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Eastown Brochure

  2. 2. TheFace of Cairois Changingsodic in collaboration with solidereInternational, is developing two new urbanhubs to the east and west of Cairo. Two vibrant,spacious communities where you can live andwork in comfort... where you can enjoy fresh airand open space... where you can have all theamenities of downtown living without hassleand stress. This is the vision behind Eastownand Westown, two large-scale, sustainable,mixed-use city centres located on key axispoints in the Greater Cairo area. Bold in their planning, meticulous in their layout, compelling in their offer, Eastown and Westown are the future of Cairo.
  3. 3. URBAN CITY CENTRESDESIGNED FOR LIFE Eastown will anchor Cairo’s Eastern suburbs. Eastown and Westown will provide state-of-the-art homes and offices, attract tourism and generate jobs. They will house world-class retail and entertainment venues. Cairo is a city bursting at the seams. In both a physical and an emotional sense. less than fifty years, a city initially designed Without this core, Kattameya and Sheikh for five million people has reached 20 Zayed Cities will be unable to support the million. The city is continuing to grow at an commercial and social aspirations of their alarming rate and all the problems of city growing populations. congestion, lack of “walkability”, intense traffic, and pollution are escalating. Faced This is where Eastown and Westown with this reality, the government had the come in. These self-sufficient urban city vision to reclaim desert land and redirect centres will anchor the existing suburbs the current north-south expansion of and provide focal points for residents Cairo which consumes valuable farmland and visitors alike. They will represent all in the Nile valley, to a new east-west axis. that’s best about city living with none Although an ambitious and far-reaching of the downsides of pollution, parking plan, it was successful in creating two problems or traffic jams. As well as new hubs: Kattameya/New Cairo in the alleviating pressure on Cairo’s congested east and Sheikh Zayed/Sixth of October downtown, these new city centres will City to the west. These two new suburbs become destinations in their own right. are each forecasted to have populations of more than 2.5 million in the near future. Bold in conception, both Kattameya and Sheikh Zayed City have enjoyed partial success in absorbing Cairo’s population growth. However, as they stand, they suffer from a fundamental problem which is the lack of an urban centre, in 2 Overview of Eastown - View from northwest
  4. 4. two city centresone spiritSituated fifty kilometres apart to the east and west of downtown new hubs of both Kattameya/New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed/Sixth of The cooperation between sodic and solidere International will development, building, investment and maintenance of these twoCairo, Eastown is located in Kattameya/New Cairo and Westown October. solidere International brings valuable expertise in urban set new standards for urban development. We are forecasting to state-of-the-art city centres which will inject new life and energy intois located in Sheikh Zayed/Sixth of October. They are two of the planning, real estate development and property management. They invest over EGP 25 billion in the projects. We have partnered with the Egyptian property market.largest mixed-use city centre making projects to be developed in build on experience gained in the 14-year regeneration of downtown award-winning architects and master-planners, local talent workingCairo since the creation of the Heliopolis suburb over 100 years Beirut and other large-scale projects in the Mediterranean and hand-in-hand with practices from around the world. As the teamago. sodic is collaborating with solidere International in the Middle East. behind Eastown and Westown, we are committed to the design,development of these two projects, which are set to become the map of greater cairo N ring road river nile el-sherouk city cairo international suez road cairo-alexandria airport desert road smart village mehwar mohandiseen heliopolis kattameya/new cairo zamalek downtown cairo sheikh zayed city road 90 auc nasr city sixth of october city el-haram ring road giza pyramids maadi Located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Adjacent to the new campus of the Road, just beyond Smart Village, Westown American University in Cairo, and near will become the downtown area of the Cairo International Airport, Eastown Sheikh Zayed and Sixth of October will become the vibrant urban hub of City districts. the Kattameya/New Cairo district. 4
