251 Florin Rd. #100 Records is to register all vital records events Sacramento, CA. 95822 that occur in our local registration district, and to We provide a full array of culturally competent provide timely and accurate services in order to and linguistically proficient mental health services meet our mandates and provide services to the Service Provided By: to children and youth ages 0-21 years. Services public and other government agencies. View Health & Human Services include prevention and early intervention the Vital Records page for more information. services; outpatient services; case management; 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 1000 (Map) crisis intervention and stabilization services; and Sacramento, CA 95823 916-876-5000 Service Provided By: inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. For more Health & Human Services information, read the Childrens Mental Health 7001 East Parkway, Suite 650 (Map) Services web page. Childrens Mental Health Access Team Service Provided By: Sacramento, CA 95823 Health & Human Services 916-875-5345 or e-mail Phone (916) 875-9980, TTY/TTD: (916) 8756- 8892 7001-A East Parkway, Ste. 1000 (Map) Sacramento, CA 95823 (916) 875-9980,TTY/TTD (916) 876-8892 Please send additions, Corrections or suggestions to If you, or someone you know, experiencing disrupting symptoms of mental health, please call Adult Access Team: at (916) 875-1055 or Childrens Access Team @ (916) 875-9980. For a psychiatric emergency, please call 911 as soon as possible or go to nearest hospital emergency room. (4 of 4) [6/12/2012 5:26:46 PM]