Human Developments hu-man de-vel-op-ments [hyoo-muhn dĭ-věl’əp-mənts]: Environments in which people can develop their full...
Welcome to the                               Greener Side   Where the balance is justright between everything youneed and ...
Here your passions have   room to breathe                          A Hint                             of Serenity         ...
Recipes for a                                    Balanced                                         Life                    ...
An Ideal Place                                                                                                      Locati...
Ingenuity                                                A perfect fusion of design                                       ...
Miami, Florida, USA                                                                                                       ...
Cairo, EgyptCairo, Egypt                                                                                                  ...
Tamer AnanI                                                                                                               ...
An Award Winning                                    NEW YORK                                    CHAPTER                   ...
Designing a better future   Strides                                                                                      i...
A Signature Golf Course                                                                                            The Wor...
Y Own Personal     our                                             Retreat        The Spa                                 ...
Master  Planning and Consultancy         We chose to work with Egyptian Consulting         House (ECH) because of their st...
Landscaping                                                                                                      Irrigatio...
Project                                                    The Connected  Management                                      ...
The              Buzz                                of a Charming                                  Urban LifeWESTOWN, the...
About                     SODIC                                 Contacts                                                  ...
Have a Great Day                   Pictures and other visual material used are for demonstration purposes only and may cha...
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Allegria Brochure


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Allegria Compound Brochure

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Allegria Brochure

  2. 2. Human Developments hu-man de-vel-op-ments [hyoo-muhn dĭ-věl’əp-mənts]: Environments in which people can develop their full potential and lead productive, creative lives in accord with their needs, interests and aspirations.
  3. 3. Welcome to the Greener Side Where the balance is justright between everything youneed and everything you want of Life Picture a life of peace and inspiration, freedom and options. A life of your own choosing made up of whichever personal simple pleasures you dream of. Picture those simple pleasures. Picture Allegria.
  4. 4. Here your passions have room to breathe A Hint of Serenity Turn your back on the stressful sounds and sights that have defined the city’s downtown neighbourhoods. Escape the clamour of cars, the gridlocked traffic, the stifling pollution and congested streets and enter a sanctuary designed to peel away the layers of daily stress. Journey into an enchanted, rejuvenating place where the air is healthy, the rhythm of life serene, and the quality of life a dream. Discover a place that’s right at Cairo’s doorstep, surrounded by a multitude of services, yet feels like a million miles away.
  5. 5. Recipes for a Balanced Life Walk out of your front door to find a community pulsing with cosmopolitan energy. Unlimited choices from the tranquillity of the vast green spaces includeA tranquil haven from the parks, walkways, jogging tracks, the Greg Norman bustle of the city Signature 18-Hole Golf Course, a Clubhouse and WESTOWN: the bustling town centre that will include a comprehensive array of commercial, recreational and leisure facilities.
  6. 6. An Ideal Place Location Map for yourDream House BISC Ca iro -A lexan dria De sert R oad Casa Smart Village Beverly Hills Toll Station Dandy Mall Carrefour Sheikh Zayed City Da hs hu Step inside. You’ll rR oa d be pleasantlyLocation: surprised by what hwa rAllegria is located to the west of Cairo off the Cairo- MeAlexandria Desert Road, eight kilometres from you findSmart Village. It is next to BISC, Beverly Hills and Sixth of October Citythe Designopolis commercial retail complex. Accessto services, shopping and entertainment facilities willbe available soon within WESTOWN. In the meantime, hypermarkets, malls and medical facilities arenearby in Sixth of October City. Juhayna Square