  5. 5. eastown cairo mixed-use:the future of the formula behind aurban living sustainable city centre Over 25,000 residents, retail staff and office employees will enjoy a vibrant urban environment. With its scale and location, Eastown will become east Cairo’s premier urban city centre. The mix of uses and services, the Eastown is strategically situated on Road 90, immediately adjacent range of residential options, and to the American University in Cairo’s new campus, a short drive from Cairo International Airport and in the midst of the flourishing the ability to walk and cycle as communities of New Cairo and Kattameya. part of daily life all make for a more Built on 860,000 square metres of land, twice the size of London’s Canary Wharf, Eastown will provide approximately one million sustainable, greener living. square metres of premium residential, retail and office space while offering the best in shopping, entertainment and sustainable living. Throughout history human settlements have tended to evolve as mixed-use environments. Walking was always the primary means of Here, over 25,000 residents, retail staff and office employees transportation. People lived and worked in the same areas. These can enjoy a vibrant environment where buildings are integrated principles have been adapted to Eastown. Residents will have the into the landscape, where traffic is kept to a minimum and the air benefit of being able to walk short distances to do their shopping, is cleaner. go to work or watch a movie. Instead of being segregated, neighbourhoods will combine all aspects of life. The development of As well as its own business shopping and entertainment districts, Eastown involved extensive research by urban planners, architects Eastown will include several hotels and serviced apartments, and landscapers. By translating these findings into the design of providing a total of 800 rooms with health clubs, spas and Eastown, we are creating a community that integrates life, work conference facilities. and recreation. Residents and visitors will benefit from being able to walk short distances to shop, go to work, 6 8 or watch a movie. View of Wist Al-Balad - Concept by Habib Debbs, Lebanon
  6. 6. eastown scale comparison eastown Vehicular circulationwith oxford street, central london and land use s pu am c c au Road Network The Eastown road network has been meticulously studied and is designed to ensure optimum flow, reducing ro bottlenecks and minimising traffic ad 90 through the residential areas. Legend External Roadways Primary Vehicular Access Secondary / Tertiary Vehicular Access Pedestrian High-Street Overlay of Eastown’s Master-plan and Map of Central London The figure to the right is a scale comparison of Eastown’s master-plan and high street with Oxford Street, Central London. It provides an indication of Eastown’s scale and more importantly, its “walkability”. Legend 1 Oxford Circus 2 Marble Arch 3 Hyde Park 4 Speakers Corner 5 Tottenham Court Road 6 Park Lane 7 Piccadilly Circus 8 Regent Street Eastown High Street Oxford Street
  7. 7. Eastown Land Use and Neighbourhoods 5 Eastown is divided into five districts, each classified by 1 its own defining features that include: Wist Al-Balad, The Centre, The Gateway, The Residences and The Business Park. Meticulously planned and strategically placed on the master-plan, each district is situated in a2 way that fully maximises benefits and functionality of a mixed-use city centre. 4 Legend The Centre / Retail3 8 7 The Gateway / Mixed-use The Business Park / Commercial 6 Wist Al-Balad / Mixed-use The Residences / Residential Entertainment Quarter Parks / Green spaces Green Walkway
  8. 8. it’s all about balance Eastown is a city centre of contemporary buildings, beautifully landscaped piazzas and parks. Eastown is structured around two axes; Surrounded by some of Egypt’s the pedestrian-oriented commercial and top educational establishments, and shopping spine of Central Avenue, and populated by ambitious young urbanites, a tree-lined Green Spine. The two axes Eastown will have an energy and dynamism converge in a large public square in of its own. Eastown’s Entertainment Quarter. From carving out a career in the business The Green Spine runs through the district, to studying for a degree, or heart of Eastown’s residential area. raising a family, this is the place to A jogging path winds its way through this make it happen. Hotel and Commercial Plaza - Concept design by Kevin Dash, UK area, linking the residential and commercial neighbourhoods. And when a change of job or a move to a bigger place is in order, Eastown can help The pedestrian Central Avenue links the you meet the challenge. southeastern limits of the new campus of the American University in Cairo with Wist From the outset, Eastown was planned Al-Balad, which is positioned on higher to offer flexibility and diversity. The ground overlooking the rest of the city east end of town will be predominately centre. Also along Central Avenue is the commercial; it will be clustered around indoor-outdoor galleria which lies at the the central pedestrian avenue’s shopping heart of Eastown’s shopping district. and nightlife and the offices of the Central Business District. The calmer district Cars, too, have their place. Underground to the west is given over to residential car parks, wide thoroughfares and easy neighbourhoods overlooking parks and access via New Cairo’s main Road 90 tree-lined pedestrian spaces. In the middle and the Ring Road mean that for once, will be mixed-use communities, home to driving, just like cycling and walking, small businesses, independent shops, will be a pleasure. lofts and penthouses. Eastown will have energy, dynamism 14 and a character of its own.View of eastown Central Park View of Eastown Gateway - Concept design by Machado & Silvetti Associates, USA
