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6 tactics for email marketiing success in 2012 presented to eDialog Aspire conference, Nov 2012

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  • The Telegraph's hub-and-spokes newsroom has drawn the attention of newspapers worldwide. Department heads sit in the middle of the open floor newsroom. Each of the news sections (business, sports, international…) is lined up on a different ‘spoke’. Adjacent spokes are actually positioned in ‘curves’ of people in charge of either content, or design, production... “Those curves are quite important to us, they kind of work as internal triangles,” said Rhidian Wynn-Davies, consulting editor of the Telegraph. To the sides of the open floor are all the content-producing teams (supplements, magazines, featury content) that are less dependent on news, but also production rooms for video and audio. Upstairs, set apart, sit all commercial and corporate operations.
  • Learn how to optimize your email for mobile devicesSingle column layout (designing for poor HTML rendering)A slim narrow layout (designing for small screens)Super subject line (designing for disabled images too)Super comment tag (designing for disabled HTML)Bullet proof buttons (designing for disabled images too)Graceful degradation (designing for all above)Jim: So let’s look at your current email campaigns and see what we can do to optimize them for mobile.Rather than cater to wider screen monitors, try a slimmer email that will scale larger on the small screen.Use a single column layout to control the flow of the content downward, and slice all your graphics to 100% of the total email width to avoid images from wrapping and scaling like we saw earlier.Add the super subject line at the top of your email campaigns. It’s a friendly piece of copy that will be the first thing that people read, everywhere, with images off, on old devices that render HTML as textAnd as an extension to the super subject line, try the super comment tag. Some devices like Blackberries don’t have HTML email enabled by default, they have Text. When they receive HTML email, they’ll get the raw code. A comment tag at the top of your code can alert the customer that they need to enable HTML email, or you can include an offer… but they’ll be no clickable links.Less copy, big type and big buttons will help, remember that customers are clicking with their thumbs now.Bullet proof buttonsGraceful degradation
  • Jared Green, eBay, 2009
  • Email marketing tactics 2012

    1. 1. 6 key tactics for aSmarter Email ProgrammeDave Chaffey, SmartInsights.comPresented at e-Dialog Aspire 2011London 03/11/2011
    2. 2. About Dave Chaffey Books
    3. 3. About Dave Chaffey Best-practice advice & consulting Search & conversion consulting Qualifications: Cert DigM & Dip DigM Best practice guides
    4. 4. Your email marketing journey: Assessing your email marketing capabilityEmail marketing A. Goal setting & B. Contact C. D. Email E. Test & learnmaturity stage evaluation strategy and Segmentation, tar marketing policy geting & integration & personalisation governanceStage 1. Initial None None; Enewsletter 0 Segments Limited Limited„Pray and Spray‟ / Solus emails integration of broadcasts and dataStage 2. Managed List growth Basic contact 2-6 Segments Campaign Subject lineImproving Segmented strategy and rules Basic contact integration (DM or Offer testingrelevance response strategy phone)Stage 3. Defined Marketing Basic lifecycle Simple event- ESP, web analytics Template layoutsSegmented outcomes communications triggered & social mediarelevance “Beyond the Welcome integration click” reactivateStage 4. Subscriber Individualised Recency, Auto-triggers Individual /Quantitative engagement contact strategy Frequency, Value based on web segment testingContextual behaviourrelevanceStage 5. Integrated web Integrated online Multi-layered Right-channeling Real-time andOptimising and multichannel & offline contacts Dynamic content based on value & multivariateOptimised insertion preferencerelevance
    5. 5. The main barriers to effectiveemail marketing in 2011?
