Introduction	                       02Location and Connectivity	          04Life at The Polygon	                08Designed...
A business park that will change                                                                                          ...
A well-connected location                                                                                                 ...
View of The Polygon south east Entrance06                                        07
An exceptionally                                                                                               Any way you...
Offices with built-in flexibility                                                                         The Polygon’s fr...
A workplace complete                                                                                 At The Polygon, daily...
Much more than office space                                                                                  There are two...
Aerial night view of The Polygon from the east16                                               17
Award-winning          international architects          Designed by Wilkinson Eyre, a leading UK-based architecture firm....
Terrace view from ‘The Mountain’ building20020                                          21                                ...
A well-planned city centre                                                                                               T...
SODIC and Solidere International                                                                                          ...
What’s your ideal working space?                                                                                          ...
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The Polygon Brochure


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The Polygon Brochure

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The Polygon Brochure

  1. 1. Introduction 02Location and Connectivity 04Life at The Polygon 08Designed For Modern Businesses 10The Polygon Amenities 12Hotel and Serviced Apartments 14Wilkinson Eyre Architects 18Westown 22SODIC and Solidere International 24Contact Information 26
  2. 2. A business park that will change Great office space is currently hard to find in The Polygon is the first business park at Westown, Cairo. It is in short supply. And too often the space the new city centre at the heart of Sheikh Zayed, that is available comes with drawbacks, such as the fast-growing west Cairo area, and just up the makeshift facilities, inadequate parking, high road from the Smart Village business campus.the shape of Cairo business life costs or a less than perfect setting. A million people live in this area already, and the population is projected to reach five million over Now there is a better option. The Polygon is a new the next few years. Forward-looking companies concept in contemporary office space. It has all are keen to find offices close to this growing the social connectedness of a downtown office employee base, and The Polygon will be the and all the convenience of a modern business ideal choice. complex. And its offices have a design qualityCairo is in need of quality office space. that is unsurpassed in Cairo, with advanced technologies built in.Businesses need offices with easy access, flexibility of space, full security and the latestoffice technologies built in.The Polygon has all this at Westown, the new city centre for west Cairo being developedby SODIC in collaboration with Solidere International.View of The Polygon from the north east gate02 03
  3. 3. A well-connected location i ro Ca r hwaConveniently located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and at the heart of west Cairo. Westown Map g Me Fara DesignopolisIn the Westown business district, walking distance from Allegria, Forty West, BISC, Beverly Hills and Casa. El RodBenefiting from government-led investment in transport links and infrastructure. Alexa ndria ri a a nd - Alex oad Cairo ert RThe Polygon has a great location. It sits at the Destop of Westown’s palm-lined pedestrian Central BISCBoulevard, not far from the luxury apartmentsand lively social scene at Forty West.There is a wide range of nearby homes and The Polygonamenities, all within a short walk or drive fromThe Polygon. Walk to work from a villa at Allegriaor an apartment at Beverley Hills or Casa. Enrolyour children at the British International School Allegriain Cairo (BISC) and get there easily when there’s a & The Allegriaschool play or after-school event. With Egypt’s first Greg Norman Signature Golf CourseGreg Norman signature golf course just up the roadin Allegria, golfers are truly in luck. And all of theshopping, health and leisure amenities throughoutwest Cairo are reachable within minutes by car.It’s a world away from the congestion of downtownCairo. Yet travelling between the two is easy. The26th of July Mehwar runs from the banks of the Nile Forty West Casain the