Cloud Expo Silicon Valley 2013 | Why Lease When You Can Buy Your Cloud


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Perhaps one of the perplexing things about cloud computing is the choice around renting time in someone else’s cloud (Amazon, Google, Rackspace or a myriad of others) or building your own. It’s not unlike the age-old car buyer’s dilemma, take the lower payments and lower total miles lease or buy the car and drive it for the long haul. Cloud computing users are often faced with the same conundrum. This presentation will focus on how to buy and build a cloud that can be fulfill the needs of most users including strategies for making use of the open source private cloud or managing workloads in both the private and public cloud using open source software.

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Cloud Expo Silicon Valley 2013 | Why Lease When You Can Buy Your Cloud

  1. 1. WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD Mark R. Hinkle Senior Director, Open Source Solutions Citrix @mrhinkle
  2. 2. ABOUTME The Apache Software Foundation WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  3. 3. PRIVATE VS PUBLIC CLOUD MOST EFFECTIVE ARGUMENTS FOR MOST EFFECTIVE ARGUMENTS FOR PRIVATE CLOUD PUBLIC CLOUD 1.   Speed  of  Deployment   26  %   1.   Lower  total  cost  of  ownership   (TCO)   23  %   2.   Savings  of  CAPEX   (capital  expenditures)   25  %   2.   Enabling  business  conHnuity   20  %   3.     Lower  total  cost  of  ownership   (TCO)   25  %     3.     Replacing  on-­‐premise  legacy   technology   20  %     4.     Enabling  business  conHnuity   20  %   4.     Speed  of  deployment   19  %   5. .   Greater  flexibility  to  react  to   charging  markeHng  condiHons   15  %   5. .   Savings  on  CAPEX  (capital   expenditure)   15  %   WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  4. 4. PUBLIC CLOUD OUTAGES Everyone has downtime AMAZON AUGUST 26, 2013 100 million Instagram users and 40 million Vine users affected. APPLE iCLOUD August 22, 2013 iMessage, 17% of all iTunes users affected, Documents in Cloud WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD MICROSOFT AZURE February 22, 2013 Google August 16, 2013 Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube and @mrhinkle The Microsoft Azure Cloud suffered a worldwide service interruption that impacted secure traffic for almost a full day.!
  5. 5. BENEFITS OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CLOUDS Convenience over customization $ Value Pricing Varied Support ✔ Many Features Flexibility No CAPEX Expertise Req’d All-In-One Solution Infinitely customizable to your needs. Broad Coverage “ AWS offers an extremely comprehensive cloud service, with everything from DNS to database. Google does not. This makes building applications on AWS easier, since you have bigger building blocks. So if you don’t mind locking yourself into a vendor, you’ll be more productive on AWS. “ Sebastien Stadl, CEO -- Scalr WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD $$$ Big Investment “Although it is early days, we have not experienced any downtime like the latest AWS [Amazon Web Services] glitch that affected Netflix and Instagram. I expected cloud products to be more rigid, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it can be tweaked to accommodate our legacy applications.” Richard Du Plessis, CIO --Seadrill @mrhinkle!
  6. 6. Differentiation “ “ If  all  you  have  is  a   hammer  everything   looks  like  a  nail.     Around not in the Cloud! Abraham Maslow ! The Psychology of Science! WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  7. 7. TABLE STAKES FOR CLOUD COMPUTING Minimum Requirements for Cloud Computing! ON DEMAND SELF-SERVICE A consumer can unilaterally provision computing capabilities BROAD NETWORK ACCESS Capabilities are available over the network and accessed through standard mechanisms that promote use by heterogeneous thin or thick client platforms RESOURCE POOLING The provider’s computing resources are pooled to serve multiple consumers using a multi-tenant model, with different physical and virtual resources dynamically assigned and reassigned according to consumer demand. RAPID ELASTICITY Capabilities can be elastically provisioned and released, in some cases automatically, to scale rapidly outward and inward commensurate with demand. MEASURED SERVICE The  NIST  DefiniHon  of  Cloud  CompuHng   Cloud systems automatically control and optimize resource use by leveraging a metering capability(at some level of abstraction appropriate to the type of service (e.g., storage, processing, bandwidth, and active user accounts) WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  8. 8. NO WORLD OF TWO CLOUDS DEVELOPERS AND OPERATIONS NEED ONE CLOUD I  do  not  believe  in  a  “world  of  two  clouds”,  where  there  are  cloud   IaaS  offerings  that  are  targeted  at  enterprise  workloads,  and  there   are  cloud  IaaS  offerings  that  are  targeted  at  cloud-­‐naHve  workloads  … I  believe  that  the  market  leaders  will  offer  a  range  of  infrastructure   resources.  Some  of  those  infrastructure  resources  will  be  more   resilient,  and  will  be  more  expensive.  And  customers  will  pay  for  the   level  of  performance  they  receive.     Lydia Leong Gartner Analyst – No World of Two Clouds WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  9. 9. DIFERENTIATION AROUND CLOUDS Cloud consistency, Different Amenities! Performance Cloud should abstract compute, network and storage but level of service provided for each should be consumable at different levels (E.g IOPS, network throughput, RAM Expertise Tooling Technical support, integration support or other expertise that provides value to the user. May include level of knowledge above and beyond the cloud (E.g. tooling, hosted applications, etc.). WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle Manage tools, integrations and other features that differentiate the experience. Integration with other tools (E.g. CloudStack/Netscaler, OpenStack/Dell Crowbar, Amazon EC2/CloudWatch)!
