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Agile creative nextgen


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The way we as the audience learn, share and consume across our digital world is shaping content and the brand – to sustain the new demand and successfully grow brand we will need to move to a Agile Creative.

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Agile creative nextgen

  1. 1. Agile Creative Malcolm MacGregor The way we as the audience learn, share and consume across our digital world is shaping content and the brand – to sustain the new demand and successfully grow brand requires a nextgen approach - Agile Creative.ContactM. 206-434-1613E.
  2. 2. I’ve always gravitated towards people and situations that embrace innovation.I started in interactive marketing in the 90s at Quadravision in Toronto, moved to SapientNitroin San Francisco and then London, ran Blast Radius Europe in Amsterdam moved to Seattle tosupport Microsoft/Razorfish and most recently co-founder Blab to pioneer conversationprediction, to enable brands to seize the earned media opportunity.I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with many great brands ranging for Facebook to Virginto Nintendo, Sony, Bank of America, GAP, Mikes Hard Lemonade to Vodafone to deliverecommerce, brand strategy, media, advertising.Agile Creative“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fitshim and sells itself… The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” Quote: Peter DruckerThe way we as the audience learn, share and consume across our digital world is shaping the contentand the brand – to sustain the new demand and successfully grow brand we will need to move to aprocess of Agile Creative.We are at an exciting intersection where the brand is able to create content that the audience will seekout and share. Now more than ever we have the opportunity to move from a selling to a buyingparadigm - sustainable through good process and insight that informs the creation of relevant andinformative content.Red Bull has been a front runner in the creation of audience relevant content that people consume andshare while still being distinctly branded. When done well, people will embrace the brand and adapt itas their own. Author: Malcolm MacGregor
  3. 3. I met this chap on a ski lift living the brand:Red Bull set the bar with the Stratos Space Jump with a formula that pushed the consumption andsharing of the brand to achieve both space and social records. In addition to braking viewer records onDiscovery it was also on You Tube live stream and viewed by over 8 million people, the impact onTwitter and Facebook were significant as well: Source: DigidayThe promise of the internet that we use to theorize about is being realized - we’ve moved beyond thelate nineties bonanza of walled web sites, portals shrouded in banner ads to embrace the social web.We are now immersed in new ways of staying connected and the price of this capability necessitates aneconomic model - advertising will sustain the new channel paradigm.Welcome the digital mall – Facebook, twitter and the lot are the places that we live and interact andmuch like television these channels require content for the audience to consume. The importance ofbranded content is significant as it needs to stimulate sharing and as earned media it becomes a massivedriver of purchaser intent.Timing of audience engagement will drive results – “Web visitors from social sites convert at 59%higher rates to sales” Source: Marketing SherpaBeing able to watch the Super Bowl live via a network website was a true milestone this year as, we arenow able to broadcast our views to our friends and their friends and join the larger conversationalongside the content in real-time. Twitter traffic was almost double the volume of last year at 24million tweets. The Super Bowl has helped to usher in a new brand, content and audience dynamic,welcome Agile Creative.The ability to broadcast as an individual, across an open network to your friends, peers and beyond hasextensive implications for any b2c or b2b business be it the good the bad or the ugly that gets shared. Author: Malcolm MacGregor
  4. 4. Brands are faced with real challenges – where is my customer let alone who is my customer and how amI going to earn their trust – how do you create relevant content in real-time?The Super Bowl was game changing - there were 13 brands that jumped on the blackout during thegame. The event offered brands the chance to leverage a unique situation and a captive audience tocreate and deliver topical ads during the game, in itself a milestone.There is a big opportunity in what we’ve seen - delivering agile ads and content that engages anaudience to share and buy the brand. So, how does this approach work and scale in the absence of a bigevent that has a high probability of viewership response?The way we think about campaigns today has to change. Classic planning bears no comparison to theway a brand’s audience lives and consumes – social and mobile have thrown the publishing calendar outthe door.Adapt to your audience’s mindset, you audience will share ads as content that is relevant to theirinterests, now the brand can trend with the conversation:SETUP Keeping it light and fun gets past audience filters Think about the execution routineINSIGHT Play to the passions of your audience Know what your audience is talking aboutCREATIVE Good creative speaks to the interests of the audience and gives them something to action Copy and visual working togetherTARGETTING Know the conversation in channel Profile the interests of the audience “Interest targeting” gets the right message to the right audience (Twitter and Facebook) Author: Malcolm MacGregor
  5. 5. Clients are going to insist on ads and content that engages the audience to share and buy. We getthere with Agile Creative. Tips on the new routine:  You are competing for time and mind share – what compels people is fundamental to an outcome  Think about your audience and how they interact in channel – Twitter is very different to Facebook  Make it easy for your audience to find the content by channel  Promoting a community of sharing around the content will achieve outcome  Optimize for a purchase by encouraging dialogue and sharingIdeation and creative has to evolve from brand push to the brand in conversation. New tools areentering the market as the cost of computing power drops, audience insights abound to take us pastpassive listening to understanding. We need to use the right tools to listen to the right conversationsand manage execution.And then we need to create new ways to build trust so we can join those conversations. Simplyshilling brand attributes wont cut it.We’re now at the intersection of real-time advertising and content marketing.To successfully monetize the intersection will require scale through process and insights. A profitablegame changer will require a systematic compliance-enabled approach of people and technology.Building the right team and proposition:  Hire people that can manage change and invent  Engagement models parallel your audience habits and interests  Define a commerce funnel that sync’s with your audience and sales  Help your client bridge their marketing silo’s  Create a single team of content development and social execution  Set-up brand teams that track by audienceThe model: real-time audience insights will inform the creation of relevant media; interest targeting willdeliver the right media by audience with a goal of optimizing earned media. Agile creative will requirethe use of templates to manage content types by audience and channel baked into an execution routinethat a single insight informs the creation of a brand ads, featured content, sponsored stories, posts andtweets that align with the audience trend. Author: Malcolm MacGregor
  6. 6. On the execution side knowing what conversation to join reduces time and effort around AB testingwhile informing interest targeting and optimized real-time bids. As part of this model other applicationsinclude:Brand & Reputation MonitoringCrisis ManagementGartner predicts that CMOs will outspend CIOs by 2017. Specifically, marketers will spend more onunified, integrated technology solutions that eliminate data and business silos. Source: Gartner ConsultingWe’re at an important intersection that requires new thinking to sustain the increasing intensive processof creating audience relevant content while aligning campaigns with sales. The brand now has a newdaily routine of audience engagement that entertains and informs through agile creative.Social is fueling change and agile will work - understanding the new mix of brand and media by audiencewill deliver KPI’s and ROI.We can now focus on being great communicators, not researchers.END Author: Malcolm MacGregor