heart of Cairo directly to the Cairo-Alexandria DaDesert Road, Egypt’s main thoroughfare. From Bel Air hsthere, it’s just a few minutes’ drive to The Polygon. ho urSoon, another eight-lane highway, the Rod El Farag RoMehwar, will link Westown with downtown Cairo. a dt oJAnd a planned light-rail stop will make the uhconnection even easier. ay na Beverly HillsWestown is transforming this fast-growing area Key: Sq uainto a fully self-sufficient community and a hub Westown pedestrian refor Egypt’s business growth. And the companies Central Boulevardthat move into The Polygon will get there first. N 0 100 200 300 metres 01 01 Aerial map of Westown and surrounding area 02 The Forty West Piazza 03 Shahira H. Fahmy designed villa at Allegria 02 0304 05
  4. 4. View of The Polygon south east Entrance06 07
  5. 5. An exceptionally Any way you look at it, The Polygon is a distinctive The outdoor space is equally well designed. and unconventional business development. It The Polygon’s central feature is a large landscaped consists of 11 buildings—nine office buildings, a green space. At its widest point, this garden area is hotel and a building of serviced apartments—each 200 metres across, or the equivalent of two footballwell-designed workplace with a unique asymmetrical shape. In fact, every pitches—a rarity in any urban development. There floor and every office space has its own angles is a minimum of 12 metres between each building and shape, letting in lots of natural light and giving and three easy gateways for access to and from many more employees a corner office. Together, greater Westown, making The Polygon a place with the buildings add up to a very modern and free form true openness and accessibility, where ideas can geometry. That’s why we’ve called it The Polygon. freely take shape.Over 70,000 square metres of ‘Class A’ office space. This is ‘Class A’ office space, designed to a standard Work as easily outdoors as indoors. The surround that will impress you, your employees and your of buildings creates a microclimate in the centre of11 uniquely designed buildings with inspirational architecture by Wilkinson Eyre Associates. visitors. There are double-height ceilings in reception The Polygon, with shaded outdoor areas that will areas to enhance natural light and show off your be comfortable even on the warmest days. Take a corporate identity; state-of-the-art elevators to cut break at a café table or hold your meetings in theEvery imaginable amenity and service in a setting of landscaped open spaces. the daily wait; central air-conditioning to keep the open-air, under a strong wi-fi internet ‘cloud’. It’s temperature just right; and smart energy systems the kind of flexibility that encourages people to to prevent blackouts and equipment damage while work more collaboratively and share information saving energy. Advanced internet connectivity will more fluidly. And the range of convenient amenities, keep everyone on the company network, wherever from a multi-storey car park to a crèche, gym and they are, and raised flooring will keep cables various food and beverage options, will improve organised and out of sight. your employees’ quality of life, leading to improved productivity and morale.View of the central building ‘The Mountain’ from the west08 09
  6. 6. Offices with built-in flexibility The Polygon’s free-form angles do much more than If you need a retail space, a showroom for your create a striking visual effect. They provide real products or a branch for your bank, you will find it and practical benefits in every office, by increasing in the ground-floor spaces that we’ve set aside for exposure to natural light and providing each office this purpose. Choose the amount of space you need space with its own outdoor terrace. Never mind that and we will customise it to suit your business needs. The Polygon has far more ‘corner offices’ than any With your customer-facing and internal activities conventional building could hold. close together, you’ll be able to run a leaner, moreDesigned to accommodate businesses of all sizes. efficient business. And your customers are sure to An ingenious design approach puts you in control of be impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities.Office space that can be customised for specific needs. how much—or how little—space you occupy. Each floor at The Polygon is divided into 250-square- metre modules. Lease or own the space you need,Buy or lease your ideal office or showroom space. from a single module up to an entire 9,000-square- metre building. Choose to use a shared reception area or—if you’re occupying a larger space—to have a separate entrance, branded with your corporate identity for added impact. And if your company’s office requirements change over time, the space you occupy at The Polygon can change too.The Polygon at a glanceThe Polygon Land Area The Polygon master-plan32,925 sqmPercentage Green and Public Spaces 58% 02The Polygon Built Up Area (BUA) 86,000 sqm 11 03Number of Officesup to 200 offices*Hotel Rooms 50 roomsResidences 50 ApartmentsParking Spots 011,700 Spots 10The Polygon Retail Built Up Area (BUA) 3,200 sqmHealth Club 041,500 sqmCrèche 200 sqmIndoor/Outdoor Restaurant 450 sqm* Assuming four separate tenants per floor 09The Polygon buildings 0501 ‘The Mountain’ 08 07 0609 The Business Hotel10 The Polygon Residences 1110
