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B2B Marketing Automation 2017
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5 things that still surprise me about Digital Marketing today

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My ideas on mistakes that are still all too common. Do you agree with the generatlisations?
Presented to Prolific North conference in February 2016.

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5 things that still surprise me about Digital Marketing today

  1. 1. 1@DaveChaffey 5 things that still surprise me about digital marketing in 2016 Dr Dave Chaffey, CEO, Co-author: Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice, Emarketing Excellence and Digital Business and Ecommerce Management Download presentation:
  2. 2. 2@DaveChaffey About Dave Chaffey • Co-founder and Editor of - a marketing advice community with > 1 Million global unique visitors each quarter. Expert members in over 80 countries use our RACE planning guides, templates and online courses to Plan, Manage and Optimise their digital marketing • Trainer and consultant in Digital Marketing since ’97. Digital strategies developed with brands like 3M, BP, Euroffice, Mercedes, HSBC, Tui, Royal Canin (Mars Group), Microsoft and Tilda • Author of 5 bestselling Digital marketing books • Draw to win a copy of the latest edition at stand 56/57 with our partners MMC Learning. I’ll also be happy to answer any questions on Digital Marketing.
  3. 3. 3@DaveChaffey Applying RACE Digital Marketing Planning across 25 = 5X5 key digital marketing activities Download our free infographics pack:
  5. 5. 5@DaveChaffey Skills: Digital in Demand Sample n=1028 worldwide Download Free Digital Marketing Skills Report:
  6. 6. 6@DaveChaffey But we need to avoid Digital Silos - Amanda Rendle has gone so far as to ban the word ‘digital’ to encourage her team to think beyond organisational silos.  “We need to go back to what marketing is, and the product is marketing. More people need to remember that, get off the drug of digital being something separate and get back to what we do best”.
  7. 7. 7@DaveChaffey TWO. WHY DON’T BUSINESSES TAKE SEARCH MARKETING MORE SERIOUSLY? Custora Pulse – leading US retailers
  8. 8. 8@DaveChaffey Maybethat’snot true‘UpNorth’
  9. 9. 9@DaveChaffey 9 Head of Digital David Harling 2013-15
  10. 10. 10@DaveChaffey But remember ‘Content Shock - ‘Me-too’ content isn’t effective BuzzSumo-Moz research
  11. 11. 11@DaveChaffey THREE. WHY “MOBILE FIRST” IS A MANTRA?
  12. 12. 12@DaveChaffey Now well past mobile search Tipping Point Source: Google Data presented at ScreenPages event Mar 2015 B2B is different - Smart Insights latest figures – new visits
  13. 13. 13@DaveChaffey Mobile First – from responsive to adaptive? PlusNet Responsive example
  14. 14. 14@DaveChaffey adaptive example
  15. 15. 15@DaveChaffey Your approach to mobile experiences? Vote!  A. Don’t have a mobile optimised site or…  B. Separate mobile site domain to desktop  C. Mobile responsive design – same domain  D. Mobile adaptive design – same domain
  16. 16. 16@DaveChaffey FOUR. WHY ISN’T THE PROMISE OF MARKETING AUTOMATION FULFILLED? Smart Insights research with Content Partner CommuniGator
  17. 17. 17@DaveChaffey Email 'Type' Customer Lifecycle Segmentation Prospects Nursery Development Lapsing Lapsed Lifecycle P2C programme Nursery programme Spot the winners Prevent Lapsing programme Lapsed programme Behavioural Triggered by customer behaviour: ABBA, BnB, Accessories etc (max.1 email per week for each programme) Newsletter Sent wk. 1 each month to all contacts with personalised content Feature Email Sent wk. 2 each month to all contacts Offers and Deals Sent wk. 3 each month to all contacts NPI Sent wk. 4 each month to all contacts Content insertion Automation example Monthly Planning Framework Source: Harriet Mitchell Smart Insights Digital Impact conference
  18. 18. 18@DaveChaffey The RS Newsletter Hero banner Customised content: (Customer Profile) • EDE (Electronic Design Engineers) • Non-EDE (Electronic Design Engineers) • Promo Excluded (Key and Corporates) CLC Module Customised content: (Customer Lifecycle) • Nursery • Development • Acquisition BEH Module Customised content: (Behavioural data) • Abandoned Baskets • Browsed Not Bought • Propensity to Buy (A recommendations model) • Top Sellers Local Module Product modules can vary in number and format. Maximum of 8 modules per email. Product Modules Optional modules for any local activity/information.
  20. 20. 20@DaveChaffey How many structured experiments does your business run each month?
  21. 21. 21@DaveChaffey Our experience = it works! Test example from
  22. 22. 22@DaveChaffey
  23. 23. 23@DaveChaffey Let’s Connect! Questions & discussion welcome Please head to stand 56 / 57 and for Prize draw Free, Basic member tools  Sample planning templates  Planning infographics Premium, Expert member learning  15 Toolkits and Online courses covering the key digital marketing skills  DIY Planning and optimisation templates in Word, Excel and Powerpoint  Annual Membership 20% discount code: DAVESAVE20
  24. 24. 24@DaveChaffey Assess your digital capability at
  25. 25. 25@DaveChaffey
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My ideas on mistakes that are still all too common. Do you agree with the generatlisations? Presented to Prolific North conference in February 2016.


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