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GBS Presentation

  1. 1. GBS SocialBusiness Audit Team Connect
  2. 2. DeveloperWorks Message Board Feeds Bookmarks Wiki Activities
  3. 3. What is GBS? Group Business Software (GBS) is a global software and service company Premier IBM Business Partner, specialization lies in cloud technology Headquarters in NYC and Frankfurt Mission: “Reduce corporate IT spending by enabling any Lotus application internally or externally in a self-service fashion by 2014.”
  4. 4. What “social” challenges doesGBS face? No social media strategy Only a handful of employees are involved in social business practices Do not use social media to its fullest capability Unsure what type of content to post externally
  5. 5. Why is a transformation to asocial business important? Increase business results while cutting costs Efficiently share information and collaborate on projects Remove time zone barriers
  6. 6. How does GBS currently usesocial business tools? Information repository Project management External interaction Public and private blogs
  7. 7. Which environments doesGBS currently use in its socialbusiness initiatives? Internal – getting employees involved External – engaging customers
  8. 8. Top Five Business Pressures1. Achieve better business results2. Leverage sharing and collaboration3. Communicate across different time zones4. Remain innovative5. Stay competitive
  9. 9. How would you categorize theuse of social business atGBS? Medium level No solid strategy  Fire hose approach Not enough engagement
  10. 10. What departments at GBSare focused on socialbusiness initiatives? Marketing Product development
  11. 11. How does GBS plan toaddress the businesspressures they identified? Sametime Instant Messenger IBM Connections IBM Quickr BleedYellow GroupLive cloud computer Lanyrd social conference directory
  12. 12. What organizationalcapabilities does GBS have? Portals/groups for different company areas Employee profiles Form teams to solve business problems
  13. 13. How do social media toolshelp GBS to become morenimble when reacting to theirmarket? Synchronize all to post same message to three main channels Get feedback immediately
  14. 14. How does GBS use socialmedia tools to become moretransparent? BleedYellow  Internal and external knowledge sharing Blogs  Defines GBS as a leading technology company Facebook Photo App  Adds a personal connection
  15. 15. On which socialchannels/platforms does GBScurrently have corporateprofiles? Facebook  Promote events  Product updates YouTube  Webinars  Product demos  Promotional videos Twitter  Promote products and services Foursquare  Reward employees and customers
  16. 16. How active is GBS in thebloggersphere and whattopics are GBS bloggersengaged in? Twelve internal and external active bloggers External Topics  Lotus Connections  Events, products and services  Press releases/newsletters Internal Topics  Processes  Collaboration efforts  New product information  Press releases/newsletters
  17. 17. What encourages GBSemployees to use socialbusiness tools? Marketing is pushing employees to come on- board Easier to communicate with employees across different time zones Private Facebook group enables employees to get to know each other
  18. 18. Which technology enablersdoes GBS currently use, andhow? Internal  IBM Lotus Connections  Share ideas  Ask questions  Locate and store information  IBM Quickr  Project management External  BleedYellow  Engage with customers, prospects and experts
  19. 19. What steps does GBS takefor to bringing a responseteam together for a keybusiness threat? GBS has encouraged all its employees to create profiles within connections Employees are encouraged to list skills and areas of expertise It now takes less than a week to create a response team
  20. 20. At what point in the customeron-boarding phase (and how)does GBS leverage a socialbusiness strategy? Leverages a business strategy immediately Accomplished through BleedYellow  Allows customers to post personal profiles, write blogs, share bookmarks and create communities
  21. 21. Does GBS have onlinecommunities to obtainfeedback from prospects andcustomers? If yes, how? External Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, and blog pages Each have commenting features for feedback
  22. 22. How often is the GBS brandmentioned in social media? GBS is mentioned in social media on a weekly basis
  23. 23. What is the Klout score of@GBSKnows? GBSs Klout score is 38 Their top three influential topics are:  Video  Domino  YouTube
  24. 24. If and how does GBSmeasure ROI or businessmetrics impacted by socialbusiness software? No standardized process for measuring ROI or business metrics Extremely inconsistent