Social Media Monitoring the Alterian Ecademy Opportunity


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Social media marketing has emerged as a legitimate marketing channel that your brand is able to utilize in a number of ways. The first step is listening, and with Alterian SM2 you can track conversations, review positive/negative sentiment for your brand, clients, competitors and partners across social media channels such as blogs, wikis, micro-blogs, social networks, video/photo sharing sites and real-time alerts.

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Social Media Monitoring the Alterian Ecademy Opportunity

  1. 1. Social Media Monitoring The Alterian/Ecademy opportunity Bob Barker April 2010 Learn more
  2. 2. New opportunity – Being able to sell Alterian SM2 Learn more
  3. 3. Agenda • Who are Alterian? • What is Social Media monitoring and does anyone care? • What can I do with it? • 5 minute demo • Resources • Next Steps Learn more
  4. 4. Have you ever heard of us? Learn more
  5. 5. Customer Engagement
  6. 6. Partner Model & Major Customers Used in 1,200+ marketing departments across 26 countries $67m revenue, $7m profit, 9 offices, 330+ staff Publicly listed since 2000 on LSE:ALN Alterian’s Data Discovery and Visualization module gets rave reviews from marketers for its ease of use and support for campaign design. Alterian is a strong performer in the Enterprise Marketing Platform Wave. Alterian continues to solidify its role in as the “Intel Inside” for MSPs and Agencies. Morello’s J2EE technology is sound, metadata, integration and digital asset management tools are strong, and the .NET-based rich client is a work of art.
  7. 7. Consumers no longer trust advertising and traditional corporate channels.
  8. 8. Consumers have found ways to tune us out. Learn more
  9. 9. People are talking and listening to each other about your brand. Learn more
  10. 10. Perhaps its time you started listening too?
  11. 11. Social Media Monitoring Tool
  12. 12. How does it work? Collect Store Social Media Warehouse Analyse Engage Learn more
  13. 13. WARNING:You are not required to Blog or Tweet to use this tool Learn more
  14. 14. Instant Market Research Learn more
  15. 15. Marketers have never had it so good “Never before in the Marketing Holy grail = field of marketing understand what your was so much customers want known about so many by so few” Learn more
  16. 16. Is anyone actually talking about us then? Learn more
  17. 17. Volume of conversations
  18. 18. Drill into the actual conversations Learn more
  19. 19. But what is the competition up to? Learn more
  20. 20. Compare with competitors Do we need to increase our SM activity? Learn more
  21. 21. Show me the money Learn more
  22. 22. Brand protection mechanism Learn more
  23. 23. Are they being nice? Learn more
  24. 24. Sentiment and Tone Learn more
  25. 25. And how influential are they?
  26. 26. Create community “We monitor in excess of 1,500 discussion threads a day on very specific topics where we think we can add value to the conversation. It’s not possible to participate in all of the threads, but there are ways to identify which conversations are the most influential, which ones have the greatest reach, and those are the one in which we’re most likely to participate. We've also created a consumer advocate community as well as a platform that we’ll be launching in a few weeks to support their activities.” Marty Collins, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Windows Live, Microsoft
  27. 27. Show me the money “We did not put the customer first” Toyoda, Sunday Times 28th March Learn more
  28. 28. Identify your influencers Learn more
  29. 29. Who are these people who have the time to talk about us online? Learn more
  30. 30. Demographics
  31. 31. Where do they hang out? Learn more
  32. 32. Auto Domains Learn more
  33. 33. The communities that advocate your products • Join communities that advocate your products • Join that of your competitors Learn more
  34. 34. What are the trends in what people are saying? Learn more
  35. 35. Word and Author Tag Clouds Use in your SEO Learn more
  36. 36. Understand the geographic spread of conversations – find new markets
  37. 37. Show me the money Fortune 500 consumer products company discovered that over 75% of its marketing spend did not reach its most influential social channels Source: Social CRM – The New Rules of Engagement, Altimeter Group, March 2010
  38. 38. Social Media publishing Learn more
  39. 39. The Top 3 Tips • Be Interesting • Be Accessible • Be Findable Learn more
  40. 40. Be interesting Effective social media marketing begins and ends with the CONTENT. If you don’t have something interesting to say all your other efforts will be for not. It’s all about the CONTENT. Learn more
  41. 41. Be accessible In social media distribution is cheap. Deploy and test as many new CHANNELS as you can. Doing so enables your customer to choose the time and place of engagement. Learn more
  42. 42. Be findable You can boost your accessibility by making sure your deployed assets are findable by your customers. Ensure your content and deployment strategy are as SEARCH friendly as possible. Learn more
  43. 43. Write Once Publish many Tweet key takeaways Repackage as presentation Start a discussion Add voice for video Chop into episodic blog posts Deploy as formal release Repurposing content opens new points of distribution and has a  compounding effect on reach
  44. 44. Asset deployment by SM channel Learn more
  45. 45. Twitter deployment Scedule Suggested Tweet Week 1 Why not sign up for the Social Media ROI series its got great insight Week 2 Speaking at Internet world on Social Media Marketing #Alterian Week 3 Check this out: 4 Ways To Take Your Search Marketing #AlterianSM2 Week 4 Today’s SEO Tip: RSS distribution is one of the easiest ways to give your content legs #AlterianSM2 Week 5 Seems Inbound linking is the most challenging. Use SM monitoriing guide your optimization – #AlterianSM2 Learn more
  46. 46. X Personal Blogs
  47. 47. But do they actually want to buy something?, is it just talk? Learn more
  48. 48. Identify, allocate the conversation, speak to them and add value Learn more
  49. 49. Show me the money A Fortune 100 Financial services company used social sales insight to determine when they could be helpful in social channels and conversations as opposed to interrupting the conversation. Four months later, the social channel territory sales comprised 10% of all sales Source: Social CRM – The New Rules of Engagement, Altimeter Group, March 2010
  50. 50. Conversations create transactions – people buy from people Learn more
  51. 51. Conversations Create transactions Social Media Publishing/ marketing Instant Market Research Brand Protection Learn more
  52. 52. Business Cases to Listen 1. Brand Audits & General Listening 2. Corporate Marketing & Brand Building 3. Social Media Campaigns 4. Customer Service & Support 5. Lead Generation 6. New Markets and Product Development 7. Public Relations & Crisis Management 8. Search Engine Optimization 9. Industry / Competitive Insight 10.Human Resources Learn more
  53. 53. The Opportunities Social Media Campaigns Customer Service Engagement Sales – Lead Gen Competitive Insight Product Development Search Engine Optimization Corporate Marketing Public Relations Brand Audit Time Learn more
  54. 54. The Potential of the Brand Audit Measure the Brand Hold a mirror up to the brand • Volume of conversations • Sentiment & tone • Influencers • Sources by • Online physical location • Benchmark • Identify New Opportunities Learn more
  55. 55. Building a Social Media Monitoring Practice - Agenda • Overview of Social Media Industry • The Potential – The Tool • The Opportunity – Creating an Infrastructure • The Process – The Sales Cycle • The Future – Expanding Your Practice Learn more
  56. 56. Resources 1. Brand Audits & General Listening 2. Corporate Marketing & Brand Building 3. Social Media Campaigns 4. Customer Service & Support 5. Lead Generation 6. New Markets and Product Development 7. Public Relations & Crisis Management 8. Search Engine Optimization 9. Industry / Competitive Insight 10. Human Resources
  57. 57. Demo