  9. 9. wist al-baladthe heart of eastown Wist Al-Balad is Eastown’s physical and emotional centre. Wist Al-Balad (‘town centre’ in Arabic) is the heart of Eastown and is a main visitor destination. The easy going, Mediterranean lifestyle is captured in a blend of vernacular and contemporary architecture. Here, traditional Middle Eastern architecture meets cutting edge building design. It will be home to apartments, lofts, boutique hotels, cafŽs and nightlife, as well as great shops. Inspired by old neighbourhoods of Cairo, Wist Al-Balad is where people stroll along the16 cobblestoned alleyweys or just sit in a cafŽ. Aerial view of Wist Al-Balad - Concept design by Habib Debbs, Lebanon
  10. 10. urban livingredefined The heart of Eastown’s vision is to provide its residents with contemporary living spaces that are functional, attractive and within easy reach of urban essentials. Eastown will offer around 1,900 new luxury and family apartments, penthouses, lofts and student studios. Elegantly styled and supplied with the latest fittings, they will look out over tree-lined streets, parks and courtyards. Nearby, a central green area cuts a swathe through Eastown, an ideal locale for calm recreation; irrigated with recycled water. Each neighbourhood will Residential buildings on Green Spine - Concept design by Nabil Gholam, Lebanon have its own distinctive charm and character. One can live in a penthouse or loft in the bustle of Wist Al-Balad, overlooking alleyways lined with cafŽs, art- galleries and small shops, or for a slower-paced lifestyle, one can retreat to an elegant apartment near the AUC campus where children can freely play in the parks or cycle on the lanes that wind around the whole neighbourhood. One can enjoy an urban lifestyle only a few minutes’ walk from the world class shopping facilities and business district. Families will appreciate Eastown’s safe environment, clean air and wide open spaces, coupled with a host of recreational and educational facilities, health clubs, spas, pools and playgrounds. A variety of luxury apartments, penthouses,18 lofts and studios cater to all needs. Interior residential concept design by Nabil Gholam, Lebanon
  11. 11. shopping likenowhere else Shops, souks, boutiques and a glorious galleria. At the centre of Eastown’s commercial area is the indoor- outdoor retail mall designed by The Jerde Partnership, the USA’s leading designer of retail and entertainment destinations. It will house designer names, fashion houses, lifestyle shops and gourmet delicatessens. Even here, efforts have been made to conserve energy by using natural light and ventilation. At the heart of the retail complex is an extension of the commercial spine that runs from the Central Avenue, to Wist Al-Balad to the south. This portion of the spine is covered with a layered roof that allows the northwest breezes in, while protecting pedestrians from the harsh summer sun. Unfolding on either side of The Galleria, Central Avenue provides a high-street shopping experience. There are no cars; this area is strictly pedestrian. Stroll through the arched porticoes and settle down for an iced coffee, browse in a bookstore, catch up with a friend over a long lunch. With over 2,000 shops and retail outlets to choose from, battling cutthroat traffic to scramble for necessities and luxury items is no longer needed; a bike basket and a calm cycle home will more than suffice. Eastown offers a variety of options for shoppers from small boutiques and high street shops, to department20 stores and large malls. View of Central Plaza Galleria - Concept by The Jerde Partnership, usa
  12. 12. officelife Welcome to the country’s most desirable work address. Eastown will be the commercial hub of eastern Cairo. It will house a thriving business community that will service the surrounding Kattameya and New Cairo areas. As the economy grows, and businesses grow with it, the need to move away from cramped offices in a residential building is increasing. Companies of all sizes are constantly looking for new premises. Eastown will fill this need, providing light, space, state-of-the-art infrastructure and room for expansion. As anyone who has worked in Cairo knows, this variety of flexibility is in huge demand. The business district will accommodate over 1,900 ‘Class A’ offices catering to all types of businesses, from global corporations to start-ups. Here, an office tower designed around your company’s needs is more than simple wishful thinking. But for a more economic approach, large numbers of office floors will be available for purchase or lease; an ideal alternative for small outfits. In addition, Eastown’s proximity to the Cairo International Airport, universities and educational institutes alike means it is uniquely placed to facilitate internships, business training and exchange programs between the academic and business worlds. Being at the heart of many academic institutions, Eastown’s Business Park will act as a bridge between academic and business communities. All offices offer abundant parking; with secure underground car parks, getting to and from meetings will be refreshingly easy for on-the-go executives. Eastown’s Business District is set to be New22 Cairo’s commercial hub. Commercial area (adjacent to the new AUC campus) - Concept design by Machado & Silvetti Associates, usa