  7. 7. Ingenuity A perfect fusion of design and vision New York City, New York, USA in Design Since 1964, Michael Graves, the world-famous American architect and designer, has been the creative mind behind more than 300 buildings worldwide. Michael Graves & Associates employs over 100 people in offices in Princeton, New Jersey and New York City, and has won over 180 awardsThe finest designs and architecture capture Allegria’s for design excellence. They have worked on a hostvision of a healthier and happier lifestyle for all its of prestigious projects including the Washingtonresidents. A selection of world-renowned architects Courthouse, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts andand designers have brought their talents to create an the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Michaelaward-winning master plan, world class landscaping, Graves is also one of the New York Five, a group ofand uniquely attractive villas and townhouses. Diverse five New York City architects whose work appearedyet harmonious architectural designs are offered in a Museum of Modern Art exhibition in 1967 andby Michael Graves, Mark Mack, Arquitectonica, the subsequent book Five Architects in 1972.KCRG, Shahira H. Fahmy, Laithy Mekawy andTamer Anani. They feature various housing types An aesthetic trendsetter who skilfully unites spaceand sizes to suit everyone’s needs and offer a broad and style, Graves brings his stellar talent and visionrange of choices. Design details of public spaces are to Allegria’s villas. The units are designed to be bothcreated to establish a separate identity for each of original and sensitive to residents’ tastes and theirthe neighbourhoods. Each area is distinct from the suburban surroundings. They are carefully devisedother yet all blend together in elegant conformity with a spatial sequence that pleasantly blendsand a common concept – ingenuity in design. Every indoor and outdoor spaces to take full advantage ofelement of Allegria has been created to encourage Allegria’s extensive landscape.outdoor activity for the entire family. Garden view of Michael Graves villa www.michaelgraves.com
  8. 8. Miami, Florida, USA Venice, California, USAArquitectonica is a post-modern architectural,interior design and planning firm, and is the creativemind behind many famous buildings including theAtlantis Condominium and the Westin Times Squarein New York. It has won many esteemed awardsincluding the AIA Test of Time Award and the AIAAward for Excellence in Architecture. Mark Mack and his design team are recognised for thoughtful, elegant architecture that emphasises theArquitectonica is bringing the hallmarks of its integration of built form and environment. Clarity ofdistinctive style to Allegria, emphasizing structures form, simplicity of construction and an appreciationthat are bold and graphic in form. Distinctively of tradition, climate, and materiality give Mack’sconceived for Allegria, the main design principle architecture a quality of timelessness.bases itself on shifting volumes and layers. Linearentrances extend throughout the houses, connecting Mark Mack’s reputation was established in thethe interior spaces to the exterior gardens. Every California Bay Area with a series of villas designedroom houses large expanses of glass capturing light with former partner Andrew Batey (Batey & Mack)and offers views of the pool and garden areas. Roof in the 1980’s. Newsweek magazine placed this workterraces, double height foyers, and long rising open among the new wave of architecture that exhibitsstairs add to the dramatic and progressive modernist “a blunt beauty and classical dignity.” Mark Mackappeal of the designs. Arquitectonica’s concept for established his own firm MACK Architects in SanAllegria is proof that neoteric designs can still be Francisco in 1984, and moved his practice to Venice,synonymous with comfort. California in 1993.www.arquitectonica.com Garden view of Arquitectonica villa Garden view of Mark Mack villa www.markmack.com
