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  • That means it beats shopping!
  • 44% of direct mail is never opened 86% skip TV commercials 200 million say “Do Not Call”

Highlights from PRSA San Francisco Highlights from PRSA San Francisco Presentation Transcript

  • Highlights from PRSA San Francisco: Powerful Ways to Integrate New Marketing Tools with PR Presented by: Co-Communications
  • Top 20 TakeawaysFrom #PRSAICON Presented by: Stacey Cohen Co-Communications
  • PRSA national reported that 60% of PRprofessionals are reporting directly to the c- suite, yet 80% of MBA programs do not include communications and reputation management. - PRSA Chair and CEO Gerard F. Corbett, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • A great dialogue is necessary for creating alignment in an organization. Internal corporatesocial collaboration is the next big thing. - Melissa McVicker, Director of Employee Communications, Intel
  • Research shows that if you have a bad rep and show thatyou are trying to change, you get even more props than a company who regularly engages in Corporate Social Responsibility. A bad reputation can be overcome.- June Cotte, Ph.D, Consumer Behavioral Expert and Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Western Ohio
  • There is a need for regulated industries to be part of theconversation on social media from a relationship management perspective. Regulators are looking at what regulated industries are doing...who is complaining about entities? - Denyette DePierro, J.D., Senior Counsel, Office of Regulatory Policy, American Bankers Association
  • Loyalty is making acomeback because it can be integrated and tracked via mobile. - Dawn Marie Yankeelov, President and Founder, Aspectx
  • Opportunity can be manufactured.Prearrange opportunities and take advantage of them. -Biz Stone, Co-Founder, Twitter
  • There is no substitute for face-to-face communication.-Tim Westergren, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Pandora
  • To recruit top talent, small agencies should think aboutcreative compensation strategies - perks, sign on bonuses, flex schedules, professional development opportunities, etc. - Jean Elizabeth Gonsoulin, President, The Gonsoulin Group
  • Transparency is a powerful tool for helping is a powerful tool forconsumer helping consumer brandsto move brands to move the needle. theneedle.
  • D, do you have any examples of companies/images to be used here. Gamification has proven an effective workplace training tool.Employees trained by video games learn more factual information, attain higher skill levels and retain information longer. - University of Colorado Business School, 2010, via Shel Holtz
  • An organizations actions speak more loudly than its words.- Bey-Ling Sha, Ph. D., APR. (Recipient of PRSAs 2012 Outstanding Educator Award)
  • How you prepare a client to be his or her own PR is very important. - Michael Steele, Political Analyst, MSNBC; Former Chairman, Republican National Committee
  • Twitter is the single greatest crisiscommunication tool we‟ve ever had.- Dallas Lawrence, Chief Global Digital Strategist, Burson Marsteller
  • The headline today is more important than it‟s ever been. - Dallas Lawrence, Chief Global Digital Strategist, Burson Marsteller
  • How To Shortcut the Approval Process When in Crisis - - 22:001. Seek approvals in advance of the crisis: - Create a Tweet Cheat - Consider 10-12 questions with “ready responses”2. Create commentary for Facebook - Dallas Lawrence, Chief Global Digital Strategist, Burson Marsteller Case Study: J & J Recent Product Recall
  • 10 Most Common Mistakes Communicators Can‟t Help But Make…#1 Mistake: Getting Lost in Tactics – Encourage outcome-oriented mindset rather than deliverables#5 Mistake: Focusing Solely on a Client‟s Need – Share responsibility with clients – not all about the client! – Set expectation from the beginning#10 Mistake: Not Knowing Where You Stand at All Times – Receive regular feedback from clients - Kate Bushnell, President & Senior Thoughtpartner, The Grossman Group
  • We‟re in a world of transition in unchartered waters.Measurement is critical in this transition because whenwe come through the other end, we‟ll have to prove thevarious theories we have and right now, most of this is just theory.- Jack Martin, Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
  • The Agency of the FuturePR has a bright future as career but new skill sets required- Redefining content through digital storytelling- Emerging job titles: Creative Catalyst, Digital & Content Strategist, VP,Entertainment Platforms, Director of Mindfire, Director of Conversation, Insights& Analytics, Director of Web & Social Media Analysis- Strategic Focus = Earned Conversation, through Editorial, social media,word-of-mouthAnything that is not paid should be our sweet spot: It is incumbent on us toretake our claim in this territory, large opportunity and show we have the skillset - - always had to gain the presence of our message - - let‟s use that skilland use the ability to interpret what others want and put it into practice in abroader lens. – Rob Flaherty, APR, Senior Partner, President and
  • The Agency of the FutureGolin Harris reconfigured their agency to a g4 model: - Fred Cook, Chief Executive Officer and President, GolinHarris
  • The Agency of the FutureCommunications is more than the written word - Need to work with other visual mediums (video, infographics)Employee of the future - Different skill set- Janet Taylor, co-CEO and Founder, Airfoil Public Relations
  • Integrating Inbound Marketing intoYour Communications Campaigns Presented by Jessica Lyon and Danielle Cyr Co-Communications
  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • Not this.
  • Definitelynot this.
  • Orthis.
  • It’s more like…this! DOGGY VIDEO
  • Unlike traditional „push‟ marketing, InboundMarketing pulls in audiences by offering informationthat they are already interested in, typically via ablog. Further information is often available as adownloadable incentive.Leads that download the incentives may be nurturedthrough an online marketing program that aims toconvert prospects into customers.
  • get yourviewers hooked!• optimized website Download your…• remarkable/sharable information• downloadable incentives• compelling calls-to-action• robust blog
  • Why Businesses Should UseInbound Marketing Techniques• sharing intellectual property builds trust among clients and prospects• makes advertising more action-oriented• generates leads for the sales team to follow-up with• makes the company‟s website more dynamic and engaging• offers real-time data to inform a nimble strategy• allows companies to easily measure success
  • who should use inbound marketing what makes content compellingwhat’s when to drive actionahead where to integrate why it works how it‟s measured
  • Inbound marketingcosts 62% less per leadthan outboundmarketing. – HubSpot
  • WHO wants to build relationships with their customers? wants to showcase their expertise in the marketplace? wants to be found online? wants to focus on tightly targeted audiences? wants to raise conversion rates? wants to close qualified leads?
  • 51% of all time on theweb is contentconsumption.– AOL Neilsen 2011
  • Compelling content is...
  • custom blend• calls-to-action in e-communications• calls-to-action in blog posts• QR Codes in tradeshow collateral• dedicated landing pages for online, print and broadcast advertising• email „lead nurturing‟ campaigns for real life contacts• web releases that link to e-books
  • Companies that blog at least 20times per month generate 5xmore traffic than those that blogonly a few times per month.- HubSpot
  • B2B companies that blog generate67% more leads per month thanthose who do not.- HubSpot
  • what works?website trafficblog article viewsincentive downloadssharing and interactionorganic search rankingsinbound linksnew leadslead activitynew clients
  • Jessica Lyon @jesslyon | jessica@cocommunications.com Danielle Cyr@daniellecyr | danielle@cocommunications.com New York | Connecticut www.cocommunications.com make yourself perfectly clear