  13. 13. leisure & funall the time Eastown’s cafŽs, lounges, restaurants and hotels will buzz with activity day and night. Enjoy life every way you want. Residents and visitors of Eastown will be able to take their pick from some of Egypt’s best cafŽs, restaurants, cinemas and theatres. To keep fit, health clubs, spas and acres of green space will come in handy. There are also art and cultural centres to explore. Fun, adventure and sheer joy of a life lived outdoors is not to be underestimated when it comes to peace of mind. For nightlife and festivities head to Wist Al-Balad, designed by Habib Debbs (Lebanon). As Eastown’s highest point, Wist Al-Balad’s walkways, cafŽs, lounges, restaurants and hotels will hum with activity day and night.24 Commercial & Retail Plaza - Concept design by The Jerde Partnership, usa
  14. 14. workingwith the bestarchitects sodic and solidere International have partnered with award-winning architects and master-planners from around the world. Fouad Menem, lebanon Nabil Gholam, lebanon Fouad Menem set up F.M. Consultants in 1994. He has created Nabil Gholam was a senior partner at Ricardo Boller’s Taller de several residential and commercial complexes throughout the Arquitectura. After seven years working in France, Spain, China Middle East, Europe, and Central Asia. Fouad Menem has and the United States he set up NG Architecture & Planning in worked on the mixed-use residential/commercial project in Beirut in 1994 and in Barcelona in 2006. Gholam has designed Eastown that includes a mix of offices, shops and residential several residential buildings that open onto the Green Spine. apartments in a two block configuration.Serail Hill, lebanon Concept design of mixed-use complex, eastown House in Adma, Lebanon Residential concept design, eastown Jacques Liger Belair & Jean Sahel Al Hiyari, jordan Pierre Megarbane (aaa), lebanon Sahel Al Hiyari is the founder of Sahel Al Hiyari & Partners in Amman, Jordan. He has lectured in Jordan, Boston, New York, Founded in 1980, the architectural practice AAA has worked in and the UAE. He is responsible for the cultural and leisure Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, UAE, and Ghana. They specialise centre at the intersection of the residential, commercial, central in urban design, residential architecture, hotels, and educational business district, and Wist Al-Balad of Eastown. institutes. AAA has developed a small scale commercial building for multiple tenants, along Route 90 in Eastown.Dalal residential building, Lebanon Concept design of commercial Ayla Oasis, jordan Cultural and Leisure Centre, eastown building, eastown Kevin Dash, uk/australia The Jerde Partnership, usa The Jerde Partnership, based in Venice, California, is best Kevin Dash Architects have been involved in many Middle Eastern known for innovative mall design and “experience architecture.” projects over the last decade and are considered contextual yet Examples of their work include the Mall of America in Bloomington, contemporary. Dash designed one of the core retail complexes Minnesota, the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, the Zlote that is organised on a sinuous network of streets that takes Terasy mall in Poland, and the Core Pacific Mall in Taipei. Jerde inspiration from Mediterranean souks. projects are highly experiential and provide a sense of leisure and fun while addressing pragmatic requirements seamlessly. TheCommercial building, lebanon Zlote Terasy, poland Galleria Mall, eastown Concept design of retail and leisure complex, eastown Jerde retail complex is along the activity spine and will be the premiere retail venue of the region. Machado & Silvetti, usa URBI, lebanon Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Machado & Silvetti Associates Founded by Habib Debbs in 1991 in Paris and Beirut, URBI are have over 20 years of experience in architecture and urban a group of planners and architects responsible for projects in design. They have worked on projects ranging from museums Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, France and beyond. They specialise in to residential buildings, and are recipients of numerous awards, cultural heritage and urban development schemes which take including the first-ever Award in Architecture from the American into account the social, economic and ecological impact. Debbs Academy of Arts and Letters, as well as exhibitors at the Venice is the primary urban planner for Eastown as well as the architect Biennale. They have designed the gateway complex for Eastown, for the Wist Al-Balad neighbourhood.Hassayampa Academic Village, usa Concept design of commercial area, eastown Residential complex, beirut Aerial view of Wist Al-Balad, eastown adjacent to the AUC campus, that includes a high rise hotel and several office and residential buildings.26