  9. 9. Cairo, EgyptCairo, Egypt Shahira H. Fahmy’s designs aim to establish balance between new spatial concepts and existing context in almost all aspects of urban design. Shahira is able to work on various levels: concept design, construction supervision and research-based designs. After working as an architect with the leading engineering firm in the Middle East, Dar El Handasah for over 3 years, she established her own private architecturalKamel Consultants and Research Group (KCRG) is practice: Shahira H. Fahmy architects based ina medium-scale architectural firm providing a variety Cairo, Egypt, providing architecture, interiorof unique services to its clients. KCRG is primarily design and furniture design. She has taken part inspecialised in educational, retail, residential, sports and milestone projects such as AUC’s new campus inleisure buildings. Besides design and technical support, New Cairo and her firm has won many awards sinceKCRG provides detailed research, evaluation and its founding. Most recently Shahira’s firm won theassessment services to clients to help them identify MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Awardstheir needs and set their priorities. The firm stresses 2009 in the category of “Regeneration and Masteron quality control and continuous monitoring of all Planning Category” for her work on SODIC andprocesses involved since the start of a project until a Solidere’s WESTOWN Block 36, in Cairo, Egypt.post occupancy assessment is conducted. Garden view of KCRG villa View from Shahira Fahmy townhouse www.sfahmy.com
  10. 10. Tamer AnanI Cairo, EgyptCairo, Egypt Tamer Anani is an architect who believes in creating environments that enhance positive energy and spiritual well being. His central concerns involve aAfter spending several years working in Istanbul combination of practice, teaching and research.gaining experience in the conversion and restoration Tamer Anani began his career with the Egyptianof buildings, Laithy Mekawy began his own private architectural firm, Farouk El-Gohary (FG Architects),practice in 2006. The Laithy team is young, dynamic working on several projects throughout Egypt andand creative, and enjoys the challenges that come the Middle East including Luxor Airport, Ministrywith intricate and diverse projects. Their work of Finance Towers and Mubarak City for Education.ranges from architectural design and planning to Tamer completed his graduate studies and earnedthe conversion of old structures such as their work a Masters Degree in Construction Engineering within Istanbul, Turkey; there, Laithy worked on building honours at The American University in Cairo. Innew residential compounds, and restoring and 2004, he set up his own practice and founded XINtransforming old buildings in the capital into updated STUDIO 8 in Cairo that encompasses all fields ofand modernised lofts. In Egypt the firm is working on design, ranging from urban scale all the way througha diverse number of projects ranging from a resort to products, interiors and furniture. He is currentlyand shopping district on Egypt’s North Coast, to SODIC’s very own in-house Director of Architectureresidential villas in Sharm El Sheikh. Entrance view of Laithy Mekawy townhouse Garden view of Tamer Anani townhouse and Landscape for EASTOWN and WESTOWN.
  11. 11. An Award Winning NEW YORK CHAPTER AMERICAN Development SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Merit Award Un-Built Works Presented to Edaw, Inc. and SODIC BEST GOLF For Allegria Master BEST DEVELOPMENTDEVELOPMENT EGYPT Plan Cairo, Egypt EGYPT Allegria by Allegria by 2007 Professional SODIC Cairo SODIC Cairo 2008 Awards 2008 Allegria is a world-class award-winning development. In 2007 EDAW, a global leader in the fields of landscape architecture, urban design and environmental planning, received an award for its Allegria master plan from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). EDAW brings Allegria’s contemporary, asymmetrical master plan and landscaping to life, with another potentially award-winning feat. In 2008 Allegria won two CNBC Arabian Property Awards in the categories of Best Golf Development in Egypt and Best Development in Egypt.
  12. 12. Designing a better future Strides in the Right for your whole family Direction Every element of Allegria’s design was conceived with your children and family in mind. The project’s very location to the west of Cairo ensures that it has the benefit of fresh air blowing in from the Mediterranean and Western Desert, while extensive green areas and sports facilities allow you and your kids to develop a healthy outdoor and fitness- oriented lifestyle. Allegria is gated with pedestrian and cycle paths peppered throughout it, separated from car traffic to give you peace of mind while your children enjoy their freedom and independence. The area is home to no less than three schools, including the prestigious British International School in Cairo (BISC), just a short walk away, in addition to The German School of Beverly Hills and New VisionAllegria is also home to the British International International School both located in the BeverlySchool of Cairo (BISC) Hills compound.
