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Media kit bandm eng_2011


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Media kit bandm eng_2011

  1. 1. Media Kit
  2. 2. JustificationThere is currently a myriad of information pertaining to all genres which is impossible to unravel as a result of its large amount of contents. Business and Marketing offers the best and most updated news to those businessmen who lack sufficient time in order to analyze, in a detailed manner, the information presented in newspapers, television, radio, magazines, bulletins, etc. Hence, they will be able to be updated with regard to various topics related to Marketing, Business, Innovations in Information Technology, Advertising, Human Resources, and such..
  3. 3. Editorial ProfileBimonthly Digital publication for the Bajio region, employing an editorial style which is characterized by creativity, reliability, ethics, and efficacy.BandM will portray an image will be contemporary, lively, fresh anddynamic, thus making the publication rather appealing. Itsobjective will be to keep high level executives concernedabout issues such as the country’s development, in order for them to make wise decisions and to attain a practical understanding of trade negotiationsBandM will be a spearhead publication that will act as an upgrade and feedback tool.
  4. 4. Reader ProfileBusines leaders, directors, high executives, and individuals in charge of various departments who are liable for their subordinates in order to achieve common objectives for the company.Individuals responsible for making purchase related decisions in one of the most powerful regions in the country. NSE: ABC+: 85% C: 15%• Upper Management: 17%• Functional Managers: 21%• Executives: 29%• Engineering / Purchases: 3%• Universities: 30%
  5. 5. MediaKitPeriodicity: Issued monthlyCirculation: Companies pertaining to the Industrial, Manufacturing and Trade sectorsReadership per copy: More than 6 readersAudience: More than 500 readers belonging to sectors that make business in the Bajio region.Distribution: Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Querétaro, San Luis Potosi, and Zacatecas
  6. 6. SeccionesEditorialEntrepreneur: Los mejores artículos y The Best ADS: Una muestra gráficaconsejos para hacer de su empresa, la de los mejores diseños publicitariosmejor compañíaCasos de éxito: Casos reales donde Lo que SI y Lo que NO: Los mejoresempresas de diversos sectores nos Tips para Ejecutivos de Alto Nivelmuestren como solucionaronproblemas de mercado.Planeación Estratégica: Los expertos Fine Art: Una selección de las mejoresnos dicen sobre la elaboración, obras de arte modernas y de todos losdesarrollo y ejecución de sus planes tiemposoperativos para alcanzar sus metas yobjetivos establecidos.Marketing: Las últimas tendencias International News: Las mejoresque marcan el camino de esta flexible noticias de mercadotecnia y negocios aherramienta de comunicación nivel Internacional.
  7. 7. SeccionesCapital Humano: La mayor parte de Recomendación Culinaria: Los mejoresnuestro tiempo la pasamos dedicados lugares para divertirse y comer.a nuestro trabajo, ¿Cómo podemoshacerlo más grato?Comunicación Escrita para Ejecutivos. New Technology: Los gadgets másDesde cómo escribir una simple carta caros y lujosos del mundo que todosde negocios hasta un Reporte Anual. deseamos tenerBranding. Conozca las mejores Recomendación Literaria: Los mejoresestrategias para construir una marca libros recomendados por Casa Gandhi, desde novelas hasta Libros técnicos.Redes Sociales: Las redes sociales se Mujer Ejecutiva: Un reportaje relativo alhan convertido en un medio de todo lo que tiene que ver con el ambientecontacto directo electrónico que nos femenino en los negocios, noticias,da beneficios en todos los sentidos eventos, consejos y demás.
  8. 8. 10 High Impact Reasons Why You Should Consider BusinessandMarketing as Part of Your 2011 Guidelines1. Digital advertising increases the effectiveness of traditional media in addition to increasing the purchase intention as well as the scope of campaigns developed in traditional media, such as the radio, TV, and printed media. Source: NFO Infratest.2. BusinesinBajio reaches 6 states within the Mexican Bajio region: Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, and Zacatecas.3. BusinesinBajio has a readership made up by more than 10,000 individuals.4. It is present in the most important Social Networks.5. It reaches more than 3 individuals within the same organization or company.6. It reaches the country’s main economic sectors.7. It possess a truly valuable editorial content, since national and international collaborators contribute by sending articles.8. It includes 20 highly interesting sections for individuals involved in Business and Marketing.9. Your company will be advertised in digital media for one year, thus helping reinforce your Branding efforts.10. Advertising material recall and purchase intentions improve when traditional and digital media unite. Source: NFO Infratest.
  9. 9. Frequency DiscountsADVERTISING FEATURE (cost per page) $ 8,500.00 pesos plus taxThis is a type of article aimed at providing information on a given enterprise, including details regarding its foundations, beginning, development and goals. It must include images and general interest information.Ad design $ 850.00 pesos plus tax
  10. 10. Business&Marketing Closing Dates 2011 Editions • April - May 8 April • June- July 6 JuneDigital Material Specifications • August – September 8 August • October - November 3 OctoberAll files must be inhigh resolutiondigital jgp format, • December – January 2012 5 December(150 dpis).
  11. 11. Online Sponsorships Ads “Silver” Sponsorship Ad www.businessinbajio.comSize: 205 wide x 114 highDuration: One monthPosition: Single ad (not shared)Investment: $ 8,000.00 Rate does not include tax
  12. 12. Online Sponsorships Ads Patrocinio Plata www.businessinbajio.comTamaño: 205 largo x 114 altoDuración: Un mesPosición: Única (No se comparte)Inversión: $ 8,000.00 Estas Tarifas no incluyen IVA
  13. 13. Online Sponsorships Ads “Star” Sponsorship Ad www.businessinbajio.comSize: 150 wide x 194 highDuration: One monthPosition: Single ad (not shared)Investment: $ 9,000.00 Rate does not include tax
  14. 14. Contact Information
  15. 15.