  10. 10. “ The  reality,  of  course,  today  is  that  if  you   come  up  with  a  great  idea  you  don't  get  to   go  quickly  to  a  successful  product.  There's   a  lot  of  undifferenHated  heavy  liYing  that   stands  between  your  idea  and  that   success.  The  kinds  of  things  that  I'm  talking   about  when  I  say  undifferenHated  heavy   liYing  are  things  like  these:  figuring  out   which  servers  to  buy,  how  many  of  them   to  buy,  what  Hme  line  to  buy  them.   “ CASE STUDIES Design Case! Jeff Bezos ! CEO! Amazon! 2011 O’Reilly Web 2.0 Conference! ! WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  11. 11. CASE STUDY | NETFLIX STREAMING MULTIMEDIA Fast Time to market, Limited Capital ! Fast Growth, Single Application Streaming multimedia, elastic services for peak hours, growing quickly around the world. Time To Market Making a land grab (disrupting competitors), fast growth, new markets Innovation on the Delivery Layer Innovation not in infrastructure but in the delivery of services is the differentiator. Open source ecosystem to manage delivery. Super Scale, Limited Capital Source:  h[p://]­‐archaius-­‐dynamic-­‐properHes.html   WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD Auto-scaled large scale services, ephemeral instances (36 hour avg lifetime),. @mrhinkle!
  12. 12. CASE STUDY | FINANCIAL CALL CENTER Privacy and Speed of Utmost Importance Overview World wide presence of representatives looking up financial data and providing customer service over the phone. Data Security Important Application doing look-ups against a replicated database. Network Latency Issues Look-ups across networks can time-out. Write to CRM databases take longer Fast Service Speed to answer is important, ability to take orders and make account changes immediately impacts company revenue. WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  13. 13. CASE STUDY | XYZ ENTERPRISE Legacy Enterprise, Looking to the Cloud for Advantages User  Generated  Requests   (Backlogged  Ticket  System)   Legacy    Infrastructure   XenServer   Numerous apps, running on bare metal or virtualized. Apps aren’t built for cloud and changeover costs can be expensive. IT  Ops,  Sysadmins,  Network  Ops   Legacy  Apps   VMware   Typical enterprise Existing Capital Investment Existing hardware is already purchased, capacity planning is in effect. Primary Cost of IT ExisHng  Processes     Management of existing IT and opportunity cost of not moving quickly are chief costs. KVM   What They Hope To Gain Legacy  Management  Tools   WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD Self-Service, unified virtualization management, pooling of resources, agility. @mrhinkle!
  14. 14. “I  don’t  see  any  way  around  this  –   it’s  the  price  we  pay  for  the   convenience  of  centralized  apps   and  databases  –  but  it’s  worth   keeping  in  mind  that  in  the  cloud   we’re  all  guinea  pigs,  and  that   means  we’re  all  dispensable.   Caveat  cloudster.”   BUILD YOUR CLOUD With Open Source! Nicholas Carr! Rough Type Blog ! Author, Does IT Matter! ! WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  15. 15. THE THREE PILLARS OF THE CLOUD Once it’s virtualized your can program it! Networking   Storage   Compute   Software Defined Datacenter WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD We are moving towards the era of the software defined datacenter. Simply put all the resources we consume will be virtualized then we are able to provision, configure and manage these resources giving us the ability to program infrastructure through APIs and other mechanisms. @mrhinkle!