  15. 15. infrastructure& property managementtake it for granted Infrastructure is a bit like waitressing. If done correctly you don’t notice it. It’s only when things go wrong that your life is disrupted. At Eastown we’ve designed and tested the water supply, Provisions for a Wi-Fi network and mobile hubs have been electricity, roads, construction and communications systems made. If another technology comes along that makes to offer reliable service, conserve energy and preserve natural businesses more efficient, we’ll install it. resources, day in and day out, for generations to come. Leveraging the expertise of sodic and solidere Master-planners, engineers and architects have paid rigorous International’s engineers for infrastructure planning, we have attention to the arteries and backbones of life in Eastown. anticipated challenges and devised strategies for every aspect Intersections have been designed so that cars, cyclers and of Eastown’s life. pedestrians can move freely. Grey water will be recycled and used to irrigate the lawns and parks. Pavements have been widened, landscaped and furnished with benches. We’ll do what we do best so you can do what you do best. As well as being experienced developers and planners, sodic As for sales and rentals, you simply tell us your requirements; and solidere International are also the property managers residential, retail or commercial, and we’ll explain all the in Eastown. options, from buying to lease, and leasing to buy. We’ll provide every kind of assistance through the contractual process to So you’ll just have one port of call, whether you need a new make it simple and straightforward. office or simply someone to fix the slide in the playground. We’ll look after the landscaping, the lifts, the parking, Thanks to our partnership with solidere International the CCTV; everything in fact, down to new initiatives to we can offer a comprehensive approach to maintenance and save energy. after-sales care. Our property management teams will look after: We have a computerised maintenance management system to track every job and provide an up-to-date assessment of progress. We’ll also do our best to minimise disruption when any works are carried out. Office, residential and retail spaces Telecommunication systems and cabling Underground parking CCTV and MATV systems Infrastructure networks Fire fighting and life safety systems Landscaped open spaces District cooling and heating Marketing, sales and renting of units On call maintenance Concierge services Full handicapped accessibility28
  16. 16. sodic and solidere international In a word, reassurance. Incorporated in 1996, sodic is one of the most admired companies in Egypt. As one of the country’s leading real estate companies our goal is to transform the way people live and work. We are committed to diversifying our products to reach different segments in the Egyptian market and provide solutions for unmet and emerging demand in the real estate market. Currently we are developing a large number of Egypt’s largest and most exciting projects in the most lucrative real estate sectors. In addition to delivering value to customers and shareholders, we want our developments to help people realise their aspirations and transform the way they live and work. We invest in developments that are viable, environmentally conscious and built to the most stringent of international standards. To achieve this goal, we employ Egypt’s top talent and work alongside leading local and international architects, consultants, management companies and co-developers. sodic is a publicly traded company on the Cairo Stock Exchange, ticker symbol OCDI. solidere International is an award-winning Lebanese real estate development company, trading on the Beirut, Dubai and London Stock Exchanges. solidere International established its reputation with the 14-year reconstruction, development and management of Beirut’s historic Central District. They are also responsible for the development of Beirut Souks, the Beirut Marina and a host of high-end residential and commercial developments. Outside Lebanon, solidere International is undertaking projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Turkey, Portugal and elsewhere in the Mediterranean. solidere International’s expertise in inner city-making, city regeneration and mixed-use urban development make them sodic’s ideal partner for the development of Eastown and Westown. Photo of Eastown model30
  17. 17. at a Landscaping 31% of Eastown’s land area isglance built up. The remaining 69% is comprised of parks, gardens and public areas. s pu am c c au landscape plan ro ad 90 Perimeter green areas Interior green areas Parks General information Public green areas Pedestrian high-street Green walkway Estimated Total Investment: EGP 10 Billion Project Area: 857,963 Square Metres Total Built Up Area (BUA): 1,125,054 Square Metres Gross Floor Area Ratio (FAR): 1.3 Projected Population: 25,000 Projected Population Density: 310 Persons/Ha Green And Public Spaces: 69% Of Total Project Area Projected Catchment: 2.5 Million Population in Radius of 15km. Number of Neighbourhoods: 5 Land use split N Residential 34% 0 100 500m Commercial 30% Retail & Entertainment 30% Hospitality 6% building density The plan highlights the various densities within Eastown. The residential neighbourhoods are s in less dense areas; whereas the pu am c more vibrant neighbourhoods, c au such as Wist Al-Balad, are in ro higher density areas. ad 90 building density Low density Medium density High density Pedestrian high street Green walkway N 0 100 500m32 bua figures represent the minimum government approved eastown master-plan.
