9 Golden Opportunities


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9 Golden Opportunities

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  2. 2. Here are nine significant opportunities that will prove lucrative, valuable, and extremely profitable for companies that providea variety of solutions on both the network and advertising sides of the business, as well as for creative content and technologyproviders working in the digital out-of-home industry today: 1 Building solutions that focus on advertiser demand. Network solutions—meet advertiser demand. Networks have finally listened after much trial and tribulation, and are quickly learning how to focus their businesses on accountable, audience-centric solutions. With the advent of Silicon Valley 2.0 and technology driving unparallel connectivity to audiences in more meaningful ways, this opportunity may also be the tipping point that causes an industry-wide ripple for both networks and advertisers.
  3. 3. 2 Standardization is agnostic.Standardization in advertising can occur only when a platform or solu-tion provides different approaches and methodologies in media plan-ning, procurement, measurement, and optimization—and for thesediverse approaches to exist in unison. Media planners need to beable to plan, buy, and measure media in any way they are comfortablewith. Simplicity rules. True standardization is organic, not forced.This is a brilliant opportunity and goal to strive for because real collec-tive standardization doesn’t have to be preached, forced downthrough the ranks, and throughout the industry. It just happens. Truestandardization is 100% agnostic. When this happens, making abeliever out of an advertiser that lives by and demands accountabilitywon’t be so difficult.
  4. 4. 3Accountability backed by intelligent measurement.Networks are pricing out their inventory in so many ways and cre-ating rate cards with varied approaches to audience measure-ment, that it becomes extremely difficult for agencies to createcomprehensive plans that simply make sense for achieving mar-keting objectives.The challenge is how to make networks accountable across mul-tiple platforms. How can one media campaign encompasssophisticated metric analysis while cutting through the clutter ofdisparate digital media vehicles? The focus needs to remain oneach network’s competencies in delivering reports and abundantintelligence that advertisers care about. The opportunity is inunderstanding that networks are indeed maturing—improving theway they manage their inventory, account for audience traffic,and monetize their platforms. Accountability is knowing how totalk media and marketing the way agencies look at ROI for theirclients. Those who get it will seize the opportunity.
  5. 5. 4 Leveraging deep audience insight.The term ‘hyper-targeting’ gets tossed around this industry likea crowd-surfing rock star. Companies that can demonstrateunique abilities in reaching audiences when they are goingabout their lives through place-based networks own this goldenopportunity. Companies with the deepest insight and level ofsophistication will have a key competitive advantage. Busi-nesses that can leverage this insight into meaningful communi-cation strategies through relevant content distribution will win.
  6. 6. Those who understand this opportunity know that brands are creating value not just through their products, but through ‘what’s in it for me?’ campaigns that enhance their customers’ lives. A WIFM platform is a value matrix that communicates a company’s vision, constantly shifting where audience demand drives it, where what’s interesting takes center stage, where solutions don’t come in the5 form of products and sales sheets, but unique insights about MY PROBLEM, MY INDUSTRY, MY LIVELIHOOD. This transformation is the opportunity. Brand culture is shifting to provide insight. It’s not about ‘sell me’ it’s about ‘feel me’. It’s not about ‘pushing’ company solutions, but ‘pulling’ you onto our lily pad—because we’re cooler and smarter, not to mention our pad is greener, bigger, and teaches you how to swimTuning in to WIFM. along the way.
  7. 7. A brand innovation platform is an intel- ligence and communication vehicle, a content matrix that audiences turn to when they need to get smarter, stron- ger, faster, make more money, manage their time more efficiently, or get six-Creating brand innovation platforms. pack abs. The brand platform is the content generation engine that pro- 6 vides this useful knowledge. In the online world, content marketing strategies range from blogs, e-books, and webinars, to instructional videos, white papers, and lifestyle segments. This can also be considered to be the Long Tail of content and can also be applied to digital out-of-home content strategies.
  8. 8. 7 The shift from ‘push’ to ‘pull’ content-driven marketing. Content marketing strategies are now being widely adopted as brands are more inclined to demonstrate value through insightful content that engages as well as entertains. Brands, advertisers, and agencies are eager to connect to their audiences in more mean- ingful ways through intelligent and targeted OOH content syndication in-store and across multiple networks. Companies that have a strong sense of these ‘pull’ strategies and can raise the bar in terms of creating engaging content that influences purchase decisions, will leverage their value propositions and core competencies, to take control of this oppor- tunity and come out on top.
  9. 9. 8 OOH broadcast and cross-platform syndication.There are now over a million digital signage screens all over the USalone, reaching over 500 million consumers on the path to pur-chase. One can quickly assess that out-of-home digital channelsare now a communication commodity, much like television. RetailCMOs have two main challenges with OOH: reaching targeted cus-tomers and getting them to come into their stores, and marketing tothem once they get there.Content syndication models will drive opportunity for brands andnetworks. Best Buy has already done it with their own in-storechannel “Best Buy ON”. Premiere Retail Networks understood thismodel years ago but only brands like Wal Mart were able to utilizeit because they had the capital to do so. Unifying fragmented net-works onto one platform for seamless OOH broadcast syndicationand distribution while creating a synchronous in-store retail contentstrategy is a golden opportunity for those that can do it right.
  10. 10. 9Creative content optimized simultaneouslywith media planning and procurement.Innovation in digital OOH is driven by executing marketing objectivesand leveraging OOH audience metrics. Creating platforms in whichcreative + media can be utilized in one tool box is a tremendousopportunity. Brands will be able to syndicate their content across mul-tiple channels, including their owned and operated networks.The insight and opportunity will be in activating software platforms toprogram their content in-store, while also syndicating their contentacross a virtual global network and platform. The solution takes intoaccount all display and venue attributes. Companies that understandthis opportunity at a high level will develop strategies around support-ing brands in creating compelling content and programming withaudience metrics and contextual relevance in mind.
  11. 11. Written by: Nikos Acuna is the VP of Marketing for Digital Advertising Technologies, with over twelve years of experience in driving revenues for global brands through strategic communications: content-driven digital marketing & advertising, branding, public relations, social media, and cross-platform integration, having worked on both the media and agency sides of the business across multiple traditional and emerging media vehicles, channels, and digital platforms.For more information on how to leverage these critical opportunities to achieverevenue potential and engage audiences in more meaningful ways, click here. <https://digitaladtech.infusionsoft.com/app/form/dat-standard-webform> Digital Advertising Technologies• • Three Embarcadero Center, Suite 1120 San Francisco, CA 94111 888-Go-Digital www.EntourageAds.com • 888-463-4448