  16. 16. BUILD YOUR OWN CLOUD How to Move to the Cloud ! Open Source Software! Flexible, Customizable, Interoperable VirtualizaHon   APIs   Infrastructure-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service   (IaaS)   Management  Tools   Pla]orm-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service   Best of Breed! Use the software that best suits your needs Public and Private! Look for tools that manage both clouds Segregate Workloads! Public cloud has advantages, use both WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  17. 17. CLOUD VIRTUALIZATION Choosing the right virtualization technology for your cloud! Project Description KVM Tight fidelity with the Linux kernel, Type 1.5 hypervisor. LXC Containers are the future. Portable workloads. Uses security via SELinux, control groups (cgroups) and namespaces. Linux only. XenServer Uses XenProject as the upstream. Proven security and trackrecord. WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  18. 18. CLOUD STORAGE CHALLENGES Traditional Problems! •  Lots of choices for file system and virtualization management •  Lack of virtualization aware file systems •  File systems/storage functionality implemented in other layers of virtualization stack (Snapshots, block streaming, image formats in QEMU) •  No well defined interface points in the virtualization stack for storage integration •  No standard interface/APIs available for services like backup and restore •  Need for a single FS/storage solution that works for local, SAN and NAS storage (Mixing storage into a single filesystem namespace) WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  19. 19. CLOUD STORAGE SOLUTIONS Storage for a Cloudy World ! Project     Sponsor   Descrip@on   Ceph   Inktank   Object  Store,  Block  Storage  (RADOS)  and  file  system  for   headless  distributed  storage.  S3  CompaHble  API   Gluster   Red  Hat     Distributed  file  system  capable  of  scaling  to  several   petabytes   Riak  CS     Basho     Simple,  open  source  storage  soYware  built  on  top  of   Riak.  S3  CompaHble  API   OpenStack   Storage   OpenStack   CloudScaling   SwiYStack   Codename  –  SwiY.  MulH-­‐tenant,  highly  scalable  and   durable  object  storage  system   WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  20. 20. SDN OVERVIEW Software Meets the Network! Applica@on  Layer   Business  ApplicaHons   API   Control  Layer   API   SDN     Control  SoYware   Network  Services   Control  Data  Plane  Interface  (e.g.  OpenFlow)   Infrastructure  Layer   Network  Devices   WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD Network  Devices   @mrhinkle Network  Devices!
  21. 21. OPENFLOW The Evolving Open Standard for Network Control! OpenFlow enables networks to evolve, by giving a remote controller the power to modify the behavior of network devices, through a well-defined "forwarding instruction set". The growing OpenFlow ecosystem now includes routers, switches, virtual switches, and access points from range of vendors. WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  22. 22. SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORKING (SDN) The Fastest Evolving Part of the Cloud Landscape! Project   Descrip@on   Contrail     Recently  open  sourced  SDN  controller  from  Juniper  in  September  2013.     Floodlight   The  Floodlight  controller  is  an  enterprise-­‐class,  Apache-­‐licensed,  Java-­‐based  OpenFlow  Controller.   Indigo   Indigo  is  an  open  source  project  to  support  OpenFlow  on  a  range  of  physical  switches.     Open  Daylight   Linux  FoundaHon  CollaboraHve  Project  based  on  Cisco  One  Controller  and  plugins  from  numerous   vendors  in  development.    E.g  IBM  DOVE   OpenStack     Networking   Codename  –  Neutron.  Pluggable,  scalable,  API-­‐driven  network  and  IP  management   Open  vSwitch   Open  vSwitch  is  a  open  source  (ASL  2.0),  mulHlayer  virtual  switch.   WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  24. 24. HOW TO BE A CLOUD HERO Cloud computing is still evolving don’t jump the gun! Make Commitments with Care! Avoid Lock-in, Be careful of start-ups bearing gifts Pick Your Spots ! Look for the opportunities e.g Hardware Refresh Value Your Time! Improve Productivity, Time to Value “ My  IT  budget  was  $4  billion  last   year.  Amazon  sold  $800  million   in  cloud  services…we  have  a  long   way  to  go.     A  Fortune  100  CIO   WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD Software Defined Datacenter! Your data center is now programmable @mrhinkle!
  25. 25.   mrhinkle   @mrhinkle   CONTACT ME   No Ego The R is my Middle Initial! Mark R. Hinkle Senior Director, Open Source Solutions Citrix WHY LEASE WHEN YOU CAN BUY YOUR CLOUD @mrhinkle!
  26. 26. THANK YOU For your Attention!