  7. 7. A workplace complete At The Polygon, daily convenience begins with easy Leave the children at the purpose-built crèche. parking. You will never struggle to find a space. Pick up breakfast or lunch in the garden restaurant, Simply pull in to the two-story, multi-access or go for a more formal meal in the restaurant at the underground car park. It has 1,700 spaces, including business hotel. Do all your banking on site. Whenwith conveniences dedicated spaces for visitors, with CCTV and it’s time for a coffee or tea break, relax at one of the security patrols to keep your car safe. open-air café tables. Or de-stress in the health club, with a reinvigorating swim in the full-sized pool, a You are unlikely to need your car again until your workout in the exercise area or a quick match on the workday is done. The Polygon has been designed squash courts. to house a wide range of on-site amenities, in a configuration that makes them easily accessible With so many conveniences within easy reach,Ample parking spaces and a wide range of well thought-out amenities. from every office. your employees will be more contented and spend less time away from the office than they would in aServices including restaurants, cafés, a health club and a crèche. more conventional workplace. And with SODIC and Solidere International taking care of all security, cleaning and property management, your peopleProperty management and security provided by SODIC and Solidere International. can focus on what they do best.View from office interior12 13
  8. 8. Much more than office space There are two great options for anyone who needs And when you need extra space at peak times accommodation close to the offices at The Polygon. or to support a special event, there will be a range Stay in the business hotel or in a residential suite. of serviced offices and meeting rooms available to be booked. Like The Polygon as a whole, the on-site business hotel will offer great design and fully integrated With people living and staying the night on-site, business technologies. Guests will be able to work The Polygon will always be a lively place, even outA convenient business hotel for visiting colleagues and international partners. from their hotel room or make the short walk to the of working hours. There will be shopping in the office. It’s the perfect option for days when there retail outlets on the ground floor of the servicedServiced apartments for those who need to stay longer. are meetings with an early start. apartments building. The hotel’s restaurant will be a convenient, full-service venue for working The Polygon’s serviced apartments occupy a prime breakfasts, business lunches and relaxed dinners.The Polygon is lively, day and night. position, overlooking Westown’s Central Boulevard And the hotel lounge will be a great place to linger, and the modern landscaping of The Polygon well into the night. gardens. These compact apartments are an ideal option for new recruits who are yet to find their own homes locally or for anyone who comes and goes from The Polygon on a regular basis. Choose a long or short-term lease.View of The Polygon gardens14 15
  9. 9. Aerial night view of The Polygon from the east16 17
  10. 10. Award-winning international architects Designed by Wilkinson Eyre, a leading UK-based architecture firm. Architects known for their innovation and groundbreaking designs. Back-to-back winners of the UK’s prestigious Stirling Prize for architecture. The Polygon is a groundbreaking new development. So it may be no surprise that its architects are known for breaking new ground with their work. Wilkinson Eyre Architects is a UK-based firm that is known for working with new materials and technologies. Their high-profile portfolio of commercial projects around the world includes the iconic Huanggang Towers in China, 20 Blackfriars Road in London and the BBC’s new northern headquarters in Liverpool, England. They designed one of China’s tallest buildings, the spectacular Guangzhou West Tower, which on completion will house a conference centre, a hotel and offices. Wilkinson Eyre developments win awards for their style and inventiveness as well as their high level of functionality. In fact, Wilkinson Eyre won the UK’s prestigious Stirling Prize two years in a row. Their work gets so much attention because it is designed with an eye for first impressions along with an attention to functionality and the finer details. They’ve brought this same daring and meticulous approach to The Polygon.01 “We are delighted to be working with SODIC and Solidere International on this very exciting project at Westown. High expectations, an open brief and a groundbreaking master-plan gave us an excellent starting point to think afresh about working environments. In The Polygon, we aim to create a unique and memorable place that plays a key role in the life and soul of Westown while helping to shape the future of Egyptian business life.” Matthew Priestman, Wilkinson Eyre Architects Designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects; 01 Royal Ballet School Bridge of Aspiration – UK 02 Guangzhou International Finance Centre – China02 03 03 Stratford Regional Station – UK18 19
