The Digital Destination Advertising Guide


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The Digital Destination Advertising Guide

  1. 1. Reach TINATIONENTOURAGEadvertising® La S UIDE E G e D Gnc leERTeE DDVIv TA ISIN g IG RT n nin ia Pla M ed H sed A Rece a c e-B a fo r Pl g ies te Stra a tive v I nno
  2. 2. ENTOURAGE advertising® It’s time to have a huddle.The tide is turning as technology continues to evolve atlightning speed in the digital out-of-home marketplace. Yetadvertisers and agencies are still challenged by fragmentationand disparity across place-based networks.This is not a new obstacle in digital OOH marketing—even withthe rapid evolution of audience data analysis, marketresearch, and technologically advanced distribution platforms.If you’re a digital OOH media planner, you’ve probably felt theneed to huddle for quite some time. It all starts with a seriousplea for ambition and communication.This is what this book is about—exploring innovative solutions formedia planners, brand managers, and CMOs seeking toenhance and evolve their cross platform digital out-of-homemedia strategies to exceed marketing objectives.
  3. 3. The talk track.Solutions that advertisers andnetworks need to adopt in orderto achieve ground breaking success ENTOURAGE advertising®
  4. 4. What an exciting, interesting, and challenging time to be an Out-of-Home Broadcast Media Planner! Cross-platform Engagement Content Strategies Place-Based marketing Shopper Science Procurement EfficiencyENTOURAGEadvertising®
  5. 5. The digital OOH playbook is being re-written. h It’s time to step up your game. a c By navigating through the fragmented digital out-of-home landscape with intelligence Leveraging the right combination of technologies, solutions, and software platforms e Enhancing audience engagement on the path to purchase Refining processes in media planning and procurement Creating content strategies that achieve reach, frequency, relevance, and recencyENTOURAGEadvertising®
  6. 6. There is a fundamental need to maneuver throughthe intricate challenges of digital OOH accountability,content strategy, and media asset management.Call us technology marketers, or perhapsmarketing technologists.Either way, we live and breathe digital media,technology, and advertising.We know what it’s like to live in the land ofaccountability.It’s hotter than anyone thinks. ENTOURAGE advertising®
  7. 7. nc ENTOURAGE advertising®Welcome toour world.Not just a world of cool toys.We live in a world of advanced digital advertising platforms,unified DOOH metrics that actually make sense, and evolvedstrategic planning processes.In our world, we connect brands to audiences in moremeaningful ways.So here’s the deal…
  8. 8. ENTOURAGE advertising®We see a majorfork in the roadfor digital OOH.The first road leads down the same path.Aggregation as a service.Time consuming research on finding networks that fit the buy.Scattershot assumptions about where audiences may be.The lack of tools for unified campaign pricing.
  9. 9. The road less travelled will change the game. This is the road to innovation. The path that allows you to leverage the best emerging platforms for digital destination advertising. Make more informed decisions about the right technologies that are available today. Weed through the clutter and focus on what solutions best serve your brand and clientele. Understand what brings you the most value on a process level, and what defines value for audiences when they are out and about their lives. Which road will you take? The answer is not as obvious as it seems.ENTOURAGEadvertising®
  10. 10. ENTOURAGE advertising®Aggregation is not theanswer.It’s far more significant than that.There are still opportunities for brands and agenciesthat follow this path. Don’t knock aggregators. They provide a valuable service to their clients.They have relationships with some reputableaggregators in the space—some with negotiating Because that’s exactly what theyability and others that can provide some insights provide: another layer of service andabout a campaign’s reach. support. When advertisers need to gather information, do a buy to targetBut this function doesn’t serve the future of digital wide, they own that service.destination advertising. It’s a valuable function. But it’s notDigital destination advertising needs sophistication. digital OOH advertising. Not anymore.It needs extreme audience targeting and accountability.
  11. 11. It begins with a new role for digitaldestination advertisers like you.You value efficiency—being able to do more withless while maximizing your time and utilizing theright tools to help you succeed.If you’re like us, you have a rigorous attitude withthe ambition to transform the industry by constantlyasking “what’s wrong with this picture?”and “what can be done better? ENTOURAGE advertising®
  12. 12. Digital Destination Advertisersleverage technology platformsto improve efficiency in mediaplanning and procurement. ENTOURAGE advertising®
  13. 13. ENTOURAGE advertising®Digital Destination Advertisersare the pulse of the brand.Digital destination advertisers are masters of accountability.They are metric-driven digital junkies with creative passion to match.These influencers know how to create contextually relevant contentthat isn’t clutter or noise.Digital destination advertisers are revolutionary.Because they have tools and insight that can blow your mind.
  14. 14. Here are five major strategies thatDigital Destination Advertisers areimplementing today. These strategies are all about connecting brands to audiences in more efficient and meaningful ways. Place-based advertising is on the cusp of greatness. This greatness needs to be harnessed by intelligent folks like you—people that understand the impor- tance of utilizing reach, frequency, relevance, and recency, in ways that maximize ROI, while providing a great customer communications experience. Above all, it comes down to creating an innovative marketing and advertising platform that leverages all of your audience insight, and allows you to create and execute your media plans with ease and precision. And now, The Five Major Strategies…
  15. 15. 1) Develop an audience profiling andsegmentation strategy.This isn’t just a fancy way of saying ‘create buyer personas.’ That’s partof it, but it goes deeper. It does start with assessing your targetaudience’s general lifestyle. What are their day-to-day behaviors?Eat, job, gym, kids, movies, shop, travel—what else?From this information, you can start to organize demographic segmentson a venue to venue level. This will help you refine a more targetedapproach. Then try to understand what channels and locations areavailable in the DOOH universe.Targeting a lifestyle or psycho graphic profile naturally becomes moreeffective when you understand the reach of the OOH universe at alocation-based level.Developing audience segments starts from profiling.The relationship between venue profile and audience profile is the key.
