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  • Why you can’t trust your ISP – ISP’s are governed by legislation which compels them to comply with government surveillance e.g. monitoring and interception of telecommunications act
  • API – Application Programming interface
  • ThinApps – Application Virtualisation from Vmware or AppV from Microsoft


  • 1. How to harness the power andopportunities of cloud computingresponsibly and without riskJJ Milner - @jjrmilner7th March 2012
  • 2.  Established by JJ MilnerABOUT in 1995THE  Longest standing Cloud Provider in South AfricaAUTHOR  Manages over 250 000 Users  Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year 2010 & 2011  Provides White Label platforms for 19 Partners including Telkom and Vox Telecom THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 2
  • 3. Cutting through the hype:  Cloud differs from the traditional approach to outsourcing – On demand provisioning – Pay as you go – pay as you grow – Much lower cost asWHAT IS economies of scale are assumedCLOUD? – Near infinite capacity  Cloud is not virtualisation  Cloud is not finance / off balance sheet financing THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 3
  • 4. What should it be about:  The ability for organisations to stop solving all IT problems by themselves  It’s not just about sharing resources  It’s about pushing risk out of the businessWHAT ISCLOUD? If I took every component of what we use in our data centres and provided it as a service… …it would not be cloud THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 4
  • 5. Cloud Rep v Enterprise CIOHow much Cloud do you want to buy ? We have scale and can easily migrate your user base You can move from Capex to Opex Look at how much we do Look how big our data centre is THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 5
  • 6. Cloud Rep v Enterprise CIO Flash Migrations are Utopian You don’t need to decommission all your IT assets One vendor will never have all the answers Why you can’t trust your ISP THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 6
  • 7. Cloud Rep v Enterprise CIO Part 2(I see you’re informed…)How much Private Cloud do you want to buy? We manage thousands of virtual servers and can build you your own pod Private Cloud solves the customisation limitations of Public Cloud The infrastructure is dedicated to you THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 7
  • 8. Cloud Rep v Enterprise CIO Part 2How much will you really lower your costs by substituting yourexisting enterprise tools? Private Cloud has structural Rules as well Dedicated Infrastructure does not a Private Cloud make Your line of business personnel may not have the expertise for self-service THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 8
  • 9. The Answer = Hybrid THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 9
  • 10. Lesson 1STAYAGILE You need an orchestration layer that is vendor agnostic API’s are meaningless if they are tied exclusively to Private Cloud or a particular public cloud THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 10 THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 10
  • 11. Lesson 2EMBRACEMULTI-TENANY Hierarchical domains are too rigid Think of your infrastructure as ‘Pods’ – Some Pods will be existing infrastructure – Some will be offsite Private Clouds – Some will be Public Clouds THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 11 THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 11
  • 12. Lesson 3GOVERNANCEIS KEY Audit everything Encrypt wherever possible Geographical Legal Regimes affected where you host THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 12 THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 12
  • 13. Lesson 4USE ABLENDER Pick and choose from Public & Private Cloud to create the perfect cocktail Don’t run an open bar – Make sure you can apply chargebacks THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 13 THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 13
  • 14. Lesson 5THENETWORKCOUNTS Assume you may need to run disconnected Head Office is now a point of failure Learn to use ThinApps THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 14 THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 14
  • 15. Email & Messaging  Bring your own Client Access License  Filtering and Archiving are low hanging fruit  Use a Public Cloud for ExchangePUTTING – Beware of Email BrandingIT ALL  Leverage Intelligent routing for flexibility in mergers andTOGETHER acquisitions THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 15 THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 15
  • 16. Continuous Data Protection  Repurpose your out of maintenance SANs for onsite backup  Replicate Data to a publicPUTTING cloud vendor – But keep the encryptionIT ALL keysTOGETHER  Backup Laptops directly to the cloud THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 16 THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 16
  • 17. Remote Monitoring & Management  Add Hosted Remote Monitoring & Management tools to your service deskPUTTING – Directory integration is no longer a constraintIT ALL  Turn your IT departmentTOGETHER into a managed service provider THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 17 THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 17
  • 18. Private Cloud  Restore your backup to a hosted offsite Private Cloud  Find a vendor who canPUTTING manage your existing hardware as a PodIT ALLTOGETHER THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 18 THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 18
  • 19. Twitter @jjrmilnerEmail THE CIO’s CLOUD HANDBOOK 19