    6. 6. Agenda 6 Tactics that will matter most in 2012 1 Engagement 2 Mobile Email 3 Email contact strategies 4 Channel integration 5 Social-email marketing 6 Email marketing optimisation6 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    7. 7. Tactic 1: Engagement strategies Key questions: Q. How do you measure engagement? Q. Are you getting the sell-inform-entertain balance right? Q. Do you have the publishing resources to create engaging content?7 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    8. 8. 3 more advanced ways of measuring email engagement How do you measure engagement with email? Open/clicks/CTOR is NOT good enough, instead… Opens/clicks/CTOR/revenue: 1. At position in lifecycle 2. By segment 3. By offer / email type 4. Aggregated over a longer time period8
    9. 9. Measuring list activity – email engagement/disengagement These “hurdle rates” are for whole list. Repeat: TIP: Measure the overall By segment health of your list through activity / inactivity levels over time By product categories purchased Measure Period Number of Subscribers % of list total Never Open All time 48,000 16.0% Last 6 Months 168,000 56.0% Never Click All time 96,000 32.0% Last 6 Months 144,000 48.0% Never Bought All time 48,000 16.0% Last 6 Months 192,000 64.0% Never Bought Online All time 96,000 32.0% Last 6 Months 216,000 72.0%9
    10. 10. Start with the customer!Getting the sell-inform-entertain balance right
    11. 11. Every business isa multi-channel publisher now
    12. 12. Email Engagement: What motivates Consumers to Opt In (UK) Source: e-Dialog research August 201113
    13. 13. Email Engagement:Where do Consumers Opt In (UK) Source: e-Dialog research August 2011
    14. 14. Creating a content “hub” 1. Be relevant. Understand the content that will appeal to different audiences. 2. Create an editorial calendar. Your social media marketing will be more effective if you produce content on a regular, consistent schedule. 3. Offer distribution choices, but keep a focus. Offer choice to alert subscribers to content using different types of channels since they will have different preferences. 5 rules SMO – Rohit Bharaava
    15. 15. Creating a content “hub” 4. Syndicate through partners. Identify partner sites and networks who may publish your content, either in it‟s original form or tailored for their audiences. 5. Make communications two-way. Don‟t just treat the channels as an alert or update service. Engage! 5 rules SMO – Rohit Bharaava
    16. 16. Missed potential?
    17. 17. Tactic 2: mobile marketingKey questions: Q. How important is mobile email use for your audience? Q. Is user mobile email experience satisfactory? Q. Is mobile driving commercial outcomes?
    18. 18. The rise and rise of mobile marketing Source: Campaign Monitor, 3 billion emails, 2011
    19. 19. The desktop in decline…?Share of device page traffic for News category (weekday) Source: comScore Custom Analytics, U.S., August 2011
    20. 20. An early mobile adopter!
    21. 21. British AirwaysWe helped BA launch a new suite ofmobile applications in late July/earlyAugust. The campaign was prompted byan increasing penetration of smartphones,and an analysis of the devices mostcommonly used by members to accessstandard Executive Club emails.Innovation in Email MarketingWinner: e-Dialog and British AirwaysAbout the winning entry: To promote the launch and maximise downloads of theExecutive Club mobile application, BA and e-Dialog developed a unique strategy,using historical customer data to target smartphone users in a highly targetedemail-to-mobile campaign.Judge‟s comments: A smart and progressive email marketing campaign that – aswell as being innovative in its scope – generated some great results.
    22. 22. Still variable by country…Mobile share of non-computer traffic for select market Source: comScore Device Essentials, August 2011
    23. 23. Targeting customer by DeviceSkype’s Mobile App Downloads After launching in 2010, the Skype App on Android & iPhone grew fast, becoming number 6 in Apple‟s most popular app list in 2010. e-Dialog recognised that an analysis of the devices used to view emails would allow Skype to target owners of specific devices Email campaign CTA drove straight to iTunes for app download
    24. 24. Targeting customer by DeviceSkype’s Mobile App Downloads Results Click through Target = 5%, Achieved 9% Open rates were as high as the mid 40s (%) The average across all markets was up from 31% to 38%, for the volumes sent this is a significant increase
    25. 25. Mobile Email Design Best Practices A narrow email width Single column layout Super subject line Large headlines & CTAs Bullet proof buttons Graceful Degradation
    26. 26.
    27. 27.
    28. 28.
    29. 29. iPad Optimised Video in Emaile-Dialog planned, designed andexecuted a campaign thatspecifically targets iPad owners todrive digital subscriptions to theTimes websites and iPad editions.
    30. 30. Tactic 3: Channel integrationKey questions: Q. How does email work with other channels to drive results? Q. Have we reviewed attribution? Q. Are we using email to drive offline outcomes?
    31. 31. Source: Forrester eBusiness research in collaboration with GSI Commerce Holiday Season Marketing Attribution Research
    32. 32. Source: Forrester eBusiness research in collaboration with GSI Commerce Holiday Season Marketing Attribution Research
    33. 33. Case studyUnderstanding multichannel behaviour – implications?Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) Mobile Buyer Mobile Buyer Mobile Buyer
    34. 34.
    35. 35. Is Blippar relevant?
