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Fangoria magazine

  1. 1. Fangoria magazine Here is an example of a horror film magazine,Fangoria, front cover, I am going to analyse theimportant features of the magazine that would appeal to the target audience.
  2. 2. MastheadThis masthead is very bold and clear and therefore easy to read, this would attract aviewer as it is a famous American horror film magazine and they would be able to noticethe title from a distance and then be able to see the images and the new film titlesadvertised on the front. It uses the colour red which is associated with horror films andblood, it also has a white background behind each of the letters to contrast with the imagebehind it. The way the font has some shape to it and is not standard and plain makes itmore interesting and represents the unknown and unexpected situations in horror films.The font is placed right across the top of the page under the skyline so it takes up a largepart of the front cover in order to be read clearly. The colour of the writing contrasts wellwith the image as the main colour used in the image is blue.
  3. 3. ImagesThe main image on this magazine front cover is a verydominant male with a very aggressive and threateningfacial expression to scare the audience and capture thereattention as they would wonder why he is looking thisway with a blood covered face and red eyes. This imagewould appeal to an audience that are interested in horrorfilms as it is typically a ‘horror movie’ pose. The way thecharacter is not looking at the camera would make theaudience wonder what the character is looking at andwant to find out more.These other images present on this magazine front coverwould also appeal to an audience who are interested inhorror movies as the characters look vulnerable and theaudience would want to know why. These images createquestions in the audiences minds and make them wantto watch the film to find out why these characters are inthese positions. These images are very dark and dullusing colours such as black and grey which represent themood of the image and the film they are from.
  4. 4. SkylineThis skyline is easy to read and very noticeable as it is at the very top of the magazine frontcover above the masthead. It is in capital letters and used a bold and clear font. It iswritten in black contrasting against the pale blue background and the red and whitewriting below it. Key words in the skyline such as ‘new’ and ‘horrifying’ would appeal to anaudience as the audience would be interested in horror films so to find out about a‘horrifying new movie’ would appeal to their interests. The exclamation mark at the endemphasises the importance of the message and the excitement. At the start the word‘thirteen’ is written in a bright yellow and orange font with a look as though a light isbehind it which would catch the audiences eye and make them read the whole skyline,finding out something interesting and new that is included in this weeks magazine.
  5. 5. Sell linesThese sell lines are all written in different fonts andcolours so each one stands out as separate from theothers. They include names of actors which would appealto the audience if an actor that they like is starring in anew film. This would make them want to open themagazine and read more about the film. The way imagesare used with the sell lines is effective as the audience areable to have a quick glimpse of what they are about toread and find out more about. The images also help tovary the text to image ratio. This sell line is in the bottom right hand corner of the magazine and is on a slant to vary the style of the writing on the page, also if the audience can see ‘it’s all the rage again’ they would wonder why, want to be part of the rage and open the magazine to find out more.