  13. 13. A Signature Golf Course The World’s Leading in your Front Yard Golf Management CompanyEven golf courses have a seal of approval or a markpromoting their quality; in this case, a Signaturefrom an exceptional golfer after whom the course is A GREG NORMAN SIGNATURE COURSEnamed, thus verifying its high standards. So it waswith great pride that our golf course named ‘TheAllegria’ was designed as a signature course – thefirst of its kind in Egypt – by legendary golfer, GregNorman. Norman spent 331 weeks as the world’s no.1 golfer in the 1980’s and 1990’s, earning himself thenickname of “The Great White Shark”. He recentlydemonstrated his skill after finishing tied for third In line with Allegria’s philosophy of a happy, integratedplace at the 2008 British Open. neighbourhood, ‘The Allegria’ golf course is designed to be a natural extension of the overall community. ItIn 1987, his company, Greg Norman Golf Course blends in and is harmonious with the overall shapes,Design (GNGCD) was established, becoming one colours and intricate nuances of Allegria. Troon Golf, the world’s leading luxury brand golfof the world’s premier signature golf course design management company will be managing ‘The Allegria’firms, and is proudly the designer of the stunning “We are extremely excited about the progress of the golf course and the Clubhouse at Allegria. Troon Golf18-hole golf course situated at the heart of Allegria. Allegria golf course. The course has all the outstanding is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and manages characteristics that make it a really unique golf course, over 200 golf courses and their accompanying servicesStreams, rock features, vegetation and undulating truly beyond anything in the region.” in 31 states, and 31 countries with international officestopography are the natural elements implemented in Japan, Australia, Dubai and Switzerland. With itsin the design of ‘The Allegria’. Innovative methods Jason Scott-McCoy, Senior Vice President, Greg Amendoeira Golf Course dedication to quality and service, Troon Golf is by farare constantly sought to utilise the greatest number Norman Golf Design. in Portugal, managed by the world’s largest golf operator.of trees on a site, rather than eliminate them. www.shark.com Troon Golf www.troongolf.com
  14. 14. Y Own Personal our Retreat The Spa Feel your stress evaporate as you step into the exclusive Spa in Allegria. From the moment you walk inside your senses will be relaxed by the soothing colours and tranquil atmosphere. The Spa is your haven for revitalisation and rejuvenation. A team of wellness experts will guide you towards a calmer, healthier life through treatments and massages forThe Allegria Hotel, Spa Clubhouse the body, mind and spirit. In addition, a variety of options to pamper your body including the Spa’sThe Allegria Hotel, Spa Clubhouse are situated in saunas, steam rooms and Jacuzzis will be at yourthe heart of stunning Allegria on a raised platform fingertips for a quick pick-me-up after a long day.with spectacular views of west Cairo including theGiza Pyramids and the Greg Norman 18-Hole The ClubhouseSignature Golf Course. With all they have to offer,the Allegria Spa, Hotel Clubhouse will be the main The Clubhouse at Allegria is the perfect place forrecreational destinations for all Allegria residents, you and your family to play, be active and enjoyfamily and friends. the outdoors. With its gym, golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, and much, much more theThe Hotel Clubhouse managed by Troon Golf will be the only place you’ll need to go for a fun day in the sun, or aWith almost 100 stunning rooms, the Hotel in Allegria good workout.is a luxurious getaway from the stresses of everydaylife. It is the perfect venue for relaxed gatherings with In addition to its sports facilities the Clubhouse willfriends and family, whether you prefer an elegant fine also be home to Allegria’s very own restaurant anddining experience, a casual lunch, or drinks and light bar, The 19th Hole. Designed especially for all golf-appetisers. With all the restaurants, lounges and bars lovers, The 19th Hole is the perfect place to relaxthe Hotel has to offer, you will find the exact wining or and grab a sandwich after a day of teeing-off on thedining experience you are looking for. Greg Norman Signature Golf Course.
  15. 15. Master Planning and Consultancy We chose to work with Egyptian Consulting House (ECH) because of their strong track record since they began in 1976. In just over two decades of continuous work, ECH has firmly positioned itself as one of the top architecture and engineering firms in the country, and enjoys a growing presence across the Middle East. EDAW is consistently ranked among the world’s leading design firms, and boasts hundreds of client and industry awards. We knew we had made the right choice in working with them as they have proven over the course of their history that they have always embraced a philosophy that values the relationship between people and their environment. EDAW’s work entails programming, planning, designing and implementing all types of urban spaces and streetscapes, transit corridors, plazas and waterfronts in urban settings. Over the past 24 years, SHAKER Consultancy Group (SCG) has set a record of success in cooperation with reputable international contractors and consultants. Their long list of prestigious projects demonstrating their reputation for excellence, specialisation and professional expertise were just some of the reasons we chose to work with them.