  18. 18. shadow studiesat a Date: 22nd Juneglance Time: 17:00 am pu s Insolation studies have been c c carried out to determine the au optimum positions for buildings and roads. The buildings around ro ad Eastown’s Central Pedestrian 90 Boulevard are positioned to Residential 34% provide maximum shading during the summer months. Thus allowing residents, shoppers and pedestrians alike to enjoy the Total BUA: Around 382,611 Square Metres outdoor high street experience. Number of Units: Around 1,900 Average Unit Size: 200 Square Metres Number of Residents: 8,000 (Average 4 Per Unit) Commercial 30% Total BUA: Around 332,101 Square Metres Number of Units: Over 1,660 Average Unit Size: 200 Square Metres Number of Office Employees: Suitable For Over 10,000 N Retail & Entertainment 30% 0 100 500m Total BUA: Around 338,657 Square Metres Number of Outlets: Around 2,110 Anchor Mall: 150,000 Square Metres/1,000 Outlets High Street: 50,000 Square Metres/300 Outlets Average Unit Size: 160 Square Metres phasing plan Eastown is a large project and as such detailed construction phasing s Hospitality 6% plans have been put in place.There pu am c are three main building phases. au c Hotels: Up To 5 Hotels Phasing plan ro ad Phase 1 Rooms: Over 800 Rooms & Serviced Apartments 90 Phase 2 Phase 3 N 0 100 500m34 bua figures represent the minimum government approved eastown master-plan.
  19. 19. this document includes forward-looking statements. the words “believe”, “anticipate”, “expect”, “intend”, “aim”, “plan”, “predict”, “continue”, “positioned”, “may”, “will”, “should”, “shall”, “risk”, andother similar expressions that are predictions of or indicate future events and future trends identify forward-looking statements. these forward-looking statements include all matters that are nothistorical facts. in particular, the statement regarding strategy and other future events or prospects are forward-looking statements. recipients of this document should not place undue relianceon forward-looking statements because they involve known or unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that are in many cases beyond the control of the company. by their nature, forward-looking statements and projections involve risks and uncertainties because they relate to events and depend on circumstances that may or may not occur in the future. forward-looking statementsare not guarantees of future performance and the company’s actual results of operations, financial condition and liquidity, and the development of the industry in which the company operates maydiffer materially from those made in or suggested by the forward-looking statements contained in this document. the cautionary statements set forth above should be considered in connection withany subsequent written or oral forward-looking statements that the company, or persons acting on its behalf may issue. various factors could cause actual results to differ materially from thoseexpressed or implied by the forward-looking statements in this document including world-wide economic trends, the economic and political climate of egypt, the middle-east and changes in businessstrategy and various other factors. all information contained in this document, including but not limited to information related to the egyptian real-estate and financial markets, are compiledfrom sources known to be reliable and or publicly available data reasonably assumed to be accurate (the “source data”). the source data may contain errors and or inaccuracies; sodic provides nowarantes or guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied, and accept no responsibility, with regard to the accuracy, completeness or correctness of the source data used in the document.this disclaimer is to be considered an integral part of the document and sodic’s liability in respect of this document and is to be governed by egyptian law under the jurisdiction of egyptian courts.