TripConnect Help Setup Instructions Manual (TripAdvisor)


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TripConnect Help Setup Instructions Manual (TripAdvisor)

  1. 1. TripAdvisor’s TripConnect Program Setup Instructions for Dashbell Users English
  2. 2. IMPORTANT: PRELIMINARY STEPS 1-3 Please confirm that you have completed steps 1-3 before moving on to the “TripConnect Setup Process” 1. In order to begin you must have a Business Subscription from TripAdvisor. To purchase a subscription click here to sign-up with TripAdvisor. (please contact TripAdvisor directly with any questions about this process, unfortunately Dashbell cannot help you with this setup.) 2. Understand that you will have to submit a small bid in order for your hotel listing to appear above or alongside other online travel agency partners such as Booking, Expedia, etc. Please read TripAdvisor’ s explanation here: How Bidding and “Cost-Per-Click” (CPC) Campaigns Work. 3. You must also have completed setup of your account, rates and rooms with Dashbell. Click here to create an account and try free Dashbell for 30 days: (If you need help at any step we have a live chat at the bottom of every window or feel free to email us:
  3. 3. TripConnect Setup Process 1. 2. Visit this link: Login to your TripAdvisor account a. If you are already logged into your TripAdvisor account please proceed to #3 below. b. If you are not logged into your TripAdvisor Account go to the link listed in step #1 and click on the top right corner on the “Sign In” link (Image 1), a new window will pop-up put in your account email and password then click on “Sign In” (Image 2) Image 1 Image 2
  4. 4. 3. Confirm Setup Once you have logged in, scroll to the middle of the page and you should see both of these boxes checked off. a. If both are checked off, click on the orange “Get started” button at the bottom of the page. b. If they are not both checked off in green please complete Preliminary Steps 1 or/and 3 listed previously.
  5. 5. 4. “Confirm Your Room Rates & Availability” - Step 1 a. Confirm that Dashbell is listed as you Internet Booking Engine (IBE) b. Confirm that the rates you set up in Dashbell are displaying correctly (if you edit or change rates in your Dashbell account they will automatically update on your TripAdvisor TripConnect account) c. Click on the “Yes” button
  6. 6. 5. “Verify Your Online Booking Page” - Step 2 a. Select Portuguese, English and Spanish so travellers can book with you in a variety of languages. b. Click on each of the “Verify English, Spanish, & Portuguese” buttons. c. Then click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen
  7. 7. 6. Setup Your Campaign - Step 3 a. Select one of the options from “First, setup your campaign budget” b. Select one of the options from “Do you want to set a limit on your daily TripConnect spend” c. Be sure to select “Desktop and Mobile” d. Then setup your TripConnect Campaign for more information from TripAdvisor on how this works, please click here: How Bidding and “CostPer-Click” (CPC) Campaigns Work. e. Once you have finished, click “Next”
  8. 8. 7. “Final Step: Confirm Payment Information” - Step 4 a. Confirm your budget amount that will be charged when budget is met or every 30 days whatever comes first. b. Confirm and/or edit payment method c. Agree to TripAdvisor “Terms & conditions” if you agree to them d. Click on orange button “Complete Sign-up”