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  • 1. The Independent Film Trust
    School Project Entertainment
  • 2. Client Research
    We done some background research into the IFT in order to understand our client and their needs. We took a close look at their website, what they do as a charity and some of the events they have been involved with.
    School Project Entertainment
  • 3. IFT Mood Board
    We took a look at the website, it’s layout and color scheme to guide our designs in the direction we believe the IFT would want.
    School Project Entertainment
  • 4. Similar Organization Mood Board
    We also have looked at organizations similar to the IFT in order to gain further knowledge of how independent film companies would present themselves to the public.
    School Project Entertainment
  • 5. Initial Ideas
    In order to come up with a suitable design, we had to create several prototypes which would help us decide which design should go forward to represent the IFT. We have experimented with different color combinations and logos and decided which would fit best.
    School Project Entertainment
  • 6. Initial Ideas
    School Project Entertainment
  • 7. Final DVD Case’s
    We have chosen this case for Film School In a Box because we feel that the color scheme is fitting for the IFT and it clearly displays the content of the DVD. The case also contains a quote from the short film “telling stories using film”.
    School Project Entertainment
  • 8. Final DVD Case’s
    We have taken this particular design for our Final Idea, simply due to the fact that we admire the idea of eye ball being replaced by a camera lens. Which relates to the title of “VISION shorts” as well as to the idea that each person has it’s own story/film.
    School Project Entertainment
  • 9. Raffle Tickets
    We took the idea of making raffle tickets that contained images of some famous classical film actors. We have responded to the brief by placing them at the front and then presenting a short profile containing their name and date of birth.
    School Project Entertainment
  • 10. Poster
    We designed this poster taking the IFT color scheme and tried to express it in an exciting way which would grasp attention. By placing a large piece of text in the centre of the poster, we are hoping that it will also contribute to the eye catching features.
    School Project Entertainment