  16. 16. 2) Create an endpoint indexing strategy This means creating a comprehensive inventory matrix by classifying every screen on a venue level—not just across an entire single net- work. What makes each location unique? How is the audience unique? How unique are the screens at this location? Unifying insightful data based on what networks provide, in addition to your own methodology helps to create more accountable media plans. By doing all the homework up front—profiling each and every screen in a network and taking into account all of that screen’s technical attributes, distribution capabilities, screen resolution, loca- tion metrics, and also gathering intelligent audience information, will provide you with unique insight for every campaign—not to mention valuable data after each flight.
  17. 17. 3) Develop a dynamic audienceinfluence strategyWhen you have the insight in place from both an audience level andan endpoint / venue level, you can start to understand which targetendpoints will be most relevant to your campaign.The key is to use a system that prioritizes which data sets to use foreach media plan—every campaign will only use the most relevantaudience and venue data available to reach those objectives: theorder of priority generally starts with third-party research on a venuelevel, followed by census data and other zip-code based data andmarketing intelligence.For more information on developing an audience influence strategy,contact us at : bring technology into the mix…
  18. 18. 4) Define your digital destinationtechnology needsNow for the kicker.It’s time to evolve your planning process with an integrated technology solution.Your custom media planning application should have, but are not limited to these capabilities…An Easy to use common repository and master data center.This data center will consolidate and harmonize proprietary andsyndicated research and pricing information.
  19. 19. Streamline data! Analyze display and venue environments! Thenharmonize the data into one unified database.If you’re already doing this, great! But have you automated it?You essentially need to build a platform that can drink all your dataso it all makes sense.It’s got to have the horsepower to unify all of this fragmented datain a meaningful way.Being able to evaluate media channels by endpoint, demographic,geographic, and psycho graphic market penetration.So the platform can just do all the work for you.Streamlining the data across multiple network platforms based ontarget audience, reach, and frequency. You should be able to workwith metrics you are familiar with and be able to cross-referenceyour data sets.
  20. 20. 5) A simple automated marketpenetration and pricing calculatorwould be awesome!To be efficient with digital destination media planning, you need aplatform or process that can streamline all of the fragmented metricsfrom each network easily, so you don’t have to plug all of this scattereddata into a spreadsheet and do it all yourself.So consider these elements when customizing your own planning andprocurement platform.You have your own recipe for what you consider to be ‘nirvana’. Anideal planning and procurement solution should be customized for yourcompany process and digital destination team.LEVERAGE YOUR INSIGHT AND KNOWLEDGE BASE.A complete digital destination advertising platform must address yourchallenges and more importantly, help you better understand thedigital OOH network universe in a sophisticated way. =
  21. 21. DEVELOP AN INTEGRATED DIGITAL DESTINATIONADVERTISING STRATEGYThe challenges are vast when it comes to fragmentation from both a creative and technicalperspective. Networks and agencies need to explore ways to accelerate the meaningfuladoption of emerging digital advertising platforms and metric unification strategies.Networks must position their solutions in ways that drive the most value and accountabilitypossible for brands. Influence Your audience
  22. 22. We propose nothing less than implementing anintegrated strategy that addresses all of the currentindustry challenges in a more sophisticated way:Network profiling on a screen level:Don’t just gather information that each network provides you. Gather bothtechnical and audience data on a comprehensive venue and screen level.Audience profiling on a venue level:You must also have a deep understanding of that audience at the path topurchase. Garner various research studies on regional, residential, andpsycho graphic levels, and compare it to the information that the networksprovide.Creating a relevant content strategy for path to purchase influence:A content strategy that maximizes a screen to screen communication willbe most valuable to brands. Creating content that pushes the envelopewith localized promotions while creating unique display engagementexperiences will also bolster brand retention.
  23. 23. It all goes back to that fundamental principle of efficiency. What is the right combination of solutions? How do all of these components come together to help a marketer reach their objectives in the most effective way? At the end of the day, agencies want to serve their clients better so networks have a responsibility to create the most effective solutions to execute campaigns and validate accountability on various levels.
  24. 24. ARE YOU A DIGITAL DESTINATION ADVERTISER?Now is the time to evolve your process. Develop a customplanning and procurement platform for your brand andagency that leverages your existing data and insight.We’ve created a comprehensive web-based platform thatunifies data and delivers advertising content to specificscreens in a network of over 300,000 digital destinations.Want to see how it works? Then give us a buzz.We’ll give you a complete guided tour and show you howyou can become a next generation digital destinationadvertiser and marketer.
  25. 25. ENTOURAGE advertising®Written by: Nikos Acuna is the VP of Marketing for Digital Advertising Technologies, with over twelve years of experience in driving revenues for global brands through strategic communications: content-driven digital marketing & advertising, branding, public relations, social media, and cross-platform integration, having worked on both the media and agency sides of the business across multiple traditional and emerging media vehicles, channels, and digital platforms.For more information on how to leverage these critical opportunities to achieverevenue potential and engage audiences in more meaningful ways, click here. <> Digital Advertising Technologies• • Three Embarcadero Center, Suite 1120 San Francisco, CA 94111 888-Go-Digital • 888-463-4448