  11. 11. Terrace view from ‘The Mountain’ building20020 21 021
  12. 12. A well-planned city centre The Polygon occupies a prime location in the new Westown will be a popular destination for culture, business district at Westown, the new city centre leisure and shopping. People from right across that SODIC and Solidere International are building Cairo will be drawn to Westown for its restaurants for west Cairo. Westown brings together residential, and lively social scene, and to the palm-linedfor west Cairo social and commercial life, all in a master-planned pedestrianised Central Boulevard for its designer urban setting with great architecture, sustainable shops. And everyone who works at The Polygon will design features and pedestrian-friendly streets. have these and many other vibrant amenities right on their doorstep. Westown will be a city centre with tremendous diversity and enduring vitality. It will have all the benefits of city living and none of the downsides,Westown is the product of meticulous planning by international architects and urban experts. such as pollution, parking problems or traffic jams. And Westown will really work, because it wasA truly urban place, with outstanding business, leisure, cultural and residential amenities. thoroughly planned and designed by some of the world’s leading architects, environmental experts and urban planners.Master-planned to be congestion-free and provide a high quality of life.Aerial view of Westown22 23
  13. 13. SODIC and Solidere International SODIC are the developers behind some of Egypt’s Both companies share a passionate belief that most admired and best-planned new developments, carefully planned developments can transform including major mixed-use developments in west people’s lives for the better. Together, we have a and east Cairo. SODIC have an intimate knowledge formidable track record in urban and residential of the local Cairo market and are well-acquainted development. In Lebanon and Egypt, we’ve proven with the needs of the local and international our ability to think up and deliver imaginative and companies to whom The Polygon is designed workable new developments. And through thisDeveloped by SODIC in collaboration with Solidere International. to appeal. experience we have forged solid working relationships with many of the best architects,Two developers with extensive experience in large-scale projects. Solidere International is the global development designers and building experts in the world. subsidiary of Solidere, the award-winning Lebanon- based developer best known for carrying out the We’re putting this combined experience to workAn absolute commitment to delivering state-of-the-art projects that transform people’s lives. acclaimed reconstruction of Beirut city centre. in Cairo, by developing, marketing and managing Solidere has 15 years of experience in urban large-scale urban projects that will reshape the planning, project consultancy, project management city’s work and leisure life. And The Polygon is a and virtually every other aspect of the real estate prime example. market. And now Solidere is bringing this experience to bear on distinguished projects across the Middle East, the Gulf States and Europe.North entrance view of ‘The Mountain’ building24 25
  14. 14. What’s your ideal working space? There are several convenient ways to contact us: Call us on 16220 in Egypt or +20 3897-3939 Visit our websites or www.sodic.comThe Polygon will pioneer a new way of working, with flexible spaces and a dramatically improved For sales and customer services, please email: sales@thepolygoncairo.comdaily quality of life. For general information and inquiriesWhatever your business size, focus area or goals, we can work with you to design an office please email: info@thepolygoncairo.comspace that fit your needs. Or simply drop by our SODIC Sales Centre, which is located at Km 38 Cairo-AlexandriaFor forward-looking companies, The Polygon is where it all takes shape. Desert Road, Sheikh Zayed, Egypt. Master-plans, pictures and other visual materials, designs, facades, floor plans, heights and number of floors used are for demonstration purposes only and may change in accordance with final designs and projects planning permissions.View of lobby interior26 27
  15. 15.