  16. 16. Landscaping IrrigationRanking among the world’s leading design firmsand boasting hundreds of client and industry awardsEDAW were also chosen for our landscapingin addition to our master planning. Believingin context and in letting the nature and cultureof a site influence design ideas, they carry theresponsibility of knowing the ecology of a site and Greenscape is a joint partnership company withits surroundings, understanding its traditions and SODIC, catering to all landscaping and designmaterials, and combining them in ways that extend needs for high-quality residential and mixed-useuse and lifetime. projects including Allegria. Teaming up with SODIC is Piero Donato, owner of Landmasters, a specialised landscaping contracting company and Fiorissima, an ornamental plants nursery. A privately held company founded in 1933, Rain BirdSites International is a multi-disciplinary consultancy The Donato family is the leading expert of the Corporation is our chosen irrigation company and thefirm specialised in designing integrated environments plant industry in the region, and has over 100 years leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation productsto produce works of functional and visual harmony. of experience in flower cultivation, landscaping and services. Since its beginnings, Rain Bird offered theSites International were chosen for their unique and exports, an excellent choice for all SODIC industry’s broadest range of irrigation products for golfdesign process that has evolved over the years by a developments. They are the pioneers of the courses, sports arenas, commercial developments andteam of thirty design and management professionals transplanting technique in Egypt and have worked homes in more than 130 countries around the world.who specialise in architecture, urban design, site on colossal projects such as Smart Village and the Today, Rain Bird offers over 4,000 irrigation productsplanning and landscape architecture. Stella Di Mare resort in Ain Sokhna. and services.
  17. 17. Project The Connected Management Home Partnering with Cisco Systems meant that we were partnering with the worldwide leader in Internet networking. By creating the world’s most advanced intelligent networking technologies, Cisco is providing Allegria with the “connected home” experience by supplying the equipment and technology to connect more than one thousand villas using fiber optics. Allegria residents will benefit from high Internet speed,Managing a list of projects worldwide, Turner were advanced feature-rich IP telephony, interactive highthe first choice as our project managers. Among quality TV, movies on demand, wireless coverage,their clients are many Fortune 100 firms with building physical security and home automation services.projects that shape the skylines of major cities. TurnerInternational LLC, headquartered in New York, is a As Egypt’s leading service provider, Next Generationwholly owned subsidiary of The Turner Corporation, Services (NGS) were chosen to be our local partner tothe United States’ leading general builder and a take on the task of creating, managing and supplyingmember of the HOCHTIEF family of companies. cutting-edge technological products and solutions forThese corporate relationships offer an unparalleled all Allegria homes. The indispensible services of NGSglobal network of resources that is unique in the harness all intelligent networking technologies in Allegriaconstruction marketplace. with a mere click of a button.
  18. 18. The Buzz of a Charming Urban LifeWESTOWN, the lively town centre developed incollaboration with Solidere, is the central social andcommercial hub of Allegria and the surroundingareas of Sheikh Zayed and Sixth of October Cities.WESTOWN will be a self-sufficient, mixed-useurban centre that has been carefully planned to bringtogether the fundamentals of residential, social andcommercial life in a modern community that valuespedestrian circulation, architectural quality andenvironmental responsibility and sustainability. A cityfor walking and outdoor living with its parks and high-street shopping areas, it is the perfect complementto the Allegria setting. Indulgence is just a short Concept design of Wist Al-Balad in WESTOWN by Dahan Farid Architects. walk away - WESTOWN
  19. 19. About SODIC Contacts There are different ways you can get in touch with us: Call us on (+202) 3857 1391/2/3/4/5; Contact our call centre on 16220 or +20-2522-2252 Visit our websites: At SODIC we want to transform the way people www.allegriacairo.com or www.sodic.comlive and work. It’s a big ambition, but by continuallychallenging ourselves and established practices, we For Sales and Customer Services, please email: believe we can make a real difference. We are at the sales@sodic.comforefront of delivering wellplanned, sustainable andinnovative cities and developments that fulfill people’s For General Information and inquiries please email: desires for a better life. info@sodic.com Or simply drop by our SODIC Sales Centre, located on Km.38 on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Giza, Egypt.
  20. 20. Have a Great Day Pictures and other visual material used are for demonstration purposes only and may change in accordance with final designs and project planning permissions.
  21. 21. www.sodic.com