    36. 36. Tactic 4: Contact strategiesKey questions: Q. Is our layered segmentation effective? Q. Have we optimised our triggered emails? Q. How do we grow value?
    37. 37. Relevance!
    38. 38. Common Email targeting options Targeting approaches Method 1. Classic profile-based Target customer groupings according to their demographic segmentation characteristics & motivations 2. Customer value Assess customers by current and future value potential 3. Web design personas Target 2-10 typical customer journeys 4. Customer lifecycle Target messages according to length of time using online services 5. Purchase and response Use “sense and respond” behavioual targeting behaviour based on RFM 6. Channel preference Communicate with customer in their preferred media (and according to value) 7. Tone and style preference Communicate with customers according to their tastes inferred from demographics or behaviour.39
    39. 39. Tip – create a layered segmentationAn example from eBayStatic Demographic Gender, Geography Consumer/Business Transactional Value Segmentation Derived Propensity Models Behavioural Kids Tech Fashion Cars & Parts Category clusters Last Last Keyword Keyword Recent ActivityRecent purchase category personas
    40. 40. Do you send out emails based onthe following triggers?
    41. 41. Retargeting– do Amazon get it right? Recognition of Purchaseprevious purchase Dispatched +7d +14d +21d
    42. 42. RCI MonthlyAccount StatementThe RCI Monthly Account Statement mailsto 30 regions across Europe and Asia, inover 25 languages.
    43. 43. Integrating SMS into email Renewal Reminder is the UK‟s comparison site of choice for car, home, travel, life, and more. Keeps its customers up-to-date with guides, tips and information and renewal advice To extend email‟s impact they followed it with an SMS using our platform to send both email and SMS messages. Contains two custom published fields: first name and the lowest price offer for insurance.
    44. 44. Summary: targeting options Purchase behaviour: RFM Buyer vs non-buyer Proportional One-time vs multiple Hard-coded Email activity Category purchased Active vs inactive clicker Number of clicks on email Appending lifestyle data Web activity Value Visited, never visited Browsed, not bought Channel activity Web vs Store vs Catalogue
    45. 45. Tactic 5: social-emailKey questions: Q. Are social sharing links and social content effective? Q. Do you cross-promote social channel OVPs? Q. Do you have a plan for social sign-on / email integration?
    46. 46. Social email marketing ismuch more than SWYN…
    47. 47. SYWN prominent above fold In this May 1, 2011 email, Macy‟s places the share call-to-action in the same content block as the “Friends & Family” promotion. This positioning is much more prominent and compelling than the usual placement in the header or footer. In this Feb. 2, 2011 email, Kohl‟s asks their customers to nominate a kid in the community to receive a scholarship. There‟s a prominent secondary call-to- action to “Share this on Facebook” to try to broaden the reach of the campaign.
    48. 48. Social channel OVP TIP: Recruit to Twitter or Facebook via Email
    49. 49. Integrated campaign example
    50. 50. Integrating social into Enews Source:
    51. 51. Social sign-onThe new preference centre
    52. 52. Tactic 6: Email optimisation Key questions: Q. How advanced is our incentive optimisation? Q. How structured is our creative optimisation? Q. Mobile optimisation?53 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    53. 53. Offer optimisationSummary A simple, generic (branded-only) retargeting email achieved a 10 percent uplift in online conversions A bespoke retargeting email that offered a 5% discount via a time-limited promotional code of 72 hours, more than doubled this conversion rate A bespoke retargeting email with the same discount, but this time with a time-limited code of 48 hours quadrupled the original conversion rate
    54. 54. Creative optimisationTest version A Test version B Main BroadcastSend Volume: 10,000 Send Volume: 10,000 Send Volume: 180,000Sample criteria: Random Sample criteria: Random Click through rate: 5.8%Click through rate: 6.1% Click through rate: 4.5%
    55. 55. Source: Craig Sullivan @OptimiseorDie
    56. 56. Timing optimisation May sound simplistic, but finding the right day to send to our customers has significantly improved our revenue and engagement rates To find the right time, we undertook significant day of the week testing, with some interesting results
    57. 57. Subject line optimisation Subject line testing has been one of our most powerful ways of increasing channel engagement Every eBay DM is tested against at least three different subject lines with test cells sent 4-8 hours before main cells are sent Subject line optimisation can increase response rates by up to 20-40%
    58. 58. Let‟s Connect!Questions & discussion welcome Blog Feeds Email Newsletter