Echelon Magazine Digital Media Kit


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Echelon Magazine a bi-monthly digital magazine serving LGBT business professionals.

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Echelon Magazine Digital Media Kit

  1. 1. ECHELON DIGITAL MAGAZINE 2011 media kit Reaching the lucrativeWhat We Do LGBT business niche marketEchelon Magazine providesa gateway for corporateAmerica to create a deeperconnection with the LGBTbusiness community via atraditional and conservativemedia source.Who We ServeEchelon Magazine servesthe ever increasing businesssector of the LGBT commu-nity by informing, educating,providing insight and oppor-tunities for career and smallbusiness expansion. Contact: 6404 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 1829 Los Angeles, CA 90048 T - 323-230-5548 E -
  2. 2. POWER MARKET POWER MAGAZINE High Brand Disposable Loyal Income 2011 Gay Purchasing Power: $835 billion High Diversity Household Aware Income
  3. 3. INTERACTIVE FEATURESA digital magazine affordsEchelon Magazine theopportunity to offer some very In keeping with the new digital age and the advent and popularitycreative and interactive features of both the iPod and the iPad, Echelon Magazine launches our newin our upcoming issue. Our host, digital edition with our June/July 2010 issue. As technology changes,Turn-Page not only digitalizes the so must media.publications-it transforms it intoa whole new user-friendly The GLBT community has a great reputation for taking advantage ofinteractive experience. Users can the latest technology and we look forward to connecting gay-friendlyflip through animated pages full companies with the business side of this lucrative market.of images and articles as if thepublication was directly in front ABOUTof them. But that’s not all: videoscan be viewed, links can be Echelon Magazine, established in 2004, is a vital resource for GLBTaccessed, songs and sound clips business professionals, diversity leaders marketing executives andcan play directly from the government officials. As one of the only publications focused on theinteractive pages. professional side of our community, Echelon Magazine advertisers reach one of the most lucrative target markets via a conservative media * Embedded Links To Your Site vehicle. * Flash Ads * Videos EDITORIAL * Audio Echelon Magazine features articles on workplace equality, diversity,The publication will also allow us successful GLBT entrepreneurs and career professionals and acts as ato include a search function, add resource to connect with business widgets and the ability forreaders to share with social media The online edition allows us to directly link editorial content to oursites. Digital magazines are also website and also to external sites that support the features andvery search engine friendly. information provided. * Our new digital magazine We look forward to our continued advocacy for workplace equality.tracks statistics in real timeincluding: REACH Visitor frequency The iPad’s sales are expected to reach over 4 million the first year # of visitors and the iPod has already sold over 40 million so far. This presents an # of clicks on your ad incredible opportunity for publishers and advertisers. geographical information of the visitor is the main driver for our new ezine. We time on page currently receive between 15k-20k visitors per month. We also have accumulated an opt-in list from our weekly newsletter of 4,000 readers. On top of that, the ezine will be easily indexed on all search engines and canl be shared on the major social networks.
  4. 4. About DIGITAL MAGAZINESA new study by smart media sales found out that thedigital editions that make money have one thing in com-mon: they optimized their publications for the screen,via layout, font choices and rich media.Here are some key findings:The elements that enhance the readers’ experience moreare videos (75%),extra photos (58%),slide shows (37.4%),audio (35.7%)and Flash animations (30.6%)Digital publications are viewed for 20 to 30 minutes.An average Web site visit lasts eight to nine minutes70 percent of subscribers were less likely to ignore adsin digital editions than on web sites. They wereperceived as less intrusive.Respondents found ads in digital magazines morehelpful than ads in other electronic mediaMobile phone ads were ranked the least interestingAccording to the study, digital magazines were alsoseen asMore authoritative 65%More trustworthy 71%Easier to read 73%Better organized 78%More focused experience 80%More visually appealing 83%More interesting and fun to read 85%
  5. 5. Echelon DemographicsGENDERMale (83%)Female (17%)AGE 2011 AD RATES26-35 (31%) DOUBLE SPREAD $750.0036-45 (44%) FULL PAGE AD $450.0046-55 (14%) 1/2 PAGE AD $300.00 1/2 PAGE VIDEO $350.00ID No additional charge for bleed or color adsEntrepreneur (33%) Rates are “per insertion” contact us for frequency discountsCareer Prof. (33%)Other (33%)EDUCATION SPECIFICATIONS43% Completed College FULL PAGE 7.5w X 10 INCHESTECHNOLOGY FULL PAGE BLEED 8.75w X 11.25 INCHES62% Own a Computer HALF PAGE 7.5w X 5 INCHESINCOME High res pdf RGB color$75K-$100K 40% All fonts embedded one file in single page format, no crop marks,$101K-$150K 60% 150dpi, all pages the same size, we would appreciate if all files were optimized for web. Fix transparencies through the pdf/transparencyHH INCOME setting and select high resolution.$75K-$100K 33% Video: FLV files only.$101K-$150K 33%$151K-$200K 33% EDITORIAL CALENDARGEOGRAPHICEST 33% MATERIALS DUECST 16.7% Feb/Mar Finance Jan. 14, 2011PST 33% April/May Employment / Travel Mar. 15, 2011INT’L 16.7% June/July Entrepreneurs / Marketing May 16, 2011 Aug/Sept Technology July 15, 2011 Oct/Nov Workplace Diversity Sept. 15, 2011 Dec/Jan Corporate Diversity / Auto Nov. 15, 2011
  6. 6. WEB RATESSmall Business Package ($500) Website Banners (New Low Rates)100 word profile plus pic and link in our June issueon Small Business all banners are in rotation200 word profile plus pic and link in Small BusinessProfiles online $200/month (468 x 60 pixels)1 - banner ad 468x60 to run for 60 days online $200/month (160x600 pixels)1 - full page ad in Echelon’s June/July 2011 digital $300/month (300 x 250 pixels)issue. $100/month (125 x 125 pixels) Text AdsSmall Business Profiles $100/month or $1,000/year - 20 words maximum200 words plus picture and logo - $100/year Rotates on every page of the siteEmbedded Links - (end of articles) Classified Listing - Online - rates vary depending$200/month: 30 words or less, to appeari at end of all upon frequencynew articles within the month.example: ...LendersMark offers information about mortgagerefinancing and numerous loan calculators
  7. 7. Weekly NewsletterThe Echelon Intel Newsletter is distributed to over4,000 GLBT business professionals, multiculturalmarketers and GLBT media professionals.Box AD - 150x150 pixels: $100 per insertionWeekly Sponsor: ($150 per week) includes 100word listing with link and 468x60 banner ad withlink to your site.Profiles: 100 words for $100. Includes 1 image andlink to site.Banners: (468x60 pixels) $150 per insertion andlink to site. Contact via telephone for furtherSpeakers` Forum discussion: 323-230-5548 or email:List yourself as a speaker on Echelon`s Speaker advertising@echelonmagazine.comForum. Includes up to 300 words bio, image andcontact information. Package includes an announce-ment in our weekly newsletter.Rate: $100 per yearEmploymentEmployer Profle: Market your company`s talentrecruitment with a dedicated employer profile List your HRC score,employment benefits, diversity awards andcompany background to attract GLBT talent.Includes 1 page of text, link to your site, job boardlistings and photos along with a promotion for thissection on the home page.Rate: $800 per year.Press ReleasesSend your press release to our database of over 4,000GLBT business professionals, multiculturalmarketers, mainstream media and GLBT mediaprofessionals. Includes an image and link to yoursite. Available every day except Thursdays.Rate: $300 per insertion