A survey of ways to publish your content online                                                                           ...
Some services. There are many, many more... Tumblr www.tumblr.com Tumblr is a great site for quickly and easily publishing...
Vimeowww.vimeo.comVimeo is a platform that publishes video online at high quality. WhileYouTube has more viewers, Vimeo’s ...
BigCartelwww.bigcartel.comCustomisable shop targeted to artists, clothing designers, makers,crafters. Set up a custom doma...
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The Art of Business - Presentation 2


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Ben Foley surveys web services

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The Art of Business - Presentation 2

  1. 1. A survey of ways to publish your content online Ben Foley Two Galahs pty ltdIn this session we will review some of the free and paid services that may be useful for you in publishing your contentonline, including shopping systems, blogs, microblogs, Facebook pages, and web services for sharing and collectinginspirations.Assess your purpose. Ask yourself what you want to do and why.There are many ways to get online and promote your needs. Many services are free or affordable, more and more theservices can be set up and maintained without any specialist knowledge of design or coding. Knowledge of humanbehaviour and an ability to relate to your customers and audiences is still highly valued. There are so many options formaking your online presence that the choice itself can now be an impediment to achieving success. We can fall into thetrap of spending so much time setting up many online properties that we don’t have time to grow them. Start with few andadd over time as the need arises.What are the options?An online property can be as simple as a single photograph of a product, with a means of getting in contact.A site could be a custom-built immersive game with a sole purpose of getting to a ‘buy now’ button, to buy a book.Sites can be simple markers describing your product/service/event. We are here. Brochure-ware.A site might contain detailed information, perhaps technical for a specialist audience, about your products and services.Your site could be a product catalogue with eCommerce.Your activities might be heavily associated with audience development and engagement (rewarding play and curiosity).Knowing what you need helps narrow down the choices.Get to know your audiences early on.You may be able to learn about an audience before you get online, or you may need to begin with something simple toget to know them before you grow. Try not to assume who your audiences are. It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation, butrecognise that your audiences for online activities will differ depending on the platform you are using and the methods youuse to engage with them.Identify the audiences’ needs.Ask your audiences questions.. use surveys or ask by email, Twitter or Facebook. Engage with your audience and try tofind out what will enrich their online experience.Match services to needsIdentify what is achievable within your available resources (budget, skills, time).Do you have budget for paid services, for paying someone to work with you, for developing content for specificaudiences? Knowing your budget will help focus the options.What skills can you make the most of? Are you a good writer? Do you relate well with people? Are you great at raisingfunding? What can you do yourself, when can you involve others (professional, amateur or user-generated)?Know how much time you can allocate to creating new content, to building relationships with your audience on socialplatforms, to moderating spam comments on a forum. If you start an newsletter, will you be able to maintain a regularsupply of engaging content? A blog summarising industry news could be a great way to build a community and enhanceyour cultural capital, but it could easily take over your life. Be careful of committing resources to activities that aren’t closeto your core business. Be authentic. Does your personality best suit interaction on Facebook, Twitter, blogging, enews,web forums, or would your niece be better suited to it?The options are narrowing. With a basic needs map you can begin to match services to needs. Identify the services whichwill be relevant to you.ParticipationWork out how you will measure your activities’ success. Most services now support Google Analytics for measuringnumbers. Facebook can provide very rich data about the people who engage with your content. Decide what you want toknow about your audience’s engagement, and how it will help you grow your presence.SharingWith a service set up and content added, now it all comes down to getting the word out ! Cross promote your activities–talk about your enews on your Facebook page, talk about your Pinterest collection on Twitter, email your audience a codefor a discount at your store. © 2012 Ben Foley, Two Galahs pty ltd. ben@twogalahs.com.au 0404 838 891
