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N        NEVADA, COLORADO AND FLORIDA                             DUSA MADE THE DIFFERENCE                                ...
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Democracia election review 2010


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Democracia election review 2010

  1. 1. DEMOCRACIA ELECTION REVIEW 2010 Image here DID YOU KNOW? Every year, 500,000 Hispanics in the U.S. turn 18 and become eligible to vote? Guess who is getting Democracia Nevada State Director Alicia Estrada and Las Vegas Coordinator Martha Cruz the job done ?…. In an Election Year where Hispanics were not expected toturnout, Democracia U.S.A.’s Voter Registration and ‘Get out theVote’ efforts helped change that dynamic. To the surprise of punditsand analysts around the country, Hispanics played a critical role indetermining crucial races in states like Florida, Nevada and Colo-rado. Throughout DUSA’s 11 operations, canvassers and volun-teers knocked on doors, phone-banked and attended dozensof community events, talking to Hispanics about the impor-tance of their vote. Our one-on-one outreach efforts hadmeasurable impact on energizing Latinos around the country. 102,560 REGISTERED “ Latinos are beginning to feel powerful in this process. As documented by:There’s no substitute for the kind of direct engagement we do; it’shelping us get our message across that if we stay home, we are segre-gating ourselves from the decision-making process. If we don’t voteour best interests, we can’t expect someone else to do it for us” saidJorge Mursuli, President of Democracia U.S.A.
  2. 2. N NEVADA, COLORADO AND FLORIDA DUSA MADE THE DIFFERENCE Maria de Cambra, State Director Nevada was host to one Florida witnessed some of of this year‟s most hotly con- the nation‟s most watched races In Colorado, tested Senate races. this election, and there is no Democracia‟s efforts helped Democracia‟s registration efforts doubt that Hispanics, which reshape the state‟s political in the State undoubtedly played make up around 20% of the State‟s population, had an indeli- landscape. Our voter regis- a key roll in higher than expected Latino turnout in Nevada for the ble impact in the outcome of tration drive and GOTV cam- 2010 mid-term elections. Our ef- many close competitions. paigns were instrumental in forts netted almost 8,000 regis- Democracia‟s VR efforts a year where many thought tered voters; 45% of which resulted in an incredible 50,000 Hispanics would “sit it out”. were newly registered and had + voters registered. But the Our successful partnership never participated in a previous story doesn‟t end there. Equally with other Colorado non- election. as impressive were the 74,460 profits in a multi-media out- Our GOTV campaign in doors our canvassers knocked reach campaign which in- Nevada set a new standard for on and the 59,669 phone calls cluded television, radio and the way we „get-out-the-vote‟. It they made to potential voters. online messaging, energized was the first campaign where we Latino‟s to the polls. incorporated a national phone- From Orlando to Tampa, West Palm Beach to Miami, Democracia regis- banking effort utilizing the latest online tools that allowed individu- DUSA Coordinators organized a tered 5,500 Hispanics; in- als across the country to call variety of popular town hall creasing the Hispanic elec- Nevada Hispanics and urge meetings dedicated to providing torate by 1.4% in a state them to vote. information about those issues where they make up 17% of and ballot measures that af- In a state where Hispan- fected Hispanics most. the total voting bloc. This ics represent a quarter of the increase marks a significant population, and growing, there‟s Another incredible suc- jump considering races like no doubt that Democracia‟s cess in the State was our part- nership with Fair Districts Florida those of Senator Elect presence is key to ensuring that helped pass Amendments 5 Michael Bennett that were Nevada Hispanics have a voice. and 6 and bring fairness back to won by the narrowest of the redistricting process. margins (1%).
  3. 3. ADVOCACY IN EYE ON IT Current IndustryMOTION Suscipit, vicis praesent erat feugait epulae,DEMOCRACIA INC. validus indoles duis enim consequat genitus at.Democracia U.S.A.’s sister Sed, conventio, aliquipadvocacy organization takes it to the accumsan adipiscing au-next level gue blandit minim abbas oppeto commov. ASK ME FOR MY PAPERS was Democracia Inc.’s successful campaign Enim neo velit adsum to raise awareness about Arizona’s anti- odio, multo, in com- moveo quibus premo immigrant legislation, S.B. 1070. The tamen erat huic. Occuro campaign helped mobilize Latinos across the country to fight similar efforts SOFTWARE in their own States. Through our website Monthly Picks (, activists were able to get the latest information about ‘copycat’ legislation, find out how to organize an effort to combat these divisive bills, as well as how to contact their legislators directly. As a result of our efforts over 30,000 supporters nationwide added their voices to our national campaign and have made a difference in stemming back the tide of anti-Latino immigration measures.Whether it’s promoting Clean Energy and Green Jobs, helping to pass the Dream Act, or dealing with bread and butter issues like the economy, Democracia has been at theforefront of informing and helping to organize the Latino community around issues that affect us all. Go to our site and learn more about our advocacy campaigns:
  4. 4. Together, we can have an impact in shaping our community’s futureYOUR SUPPORT MAKES THEDIFFERENCE! This year marked another milestone for DemocraciaUSA. Looking at our numbers, we are confident that the 2010 mid-terms were some of our most successful campaigns to date. Wecould not have done this work without your support. Every contri-bution, however large or small, gets us one step closer to progres-sive victories. As we move into next year, we ask for your ongoingcommitment to Hispanic empowerment. Conservatives arealready thinking about how to influence Hispanics in elections tocome. We need to be doing the same. Investing now intargeted progressive messaging will lay the groundwork for gainsto be seen in 2012. You can help the Hispanic vote continue to make a differ-ence and with your continued support…. just think what we can do next year. DEMOCRACIA U.S.A. Headquarters: 2915 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, Florida 33137 305.573.7329 ph 305.573.6551 fax