  2. 2. Some services. There are many, many more... Tumblr www.tumblr.com Tumblr is a great site for quickly and easily publishing content online. You can publish text, photos, quotes, links, dialogues, audio, video, slideshows. You can publish by emailing your posts directly to the site, using one of the Tumblr apps, or just login and start posting. Tumblr can use your own domain name and there are hundreds of themes from which to choose your style, or you can build your own. Here are two tumblr sites being used for documentation of Central Australian song and language projects: iltyemiltyem.tumblr.com songpeoples.tumblr.com Weebly www.weebly.com Weebly is an online website builder. Create a site by adding building blocks of content such as maps, slideshows, text, and video to one of their templates. There’s an education version that enables teachers to make public or private classroom websites that students can edit. Great for moderated classroom blogs. Pozible www.pozible.com.au Pozible is a crowdfunding platform. It enables you to raise funds for a project by publishing project information and facilitating payments. People’s pledges are only processed if the total amount is reached. People have used this to raise funds for making films, books, getting funds to travel and perform, record albums.. The ‘Kinds of Blue’ project made $6000 in two and a half days to print a book of short comics on depression www.pozible.com.au/index.php/archive/index/1092 You can set rewards for people’s pledges. Spread the word yourself, enlist your friends, family and colleagues. Build a fanbase early, collect people’s email addresses (legitimately) whenever anyone shows an interest in your project. The success will depend on people hearing about it. Get out there, spread the word and make it happen. Pinterest www.pinterest.com Pinterest is an online pinboard, a social catalog, a place to collect and source ideas and inspirations. A great way to develop a mood board for a creative concept, or save design inspirations for a project. The best pinboards mix products, art and images from all across the web. Try not to pin everything from a single source! Here’s MadMimi’s pinboard–a handy collection of references and inspiration relating to email marketing: www.pinterest.com/madmimimeeps © 2012 Ben Foley, Two Galahs pty ltd. ben@twogalahs.com.au 0404 838 891
  3. 3. Vimeowww.vimeo.comVimeo is a platform that publishes video online at high quality. WhileYouTube has more viewers, Vimeo’s users are in general more artistic andmature. They are two different concepts in video sharing: quality and focusvs massive viewing potential and breadth of content. Assess the benefitsof each and publish accordingly. In some cases I’ll publish a video onYouTube, Vimeo and Facebook for maximum exposure.Bloggerwww.blogger.comBlogger is Google’s platform for blogging. As they say: “a blog is apersonal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. Abreaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts.Memos to the world”. A blog is a great way to engage with your audience.If you already have a Google account, this is an easy way to get yourcontent online.Wordpresswww.wordpress.comwww.wordpress.orgWordpress is an open-source platform for publishing content online. Itmade its mark as a blogging tool, but has matured to now be thepublishing platform of choice for 22% of all new websites! There are twoflavours: one is self-hosted, the other is an online service. The self-hostedsoftware must be installed on your own web hosting account (i.e. requiresbuying or using a free hosting account) and can be extended to yourheart’s content with plugins and themes. The service is based on thesame software, but is restricted in the plugins available to extend whatyour site can do. Wordpress’ strengths are the community of people whobuild themes and plugins for the platform, extending it’s abilities beyondthe basic features of platforms like Weebly, Tumblr and Blogger.Shopifywww.shopify.comShopify is an online eCommerce service, ranging in pricing from $26/month to $160/month. You can brand the store as your own, manage thestore’s other pages (such as contact and about information and blogposts) and includes hosting and payment gateway integration, includingsupport for manual payments (which many other shop platforms don’tsupport). © 2012 Ben Foley, Two Galahs pty ltd. ben@twogalahs.com.au 0404 838 891
  4. 4. BigCartelwww.bigcartel.comCustomisable shop targeted to artists, clothing designers, makers,crafters. Set up a custom domain and sell on Facebook. Pricing is basedon the number of products and number of images per product. It is free for5 products, $10/month for 25 products, $20/month for 200 products.Wufoowww.wufoo.comSometimes you need a form on a site to catch information from people viaa contact form, a survey, a submission form for a competition, a donationsform for a charitable cause or an event registration form. Handy too forconducting market research, Wufoo is a form builder that makes it easy tocreate web forms and collect data from your audience. Wufoo also hasgood reporting features and visualisations of the data.SurveyMonkeywww.surveymonkey.comAn alternative to Wufoo, SurveyMonkey has a range of plans from free to$65/month.MadMimiwww.madmimi.comFor connecting with audiences, email marketing is a very powerful tool.MadMimi is a fabulously fun and powerful way to send your newsletters,invitations, promotions and email updates. It features an easy-to-useinterface to write your campaigns, great stats and reporting, listmanagement, drip campaigning, integrated surveys and more.. Pricing isfree for small lists (up to 100 contacts), then steps up as the number ofcontacts grow ($8/month for 500 contacts, $36/month for 10,000contacts).Facebook pageswww.facebook.com/pagesFacebook pages are a great way to engage with your audience/customersonline. Pages are simple to update–you can post video, images, audioand text (note that you will need to verify your page before beforeuploading videos over 100mb and 2mins duration). You can add apps topages that can really enhance your audience engagement. The trick withpages is that you can’t ‘like’ or ‘friend’ someone the way a profile can.People still need to know about your page to be able to engage with it, soyou still need to spread word about the page as you would other onlineproperties. © 2012 Ben Foley, Two Galahs pty ltd. ben@twogalahs.com.au 0404 838 891